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arlin report thought of the day: warren’s medicare for all funding

Elizabeth Warren STRONGLY FAVORS Medicare for all, that would include immigrants here illegally. She supports a Medicare plan that will include law breakers that are not citizens of this country. Who pays for that? You do, we do. If you are not of Medicare age yet and have been paying taxes your entire working life………. those that have contributed NOTHING will benefit from a benefit meant for you. They aren’t supposed to be here. They, the illegals, can come visit if they’d like, but shouldn’t they enter lawfully? So we’re talking about two things here, Medicare and illegal immigration. Warren wants to assist one with the other while addressing one but not the other. Get my point, illegal immigration is not and will not be addressed by Elizabeth Warren. BECAUSE SHE ALSO FAVORS OPEN BORDERS.

Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren says she will release her funding plan for Medicare for All soon. SOON! It is obvious she has not yet answered the question on how she will fund it, BECAUSE SHE HAS NO PLAN YET! Will funding be pulled from a hat, a deep hat? We are after all always being lectured to that funding for Social Security and Medicare is running out. So, Warren must have one hell of an idea! What you can count on is a plan that includes a tax increase. A huge increase. Of course a Medicare for All funding plan will not sting Elizabeth or her comrades in D.C. or the wealthy. The wealthy don’t want to support Liz as it is. Do you feel you’d be cheated yet? If not, maybe you are illegal.

Medicare for All! How about a different plan (that is not a question). Address the illegal immigration problem. Complete the wall! Return those here UNLAWFULLY! Don’t fund something that should not exist in the first place. It shouldn’t be so complicated. Follow the laws, all the laws and enforce them. That eliminates a great deal of expense in many areas. Our country must be self sufficient, so should others. They can not always rely on US.

Every gas tank comes up empty sometime! If you can’t pay at the pump……….walk.


This is pretty cool. I apologize for the 70s slang reference. Very interesting. This is in relation to an earlier post about a Hyperloop Test Pod being on display at The University of Missouri (Columbia).