And Now It’s Timing???

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One thing that riles me about the snowflake movement is the fact that they can never be satisfied. For instance…when Obama was in the White House, they were all about allowing illegals into the country, as many as could fit. They didn’t care what the law said, they didn’t care what the constitution said. They only cared that the illegals came into the country illegally, and were given the opportunity to vote. That’s just one example of the blatant disregard for the law the left has.

Now that Donald Trump is president, they realize that he is going to follow the law, and the constitution, and so, they can’t complain about things being illegal. Instead, the latest “in thing” to complain about is timing. Need some examples?

Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton, a snowflake, said before Donald Trump’s visit to the Great Southwest last week, that his visit was poor timing…

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What about America’s own refugees! — Refugee Resettlement Watch

Yesterday I sent out a series of tweets like these below. Help me get the message to Washington. We have our own refugees now—tens of thousands of them, maybe more—who will be homeless and need medical care, food and clothing. Suspend the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for FY18 and use (literally a couple of a […]

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drugging? I’m not going to get paranoid…..BUT

This could explain Republicans in Congress, they’ve been drugged; by the Demo Left.  They have been in a stupor for a long long time.
gerund or present participle: drugging
  1. administer a drug to (someone) in order to induce stupor or insensibility.
    “they were drugged to keep them quiet”