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The Washington D.C. Crime Cartel; also affiliated with the Clinton Crime Cartel, The Biden Crime Family and the Obama Crime Cartel. Oh I almost forgot about the Bush Crime Family, led by Bush #1………then followed up with the Little Bush! This is how The Swamp (the Deep State) grew out of control. Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff all are players…………and too many more to mention.


You may not like Hannity on Fox. You may not like Mark Levin, but this man’s perspective/insight on America, what it was and what it is and can be is remarkable. Levin tells it like it is, and shoots nothing but TRUTH BULLETS.

If anything needs to go viral it is this video linked below. Help me ………by helping yourself and all of us. This is a great start to getting our country back……..it is being taken from us!!! Do it for the children! America “is” waking up. Many are still asleep, right along “Sleepy Joe” and his authoritarian administration, Susan Rice………Kamala Harris……..Nancy Peolsi………Chuck Schumer……..Adam Schiff……and most of Congress…..oh and yes Obama! Watch the video, then make it go viral!



Click on Kommonsentsjane below then open the video on Candace Owens.

Candace Owens, a conservative, wipes out the Democrats’ old folks Marxists, Pelosi and Schiff, with the truth. She brought down the house and received a standing ovation. Thank you, Candace! kommonsentsjane


arlin report thought(s) of the day: is bernie getting his way?

I have no more words that are descriptive enough for Nancy Pelosi. Even a buffoon has a brain, she does not. She can not even set up a productive committee with any purpose that is beneficial to a single degree for the American people. It’s about partisan power, and even that it’s more power for herself. She has been acting as though she is the Master Ruler of All America. I am more concerned we allow her to roam at will….and she is never STOPPED. The American people, our country is not in her heart because she has no heart, no soul, no conscious. We have the power to stop this/her insanity……..so why don’t we? Which brings me to another ranting point. I thought of this, this morning upon waking: In a darkened time, as we are in; we are using socialistic ideas, policy, action to deal with it. On Monday, our governor has ordered a lock-down/stay at home order for the entire state. Now, mind you, there are counties in Missouri that have ZERO cases of COVID-19. ZERO, and many of them. They could stay productive, (keep people from traveling from outside the counties into these counties). The model numbers the government puts out are not accurate, as Tucker Carlson mentioned. We have hospitals in Missouri open with plenty of beds, the numbers predicted just are not there. I know just hold on Mr. they will/could change.

Next, we’ll all be wearing the same clothing (uniform). They’ll start with anyone who has the virus or has had it should wear all black or gray or whatever. We’ll look like China. My point is we are experiencing socialism, and I for the first time in my life feel it’s effect. I can see where the human soul can be wore down, broken to appoint of just giving in/up. You’ll call me a nut, but I truly believe this was/is a purposeful trial run. For me Event 201 between Bill Gates, John Hopkins and Soros was proof, not the beginning that was even earlier.

I am more concerned for my kids, grandkids and yours than at anytime in my life. I will not be broken……you may hear more from going forward than ever before and possibly stronger, not just my thoughts and in my words. We’ll see how far censorship is from us as well. As Cuomo and Clyburn, Schiff and Pelosi are saying, ‘this is an opportunity to change our way of doing things to reach our vision’. That should wake the hell up out of all of us. Their vision is nothing like the vision our forefather’s had. I pray it is not like the vision most American’s still have and are willing to re-fight for. Don’t let Bernie Sanders have his way.

The virus is serious and we should take as such……… Some in Washington are using it has an opportunity to change our nation. They are using it as an opportunity……a power surge! This is unacceptable and should be to all of us.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: prison virus

Let’s get this straight: We are asked/some ordered to stay home during this coronavirus; but yet they want/are releasing PRISONERS. Don’t they screen people before entering prison anyway, visitors and new prisoner entries? Maybe you just don’t allow visitors for awhile! Did Pelosi come up with this crap too? Schumer……….maybe Schiff or Nadler?

That NYC mayor?

arlin report thought(s) of the day: pelosi has tanked

Just when you thought stupid couldn’t get dumber………. let’s just say stupid has reached an all time high in Nancy Pelosi. If she had an once of life in her that was worthy of any respect, it is now GONE! This bitch (yes bitch) should be held for treason, forget impeachment.

We’ve heard we are in a war against the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Pelosi and many Dem-wits along with her should be charged with WAR CRIMES.

Could it be most of us are in an ordered lock down to keep us in place so we don’t march on Washington and jerk the likes of Pelosi, Schumer (lets toss in Schiff while I’m at it) by their asses out of high chairs into the streets to face REAL AMERICANS.

I am retired living on MY Social Security and pension. I’ll be okay, but other Americans, many Americans are losing jobs now, and those off because their business or work places are closed for now are hurting or soon will. In addition more funds are need for more medical supplies. The problem is URGENT. They need help, but what is going on in Congress……….they are bickering over things not even related to health issues and the immediate economy. The Democrats in particular, along with their selfish, pathetic power grubbing snob ass (Nancy Pelosi) wants all the BS type stuff that originated from the Squad (AOC influence). They are not capable of keeping things on course/on track, focused on what is of imminent importance. They should be capable, they just don’t give a crap.

Nancy Pelosi, acting as though she hasn’t a care in the world. She probably doesn’t. No sense of urgency! NONE! That is the problem, NO SENSE! Pelosi should be toast!

Snakes In The Grass — The Lone Cactus

When I moved out to the desert from the midwest, I knew nothing about the politics out here. In fact, though I did several talk shows, some politically based, and talked frequently with all sorts of politicians on both sides of the aisle, from governors to senators and beyond, I never would have called any […]

Snakes In The Grass — The Lone Cactus

arlin report thought(s) of the day: just a little congeniality please

A little congeniality would go a long way. Is that too much to ask from our government officials? Are they too blind, so blinded by their own power hunger they can’t see the destructive division? Or maybe, maybe they just don’t care. Many of them, especially the most publicly visible ones, the higher ranking ones are doing a disservice to our nation. They are not taking their oath of office seriously. In fact the oath and Mr. Schiff the Constitution means nothing to many of you.

I understand being congenial is difficult when you are being attacked daily and being impeached. If the children in the House and the Senate can not show any signs of adulthood, it is up to the President, as our leader to swallow a little pride and be the better person. Be the leader, not just in the room but for all to see.

If I were a presidential adviser to Donald Trump, I’d recommend for him to extend a congenial hand to Nancy Pelosi. Don’t kiss her behind, don’t give in to your principles. Extend that congenial hand, show a willingness to work for what is in the best interest of our nation and leave the personal wars aside. If she and all others can not accept it, then they will be more exposed. The American people will see who the adults in the room are. There may always be an elephant, but there must be more adults. If those acting like children continue to act like children, we the American people will know who they are and will deal with them (or we should). We all can use a little more maturity.

You may not be liked, you may be hated by many; even if you do not have a congenial personality you can be congenial when you need be. Swallow some pride, be the better person. It will go a long way. If they do not follow (and we all know who “they” are), you will be better for it. We will be the better for it, “they” will pay the price. That is why we have elections.

So, President Trump, kill her with kindness……… if it drives her crazy, she doesn’t belong there. We’ll see it. That is all you need. Not even Mike Bloomberg can purchase that away from you.

Mr. President we look to you before any other!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: if it’s really about personal gain …….. then?

One thing that I do more than anything is, I think a lot. And your thinking, well that is human nature, its difficult to have empty thoughts or to stare off into space thoughtless. I would disagree with that. Look at the extreme left democrats, what are they thinking? Common sense escapes them. They’re thinking is self centered. They are openly arrogant, careless in their plans. They’re vision is the past and present………they can’t see into the future. They do not understand carelessness, and thoughtless deeds have repercussions. (Its kind of like they see all this candy in front of them and they want it, they want it all right now. They’ll do anything for that candy. They don’t see that down the road it rots their teeth. They don’t care, they just want it all.)

Bernie Sanders recently admitted he HAS NO IDEA HOW MUCH HIS FREE MEDICARE FOR ALL, FREE COLLEGE, COLLEGE DEBT PAYOFF PLANS WILL COST. He said that after being told it would be at least 60 trillion over 10 years. (He instantly said, “Well we don’t know how much it would cost”.) He doesn’t tell you how we’ll pay for it either; because he doesn’t know. NOW, I ask you does that sound like a well thought out plan. No, its just attention getting, attractive to voters, mostly to voters that aren’t thinking it through. That is the table socialists like Bernie Sanders pound on, the table where people not thinking things through sit. Bernie relies on zombies.

I’ve gotten a bit off track here on my thought(s) for the day. Here is where I meant to go: This impeachment thing, the Democrats main point, (which is arguable) is that Trump demanded the Ukraine investigate the Bidens, in return the Ukraine would receive the allocated funds (aid). The bottom line for the Democrats, Trump was making a demand for personal gain, dirt on Joe Biden his campaign opponent. The key phrase for the Dems “personal gain”.

HERE IS THE LATEST IRONY…… JOHN BOLTON: The House managers, (led by Pencil Neck Schiff). Bolton supposedly in his unpublished book, said (to paraphrase) ” Trump told me the aid to the Ukraine is contingent upon the Ukraine investigating the Bidens). ” Schiff and his House dummies are pounding this Bolton revolutionary table, this bombshell. They aren’t thinking, I guess they really aren’t capable.

Here is my point: “Personal gain”! The Dems claim Donald Trump’s quid pro quo, his demand for an investigation by the Ukraine of the Bidens was the trade off for the aid. Trump’s personal gain was the Dirt on his political opponent. The IRONY, the Dems want Bolton to testify, especially on the leaked manuscript of Bolton’s book, that Trump held the funds for dirt on Biden from the Ukraine. Trump had something to gain. WELL, BOLTON HAS SOMETHING TO GAIN WITH THIS LEAK. THE CONTROVERSY OF HIS CLAIM OF THE TRUMP COMMENTS TO HIM. After all, THINK about it. Does Bolton sell a #1 Best Seller on his own. Maybe, but more likely he does with TRUMP controversy. Bolton definitely would have something to “personally gain”.

For the Dems, its okay, or possibly really not thought out by them, that Bolton has something to gain, personally. But it is WRONG that Trump DID. So, to fight Trump on his “personal gain”, the Dems new tool is to use Bolton’s “personal gain”.

One last thought: There is no need to buy Bolton’s book now. He already leaked the one item most were interested in. He’s is right, he needed Trump.

Maybe I just think too much!

Have a great day.