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Comey pulls plug on probe to protect McCain and Romney?  More questions, always more questions!




“I was thinking of something else.”, while lying to Congress.   Will of course he was!  He wasn’t going to throw anyone under the bus……..you have to admire him for that!  Except the anyone, was himself!!!  What truly is disappointing, these leftist folks caught-up in corruption and covering up don’t have more creativity in their story telling (lies).  I mean, the candidate husband, with a financial investment (not a marriage commitment) met with then AG Lynch on that tarmac at an airport in the southwest, a casual by chance meeting.  Their paths just happened to cross, Lynch and Bill C. went out of their way just to say HELLO!  They had nothing to discuss except to talk about their grandchildren and golf games.  PLEASE!  You can’t come up with something better than that.   These are people in powerful positions, they haven’t any believable lying skills.

They are great at lying, just not creative enough to be believable.   I say great at lying, not good liars, habitual lying.  Lying has become so much a part of “what they do”, they just throw it out there, left and right (yes I mean both sides), with such arrogance, without any regard for what we think, or accountability.   Accountability, because there never is any.  “What are you going to do to me?”   They know…………nothing!   So, they go before Congress, they lie, they know even when called out on the lies, they will not be held accountable…….by Congress.   They aren’t held accountable for the corruption and they are not held accountable for lying ……….   and Congress knows they will do nothing.   False Congressional Committees, wasting your money.

The only chance of any accountability is to prosecute.   Will Comey took care of Hillary though didn’t he?   He was going to place her in cuffs, go before a judge.   Lord no!   He lied, a lame lie at that.   He also changed definitions to cover his own lies.  But hey, if Comey or Hillary or Lynch or Obama for that matter went before Congress……no problem, just LIE!  Congress is nothing more than a smoke screen.  They need each other, corruption is so rabid, it’s hard to find anyone that isn’t corrupt.   LETS LIE FOR ONE ANOTHER.   The American people will get over it!   Will guess what………..those day hopefully are coming to an end.   Some of us will not let their SHIT be swept under the Washington Carpet anymore.   We will not allow you corrupt SOB’s to just fade away into your retirement.   We will decide where you retire……….behind bars.



Comey’s book, is nothing more than an excuse ridden, feel sorry for me writing, a delusion.   It is nothing more than an essay of what and how he wants the public to think and believe, mostly about him…..and what he wants you to believe about Trump.   Does this sound familiar.   Hillary came out with a book to explain (in her own mind) how she lost, how everyone else was to blame.   There is great similarities between Hillary Clinton and James Comey.   Makes you wonder, these peas in a pod worked well together; question is how for how long?   How long has Comey been covering up Hillary Clinton?

Hillary and Comey……both liars, both will throw anyone and everyone under the bus……blame everyone but self!   They just don’t see the real picture, I believe they are so, proficient at what they do…….fiction is reality.   Make it up, repeat it over and over and it is truth……to them.   Has the pod burst?   Will they eventually destroy the other?   They may not be able to recover anymore, the noose is getting too tight.   The one thing Hillary knows that Comey may not?  The noose was coming, this in her own words.


A quote from former AG Eric Holder (Obama Administration):

“I said about 8 months ago that the actions and integrity of the men & women at DOJ/FBI would be unfairly questioned. It’s happening. And it will get worse. Be prepared, be strong. You have the support of millions committed to truth, justice and the defense of this nation.”

This is a set-up statement by Holder, by that I mean, it’s a diversion by statement, push guilt in one direction before it moves towards you.   Ironically, well not ironically but typically coming from one that lost his integrity, if he had any, as AG in the department he is desperately defending.   What is he afraid of?   What is he afraid may yet come out?  What does he really know?   He has some unanswered questions of his own.    By the way, this is an AG that was held in contempt.   You don’t think he’d be misleading here, with this statement?

Oh my! He almost fired Mueller.


The MSM is wetting their pants…….over something Trump almost did, but decided not to. We’re finding Comey to be corrupt as hell, and Mueller and Comey are buds.   Trump was 100% on firing Comey.   Maybe Mueller should be fired!