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here is another thought: Obama’s people……..when it’s time to go, it’s time to go!

Apparently the consensus is with Democrats anyway: Donald Trump was not allowed to have his own people, his own appointees in his administration. Some of these Schiff witnesses are people Trump bumped out. Guess what folks……… every President from the beginning of this nation did the same, is expected to. No, it doesn’t happen overnight, or one week or a month and in some cases a year or two. Some may hang on, if the President sees fit. But, when he says it’s time to go, it’s time to go.


Comment on Lindsey Graham Checkmates Schiff Says Whistleblower Will Testify Publicly if Democrats Impeach Trump by Jerry — WEATHER INTERNAL

The “Pencil Neck” and several hundred of the other demorats, some republicans, elites, clergy, and other well knowns know what’s coming and they’re trying to stop the Trump and Patriots plan to expose their treachery, lies and downright thuggery. They’re WAY TOO LATE!!! Be patient folks and get your snacks and popcorn ready because you’re…

Comment on Lindsey Graham Checkmates Schiff Says Whistleblower Will Testify Publicly if Democrats Impeach Trump by Jerry — WEATHER INTERNAL

SpyGate2: If First Schiff Don’t Succeed, Lie Lie Again! — Occupy Democrats Parody

Truth often told through humor: Click the underlined link below to get the full benefit. 🙂

October 3, 2019Occupy Democrats Parody Some believe the eyes are the window to the soul. As wide as the crazy bug-eyes of Adam Schiff, one would still be hard pressed to find the most faint glimmer of whatever shriveled soul might possess this agent of darkness.

SpyGate2: If First Schiff Don’t Succeed, Lie Lie Again! — Occupy Democrats Parody


Nancy and Adam as I write these words, are taking the opportunity to address the American people, lecturing us that Trump is trashing the Constitution. Well, gee, they have already prejudged ……….without proof and getting all the facts. They are the great pretenders, trying to convince We the People that only they honor and abide by our Constitution. Yes, this is the same pair that one (Adam) flat out lied about the Ukrainian call by the President, last week in his hearing opening statement. A lie he was clearly caught on. And, Nancy, is just a babbling idiot. She DOES NOT follow the rules of impeachment. Just tells her boys and girls in the House, do what you need to do…….investigate. Their investigations include prejudging. They don’t even make statements of what may have happened, but statements that are, to them, factual without evidence. It doesn’t matter if there is evidence, they make crap up, via Adam Schiff.

By the way, the conference just ended moments ago. We waited quite a long time for Adam and Nancy to come out to the podium. Mics and cameras were in place. Reporters were seated. Wheres Nancy and Adam? Back stage perhaps getting their SCHIFF together, their stories straight.

This is all part of the COUP. It is planned out, and lying by these fake constitutionalists is a crime against Americans.

Every time one of these elected politicians lie to Americans, is perjury. They took an oath to uphold the constitution. When they lie that is damaging to the public, one they swore to protect. When they lie to us that is a crime against us under a document (the Constitution) that is in place to protect We the People. They should all be held accountable. However, only we can do that, they will not hold one another accountable.

Oh and Nancy said……. “We want to treat the President fairly.” That is BS. You say that, then make statements you have no proof of. You make accusations, but don’t (CAN’T) back them up.

We are living in a time where we are witnessing the most corrupt group of individuals (on both aisles) ever accumulated in Washington D.C. They are not governing, they are sucking the life out of the American people. How long are we going to take this crap?

I noticed Adam and Nancy neither one said absolutely nothing about Joe and Hunter Biden. Nothing!

Adam Schiff, you are a pathetic little bag of garbage. Time to remove the trash and send him home.

‘Whistleblower’ Scandal Is Fake, Congress Dems Violating ‘Separation Of Powers — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on Nwo Report: The President of the United States is not part of the ‘intelligence community’ in the sense that democrats and the leftist media want people to think, in fact, his unique powers mean that Congress is violating a constitutional foundation. Source: Georgette The supposed ‘scandal’ democrats and the leftist media has…

‘Whistleblower’ Scandal Is Fake, Congress Dems Violating ‘Separation Of Powers — kommonsentsjane

the swamp being exposed

Trump like a punching bag, taking hits but not wearing out.

This is one reason, and it’s a big one, why the Democrats are desperately in attack mode to get Trump out of the White House. While Trump is being beat up by the Democrats and supported by the media, names are being exposed for their corruption. Adam Schiff, excitedly makes up garbage about the famous (infamous) Trump phone call to the President of the Ukraine. Schiff tries to paint a dark picture and believes the American people will buy it. Schiff IS A LIAR. For over two years this wimpy jerk claimed to have evidence on Trump on Russian collusion and obstruction. HE DID NOT. If he had he would have presented it. Period. Now, we are expected to believe his stories and accusations over a phone call.

Draining the Swamp, the more they hammer Trump, the more names will surface. Many names like Schiff, Comey, Nadler to name a few……….. will be dropping like Fall leaves. Trump is breaking up Washington politics, just as he said he would.

Hoax conspirators work on……continue they’re madness

Don’t you wish these legislative morons could be as committed and persistent in real issues, important matters that really matter, rather than pushing a fake story Hillary funded and DNC supported.   We know the dossier Hillary bought and paid for is no good, FAKE.   We also know that if anyone had a working relationship with Russia it would be a Clinton (especially Hillary).   Uranium One!  Remember that or have you forgotten?

Schiff and Nadler continue their pursuit of Donald Trump. It is clearly a conspiracy to remove a legally elected president from office, simply because, ‘Well he is my (our) president, we didn’t vote for him.  We can’t have that!’    Schiffty wants that entire Mueller Report, because there must be something Barr isn’t telling us.  They are adamant to find something illegal, anything.   If Trump dropped a candy wrapper on the sidewalk they’d have him arrested, start the impeachment proceedings!

During all this, what is amazing and profound is they ignore all they have done illegal.   Hillary and the DNC team…….the fake dossier, as a set up, a FRAME.   Lets not even get into all those emails (the security risks etc.).   But, Hillary still has been hands off.   There is a clear explanation for this.   The Democrats are in the conspiracy together, top to bottom.   They do a far better job of protecting and covering up for one another than the Republicans do.   The United States government is as dirty and corrupt as any government in the world, worse than most.   Is it beyond the possibility of being cleaned up?   That is a question for another day, with a very lengthy and complicated answer.