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There’s Exxon, Clinton, Dems, MUSK, and…..?

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Signs and Portents: Elon Musk’s Growing Political Maturity

The Left’s misery continues to Elongate.

By Roger Kimball at American Greatness:

May 21, 2022

Afew weeks ago,Exxon announcedthat it was banning the display of Pride and BLM flags at its headquarters in Houston. There was a ripple of unhappiness, but nothing was burned down, the media attention was muted, and the world went about its business as before.

Across the country, school board elections are tossing out woke ideologues and partisans of critical race theory and replacing what amounts togay pornographyin the curriculum with more wholesome fare. The Biden Administration keeps running into roadblocks, most recently a judicial order halting its efforts to rescindTitle 42, a Trump-era emergency order that turned away would-be immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. A few days ago, Biden’s absurd Disinformation Governance Board wasshutteredand its pathetic director, Nina Jankowicz…

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This was a coup effort by the Hillary Clinton campaign | George Papadopoulos | ‘The Count’

Yet she will go untouched, unpunished and will carry on like she always has. She is the Deep State’s Queen. The Madam (MAD)………The head of the Washington Political Crime Cartel. (Arlin Report comment).

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George Papadopoulos and Jenna Ellis react to the bombshell revelations about the Hillary Clinton campaign and the 2016 Election – Via Newsmax’s ‘The Count.’

Source: This was a coup effort by the Hillary Clinton campaign | George Papadopoulos | ‘The Count’

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Cartels are in control of the border under Biden despite Title 42 ruling | Report | Saturday Agenda

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Border Correspondent Jaeson Jones reports on the lack of deportations at the Southern Border of illegal migrants – Via Newsmax’s ‘Saturday Agenda.’

Source: Cartels are in control of the border under Biden despite Title 42 ruling | Report | Saturday Agenda

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Biden in Hiding: Presidential history — 100 days without a sit-down interview with the media

Basement boy!

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You will continue to see the President by Committee propping up Biden until he either collapses or time runs out. They (The Committee in the White House) do not want their jokester of a vice president moving into the pretentious office of president. If that were to happen according to the constitution, Kamala Harris would become more of a basement figure head than Joe Biden has been, especially during his campaign. She would be seen and then unseen. You’ll see her walking and waving. They (the Committee) will order her to keep her mouth shut………..always. Good morning and good evening may be the extent of her communication with the media and the public. Not only will they place her in a hole somewhere, they will lock her up, kind of like those kids that get kidnapped by sickos and are locked away……….even chained in, out of public view.

They wanted someone as VP that was dumber than Joe, someone that was easy to control…….JUST LIKE JOE. The problem is, they didn’t realize just how dumb she really is! They probably should have listened to Jill. If they had Harris would not likely be VP.

They do not want Kamala Harris on the prowl, on the loose. They will not want her near a microphone……….just wave and keep walking. As inarticulate and incoherent as Biden is, you’d think there couldn’t be anyone for the worse…………THEN YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO HARRIS (AND SHE IS NEARLY HALF BIDEN’S AGE).

Their problem is, Harris would screw up everything they (the Committee and Biden) are trying to screw up in this country. That has been their agenda! Screw things up. That is what they have been successful at…….SCREWING EVERYTHING UP. They are turning this country into a 3rd world country faster than the Venezuelan powers that be destroyed Venezuela. Harris may only be good for one thing, because she can’t keep her mouth shut she’d expose everything. I mean, who is stupid enough to admit they are bailing arsonists and looters out of jail to get them back on the street to continue on and that violent protest is good? Harris doesn’t know the meaning of confidential……for government eyes only stuff. National Security? Lets not go there…………she doesn’t have a clue. She’s the type that announces military strategy to our enemies………..she’d keep everyone informed! Harris thinks the nuke buttons are games on XBox. And you were worried about Trump.

Teleprompter, teleprompter, teleprompter! Press conferences? Joe’s limited on what he is instructed to say (“Oh I’m supposed to be leaving now folks, I’ve been told not to talk about that.”) Harris would be a comedy show greater than Biden’s. She would talk about whatever they tell her not to talk about………….and cackle her way through it all.

Yes, the pathetic powers in the White House do understand that Kamala Harris would screw up everything they are trying (have) to screw up.