ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I want the DEMS to keep doing what they are doing.

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…….and cheers to your day!

Thought of the day, but not my only thought and here it is:

‘I want the Democrats to keep doing what they are doing; as far as what comes from the mouth.’   This is their formula for disaster due to their state of insanity.   For everything the left Democrats accuse Trump of, they have more than doubled (you can’t really put a number on it to measure).  They just can’t make it work for them.

The Democratic Party has a base out there that will support them no matter how far off base the party leaders have become.  They are so far off base, they “COULD” get picked off by the other team (The Republicans) quite easily, if the “other team” ever decides it wants to GET IN THE GAME!

Have a great day and wonderful weekend.   I’m going to go to the gym now, then to the driving range for a bit, then fishing at a nearby lake (going to use shrimp as bait for the first time).



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