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These two SO CALLED House of Representative leaders (from ‘The Squad’) pretend to be hand-cuffed (with both hands behind their backs), yet when they walk close to be being out of view of the camera………raise a hand in the air and wave to onlookers. This appears to be staged. They were protesting in front of the Supreme Court (blocking traffic) when they were supposedly arrested. Looks like they may have been simply led away.

Most overly paid clowns in America!

AOC says public pressure makes banning stock trades for Congress ‘too difficult to ignore’ — “OUR WORLD”

Oh, so that is all it takes to get Congress to listen, a little pressure? It probably has more to do with a quick exit solution before more is exposed than we even know about. Another words we need to cover our asses quick and end this matter. The gig is up on the Congressional Stock Exchange! (Arlin Report comment)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks during a news conference outside the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 21, 2021. (Reuters/Elizabeth Frantz) (Reuters Photos) http://www.foxbusiness.com Marisa Schultz Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said public pressure forced congressional leaders to take up a stock trading ban for lawmakers and credited House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for standing down from her original […]

AOC says public pressure makes banning stock trades for Congress ‘too difficult to ignore’ — “OUR WORLD”

Rules For Thee: Are You Sick Of It Yet? — Conservative Mama Podcast

Nothing says “We believe our constituents are peasants meant for us to lord over” quite like the current state of the Democrat party. They seem to be either completely unaware of their own hypocrisy or they simply don’t care to hide it any longer. The point is, there are two sets of rules: Rules for […]

Rules For Thee: Are You Sick Of It Yet? — Conservative Mama Podcast

i am not a preacher, but i believe in the word of god…..in process but you don’t know when it ends, our existence

The Beginning Of The End Times Square High Resolution Stock Photography and  Images - Alamy
Beginning of End Times Square

I am not a preacher, not even close. Not a teacher either! BUT, something came to me this morning, and I have debated to write about it here, then I thought ……….why not, WHAT THE HELL!

I don’t remember exactly how I got on this subject, in thought, except I had been reading some blogs. I can not remember what those blogs were now, as a few hours have passed and my thoughts were focused on one ENDING subject. I didn’t start out by thinking about END TIMES (end of the world, at least as we know it), but it is where all my thoughts took me. HERE is one point that struck me early: All these people, and it didn’t start with AOC, that are obsessed with climate change, especially WARMING, do they believe? I mean believe in the Bible, Revelations? I do believe. Again, I am not a preacher and I am not about to preach, or explain the Word from the Bible. I do believe, I do believe Christ Jesus was crucified, suffered and died for our sins and that he rose AND will come again, and if we truly believe in this we will be saved. There will be no END TIME for me except on this Earth (Earth as I know it anyway). There will be an End Time for this Earth, and no one, no preacher, no priest, no person standing on a street corner in any city in the world, no KNOW-IT-ALL Government official, elected or appointed, not your mama or papa can TELL YOU WHEN IT WILL BE! ONLY GOD KNOWS. It could be 100 years from now, it could be 50 years, one month, one week or tomorrow. I doubt it will be tomorrow as according to Revelations much is yet to happen! But, who am I to say, with God, all things are possible.

I am not preaching, I am voicing my opinion on what I know, have read, listened to and used some common sense and logic, and my own belief/faith. I would be wasting my time, and we don’t have enough space here to discuss the role of government, or the role THEY THINK THEY HAVE AND DEMAND. GOD IS GREATER THAN ALL.

Getting back to climate change and global warming crap! Do those obsessed with this think they know more than God? Do they think they can out smart Him? There is nothing we can do to prevent/stop that which is the WILL OF GOD.

There are signs everywhere, and they have been happening for many years! The END IS NEAR! Define near in the eyes of our Lord! I can’t! I could only guess one hundred years to us, could be a day or a second to Him! Maybe He doesn’t run on a clock!? Not even an hour glass, but possibly by events. I am only guessing here, but that makes sense to me. God already knew everything that has ever happened, before it happened. He already knows what is yet to happen and when. There are earthly events all around the globe, that seem to be signs of His plan in process. The end of that process is unknown……….to us! Only he knows, and only He knows the day, the hour, the second.

Global warming? Okay, I get it, you are seeing fires around the globe like we have never seen before. Crazy grasshoppers out west (just heard about that one today). Animals are acting a bit out of character! Bears becoming closer to towns, looking for food! Oh, btw, I am going to toss this in here: fishing is more difficult it seems earlier in the year because the water seems to be staying cold longer (from Winter). Global warming? Australia invaded by mice (also heard a woman woke up as a mouse was eating out her eye). Insects eating flesh (heard that one just today). Our cities are being destroyed, from riots, looting, vandalism and arson. Cities and states releasing criminals (violent criminals), defunding police so crime sky rockets (violent crimes); like a scene from The Dark Knight (Batman). Our cities are in chaos! Tie it all together! The process has started. Want more proof? We’ve been running around outdoors wearing face masks for more than a year because we listened to a bunch of bureaucratic morons. It did not start yesterday (the END PROCESS), it has been years. I don’t know when it began exactly, I doubt you do, and we don’t know when it ends, not exactly how or when! Only God knows! Much we are doing to ourselves, but He knew we would. We are helping Him carry out the plan. So, why are we going to spend tons of money on things we can not stop? Global warming? We can keep our planet clean though, for the most part, things we can control (LITTER). If God wants us to heat up, and that destroys are planet/universe, WE CAN NOT STOP THE WILL OF GOD!

I believe I will be long gone, when the END comes, but my soul will be with Him, however He wants me!

Have a great day!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: aoc’ favorite senator ted cruz


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Ted Cruz of ‘almost having her killed’. Almost!!

Senator Cruz is the kind of guy that when he is set out to do something, does it right! I would have to believe if Cruz wanted AOC killed, she’d be DEAD.

What are the chances Rep. Cortez and Sen. Cruz meet in passing all that much? Occasionally in the hallways and Rotunda maybe! The House and probably most of the Senate enjoy having AOC around, she is comic relief.

Everyone (in Congress) is in an uproar about Marjorie Taylor Greene, the nutty things she says! I find this extremely comical. Many want her expelled, left off committees. Greene must go……but AOC, her goofy crap is okay, more than acceptable! One rep asked to be moved to another office away from Greene. That request came from a Rep. from the St. Louis area, which I find even more amusing. You’d think a rep from St. Louis would have thicker skin. Apparently Greene took off her mask to argue with the rep………and she (the rep lost it). These people in Washington are sure easy to scare aren’t they? They whine about there health and good will, but could give two S’s about We the People. I guess it is human nature to care about your own health more than those you represent, no matter what they swear to!

As long as AOC has a seat, Greene’s place should be safe; but we’ve seen the Left Democratic Socialist Party’s (which it definitely is) double standard, hypocrisy. Why would Ted Cruz want to get rid of any of this?

about that biden tax plan


The Biden Tax Plan has Biden’s name on it. Lets be clear about something, while it was read to him and he signed off on it, he is neither capable of writing such a document or understanding it. He does agree with it though, he agrees to what ever is placed in front of him from the far left. He’ll agree (often flip) to what ever in the moment that is convenient for the Socialists…..on command. His Lefty Democratic Socialist comrades wrote this. Here Joe this your Biden Tax Plan, ENDORSE IT! BERNIE, HILLARY, AOC, NANCY, CHUCK, KAMALA, BARACK AND YOUR WIFE SAID IT’S YOUR TAX PLAN.

Biden and the Democratic Socialists don’t care about you/us and that means all of us (Dems, Republicans, Independents….all)! They’ve set themselves up over their political careers quite handsomely. Especially JOE BIDEN………and now we know how! Joe has his millions! He assisted (set up) his ‘bag boy’ Hunter and used him undetected to near perfection for years until a non-politician who vowed to drain the swamp came on the scene. Of course as most crack-heads will do, they screw up sooner or later……..nice timing Hunter! Are we understanding why the left and the MSM hate Trump and have been desperately trying to get him out of office FROM DAY ONE! (Arlin)

ruth bader ginsburg a tipsy nap at state of the union……..and who decides on replacement

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Took a Tipsy Nap at the State of the Union

When RBG fell asleep at the State of the Union address, it really was no big deal. How many listen anyway?

The argument has begun on who should nominate Ginsburg’s replacement to the Supreme Court.

Here is the skinny on that: It does not make any difference who is in the White House, a Democrat or a Republican………..each party is going to fight to gain the “chance/right” to make that selection. Democrats will argue that the nomination should be delayed, so if a miracle happens and they win the election…….they can nominate the Justice. They’ll even say it was Ginsburg’s dying wish not to let Trump nominate her replacement…..and maybe it was; but, it is still the sitting president’s decision to make.

The Democrats are cringing to think Trump will name another Supreme Court Justice. They will do anything/say anything not to let that happen. If the roles were reversed the Republican’s would do the same. EVERYBODY wants to change the rules when their party is not in the Oval Office.

It is Trump’s decision to make and the Democrats, not Nancy Pelosi, not Joe Biden, not Chuck Schumer, not even Adam Schiff or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez can do a damn thing about it. Oh, crazy Chuck can vote no when it is put to a vote……..but that is all folks. They will pull every dirty trick in the book to delay. We’ll hear of new scandals, mark my words.

Ask yourself: If Hillary had been elected president what do you think she would do? YOU KNOW WHAT SHE WOULD DO!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: not always upon awaking……….late day, joe & barack team mates again?

politics Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

Joe Biden has indicated only that he has aging mental issues he is dealing with( not really dealing with). This of course no fault of his own. Joe thinks he is Iron Man, Superman, Spiderboy/man and probably Batman all rolled up in one. Ask Joe, he’ll take credit for everything, everything and anything that is thought to be a good thing, Joe was responsible for making it happen. How many times have we heard him say “I did that……..man that was me.” Except in most cases it wasn’t. Joe was never in sight, he was probably on a plane headed to China. This all during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

When Joe is on the road, he can’t remember or he never really knew where he is or was. This isn’t make believe this is true stuff. Joe, picks fights/arguments ……….especially when he is confused and has no answer, or can’t remember. He gets lost, not only where he is but in thought. That is not good.

If Joe Biden were elected Dog Catcher, he’d not understand the purpose……….he’d get ate up by a Chihuahua. Joe needs to retire from public life. I know it may be hard for him to do. Dems are using Joe Biden. They’ll try to get him elected President, but someone else will be running the show. It probably won’t be the VP, no matter who it is………..unless it is Hillary. That would be toooooooo obvious! It wouldn’t get Joe elected. Sure defeat, more so than it already is. The White House would be run by committee, with one executive above all others……. Who? Think about the Democratic leaders in plain sight. Its frightening. Extreme lefties………with socialists agendas. AOC? OMG! (Would she be Joe’s WH bartender?)

Enter Barack Obama! He finally decided to endorse Sleepy, Creepy Joe once there was no one else for him to endorse. I guess he could have picked someone for nomination at the DNC convention (if and when there is one). Obama does not believe Biden is the best of the Dems for President. If he did, he would have endorsed him long ago. Or, maybe he doesn’t like looking like a loser, by endorsing Joe if he then lost the nomination. Embarrassing!!

Obama said, just yesterday Joe had the right “character” to be president during this time (thru this darkness). Obama is still quite the bull dung tosser! He can not truly believe this if he has been paying ANY attention. Of course Obama does know, Joe, even if elected would not be the leader in the White House. You just know there’d be an open and frequently used phone line between the WH and Obama’s house, where little Joe or his handlers can speak to either Barack or Michelle at any time. Joe, Barack (with Michelle) and a side kick (aka VP), along with a socialist team of handlers. I bet these phone calls wouldn’t get monitored. Kind of like the movie DAVE, only corrupt realism.

Obama said Biden had the character………..what he really meant, and I am sure he was saying under his breath…..”Joe Biden is a character”. That we can all agree to.

Joe go home, retire, go fishing………..if you know how. Hell take a ride to China with Hunter. Close the books there! Soon they may be out of business. We shouldn’t be doing any further business with China. Go cash in your chips.