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These two together have been able to do what no two ever could before them; make the world forget about dumb blonde jokes.

Like it or not, Nancy you are not so relevant in your party.  Ocasio-Cortez has swiped your seat of attention.  Dems go running to find out what she has to say following anything you say.   They don’t seek an opinion, AOC has none, just go to hear what spills from her poor ignorant mouth.  You are birds of a feather and share the same Cuckoo Bird’s Nest.


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto O’Rourke have several things in common, but just to mention a few:  1)  Both have obvious learning disabilities.  Their facts and ideas (actually fiction) are crazy, out-in-space, cartoonish BS.   They do not have the capability to understand even the simplest of things, therefore the inability to REASON.  2)  Both, do not care how ridiculous they look or sound.  They live in their own fantasy worlds.   3) They do however tend to have an ability to repeat others thoughts, suggestions and manipulation, to a degree, but even then go out-of-bounds or over-the-top to a point of being outrageous.  (Which sounds like a contradiction of the learning disabilities theory.  Even the lowest of living animals can learn something.   Stupidity and outrageous mouths tend to sell; just look at Hollywood.


It is the same old same old.

You’d think there would be plenty to write about on the subject of politics in America.   You can, if you like repeating yourself day in and day out.  The climate stays pretty much the same, dark, cold and very windy and a storm always on the horizon.  I’d like a little sunshine, but I won’t hold my breath.

The topics may change from day-to-day, but the temperature and relative conditions stay the same.  All the windy dialogue comes from the same direction and stays on its predictable path.  You know the cast of characters and what to expect from them.   New players may shock us to start, but after that, the BS doesn’t surprise.   No matter how much attention they seek, it gets tiring to write and speak of the means, and critique by saying “I didn’t think she (AOC) or he (someone like Adam Schiff) could get any dumber.”.   Even writing about the bias Mainstream Media gets old.  You know their position before they even release it.

We need something refreshing, honest, trustworthy with heart, not greedy and selfish.   Trump was exciting because, he hammered publicly what many of us speak about around our kitchen tables.   But now, he is even tiring because of the battles he must engage in with a media and Congress (from both sides of the floors).   We want a government that shows progress in resolving our social issues, not one with a priority to investigate and investigate to rid our president from office, because he wasn’t their chosen one.   The fact he was the people’s choice does not matter to them, they (Congress) stopped caring what we thought and wanted long ago. That in itself is a socialist way, and it comes not just from the Democratic Left, but the Republican Right.  It is just more obvious from the Left, because they stand together stronger than the right.   The right just simply too often cave or give in.  Not enough fight in them and it is more than a numbers game (being outnumbered).

I am tired already of writing about AOC’s incompetence.   Alright already, we know what she is, how she thinks and why.  Socialism out teaches all others.

Indict Hillary Clinton, now that would be a story, because it would be surprising if not shocking, though the right thing to do.  We could fix what is broken in this country with one simple idea………JUST DO WHAT IS RIGHT.   It really isn’t that complex, when you remove greed/selfishness, hate and obsession of power.

Sure, where they’ve taken abortion is appalling, shocking and disgusting.  But even that direction of immoral stupidity is no longer surprising.   What would be surprising would be ‘Just doing the RIGHT THING’.

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Originally posted on The Lone Cactus: Usually when a politician of any experience makes a blunder, they quickly race to try and minimize the damage. Either a “walkback”, maybe even a full-blown apology is in order. However they do it, they know they’ve screwed up and they know they need to make things right with…

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There is more hot,smelly air coming from New York’s rep. Cortez than all the cattle on the planet.

The Green New Deal, a ridiculous document by the attention seeking Cortez would eliminate airplane transportation (build more trains) and kill off cows with a natural bodily function of releasing gas (eat more chicken).

If this Socialist ding-bat had her way America would no longer have air traffic (that alone is asinine), but convince the rest of the world to do the same.  I hear the laughter.   It would however make those trips by train much longer for Nancy Pelosi to take back home.  Imagine the bar tab sky rocketing…….at tax payer expense.   Ms. Cortez, have you thought of how those trains cross the oceans, above or below the sea?   Where are you coming up with the dough?  Forget about it even being possible.  We’d surely need to have inventors invent new things that haven’t been invented yet, as you’ve said.

AOC, you are obviously to immature (a kind word for someone your age for stupidity) to understand you are embarrassing yourself, your district, your state and your country.  You have lessons to learn, some being taught to you now.   Let’s see if you ever catch on.  Nancy doesn’t like being upstaged!  The two of you make an interesting pair………a House filled with idiots.