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arlin report thought(s) of the day: The left’s police defunding

Below is an article (Reuters) on what defunding the police would look like. In my opinion it falls way short of the issues it will further cause not solve. I’m sure I will have more to say about this ridiculous idea as time goes by. Anything Jane (Hanoi) Fonda supports can not be good. Below (beneath the link) are just a few off the cuff thoughts on what we’d really face with basically a reduced or eliminated police/law enforcement system. If you take away funds………nobody works for nothing; except vigilantes.

No funding: 1) Means something previously funded no longer exists, unless of course it is now done privately. So, law enforcement companies? That will not stop the existence of a dirty cop. Probably makes it worse. 2) Self policing: I already have the right to protect myself and property. So, without a police force, there is no one left to come and arrest the burglar breaking in or vandalizing our neighborhood. So, is each neighborhood/subdivision to have its own security force? Okay, then we need more guns (weapons), because the criminals will be armed. GUN SHOPS, PLEASE STOCK UP, THERE WILL BE A RUN TO PURCHASE MORE GUNS. THE LEFT CAN THROW OUT ANY THOUGHT OF TAKING OUR GUNS AWAY (besides there is no one left to enforce even that). 3) When we self arrest a thief in the neighborhood where do we take him/her, there won’t be a police department (without funding there is no department), no jails? Which also, means no courts? Courts would only be needed for civil cases. Does the neighborhood vigilantes (which is what we really become) just shoot on site these law breakers? Do we just hang them, lynch them? Back to the wild wild west! Does the Left think that eliminating funding/eliminating police means that no one is any longer guilty of breaking any laws? Are they really trying to make a lawless society acceptable?

People like John Legend and Jane Fonda don’t really think things out. Attention seekers shoot their mouths off and have no solution or really any alternatives. These jokers don’t even live in the real world.

This idea of defunding the police may be the single most idiotic thing from the Left to this point. They get more ridiculous by the moment.

4) How many thousands (millions) of police officers would suddenly become unemployed. No funding, no police! I want to see this idea work in New York City.

5) Crime, every crime………. increases dramatically. Looting can only be stopped by self-policing. I am actually kind of okay with that. I’ll need more shells for my shotgun! There won’t be anyone to come and take me when I blow a hole in someones stomach for breaking into my house or car. Hopefully we don’t defund the ambulance district when they come and get the body.

My thoughts don’t end here, I’m just getting started. This may be a daily rant. What do you say Joe?

Social Distancing is Still Mandatory Unless You are Looting, Rioting or Starting Fires — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Originally posted on Absolute Truth from the Word of God: Have you noticed that during the riots, the media is not speaking about “social distancing” or even about the Covid-19 pandemic any longer? How could the non-stop 24/7 news of Covid-19 which was forced upon us, ad nauseam, for 4 months be pushed aside and…

Social Distancing is Still Mandatory Unless You are Looting, Rioting or Starting Fires — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Agents of the NWO in US Federal, State and Local Governments backed by $ from George Soros, Hollywood and sports celebrities — Serve Him in the Waiting

Agents of the NWO in US Federal, State and Local Governments backed by $ from George Soros, Hollywood and sports celebrities — Serve Him in the Waiting

Maybe just the #beginning of the #Blue-Flu protests …

The Goomba Gazette

Louisville police officers walk out on mayor as form of protest, claiming disrespect

Looks like the cops in Louisville read The Goomba Gazette today.

No consequences – no resolution …..

I would hate to take this action, but it doesn’t seem the Warren is not giving the cops any choice. ALL the cops should all walk off the job until they are assured by their pathetic mayor that they will be able to do their jobs the way they were trained to do. Then we will see what kind of response we will get from Warren. Naturally; he will blame the cops for getting the BLUE FLU and abandoning their posts.

What in the name of everything holy are these wacked-out mayors and governors thinking that they will NOT allow the cops to protect and serve as they were sworn to?? Do I blame them for walking off?? HELL…

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a "Backwoods" Conservative

Race Pimps

Well I suppose we all knew that it was only a matter of time before he who was able to set race relations in this country back more than 150 years would slither out from under whatever rock it is that he currently resides to utter what many likely view as his much anticipated ‘opinion’ regarding those, that for some bizarre reason, continue to be described as ‘peaceful protests’ carried out all in the name of ‘racial justice.’  And ‘BO’ certainly didn’t disappoint the faithful as he had little difficulty coming up with a way to not only justify, but to actually encourage, the senseless violence and wholesale destruction that has been taking place for nearly a week.

And so, just as expected, ‘BO’ chose to enthusiastically defend the anarchy that we’ve all been watching take place in most, if not all, of America’s major cities, doing so during what…

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