“we want to destroy every last one of you”………the global reset

arlin report thought(s) of the day: the real reason they remove our statues

Below is the link to the story about the Boston elitists (not leaders, though they call themselves such) who removed a statue of Lincoln that had been in a park since the 1880s.

These morons remove these reminders of our culture, our past, our history………..because they are the same people that are against teaching our history in our schools in the first place. They are apart of the dumbing down squad. They’re attempting (successfully I might add) is to do away with our history from our minds and to keep it from our children. This way they can brainwash our youth to their SOCIALISM. They are determining what shall be our only history………the history they make, they decide and they force upon us. WE MUST END THIS MADNESS. Socialism……..when a few decide for all. They will engrain in us that only they know what is best for us. This is the Liberal Democratic Socialist Party. They will do whatever it takes, no matter how wrong or immoral as they have no morals.


McConnell Blocks Sen. Sanders’ Call to Vote on $2,000 Stimulus — The way I see things …

Originally posted on depolreablesunite: H/T Town Hall. Mitch “The Turtle”McConnell needs to let this come to a vote because not allowing it could have a negative impact in the Georgia runoff election. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) objected to Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) call for the $2,000 relief check bill to be passed…

McConnell Blocks Sen. Sanders’ Call to Vote on $2,000 Stimulus — The way I see things …

2 corinthians 5:17

2 Corinthians 5:17

Happy New Year! 2021 will be better than 2020……………. We’ll have to stand up to the stupidity and the tyranny. One and the same! I believe the government will begin to see that WE are more than willing to stand before them. We must make our own demands! Lets begin with forcing legislation that pay raises of elected officials must be FAIRLY voted on by the people for approval. Also, foreign aid of ANY amount, likewise must be voted on by WE THE PEOPLE to be approved and distributed. Obviously it is too much of a task and can not be entrusted among our legislators. This will cut down on endless debate. We can no longer trust our politicians to make intelligent decisions, like funding another countries study to help them determine their freaking gender. Mitch McConnell…….you want to cut spending? Set a budget, we’ll approve or reject! Yes we the people. Then listen and abide! We can make it simple!! Yeap, many things can become new! New approaches, new policy, NEW LEADERSHIP (LED BY THE PEOPLE). All things can become new.


Mario Murillo Ministries

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube truly believe you are stupid. Their fact checkers need to be fact checked. They take down posts without warning. They love to say they are neutral, but they are so biased that they are not fooling anyone but themselves.

When someone writes a blog like the one you are reading now, all three of these Big Tech sites love to add a disclaimer under each and every post that even mentions that voter fraud is a possibility. You will see one under this post. Here is what one disclaimer says: “Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results.” Here is another example:


Many American Christians think that voter fraud is a myth, and that this election was not rigged. They are complying with the notion that Biden won the election. What is disturbing is the reason they have rejected the compelling evidence of…

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The Crooks, Joe and Son, Top Criminals in Their Corruption in the Ukraine!

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Ukraine press conference explicitly ties Hunter and Joe Biden to corruption

By Andrea Widburg at American Thinker:

A video from a press conference in Ukraine is going viral.It is the follow-up to a video press conference that Ukraine released over a year ago, in which members of the Ukraine Parliament demanded that President Zelensky and President Trump investigate billions of dollars of corruption in Ukraine that is tied to the U.S.The newly released video is meant to provide documentary and eyewitness information about the corruption — and the Biden family figures prominently in the story.

The video is long — over an hour — and not all of it involves the Biden family. This post quotes those portions of the press conference that address Biden family corruption.The gist of it is that, while Democrats obsess about Trump’s purported criminality, despite the absence of any evidence, their chosen standard-bearer is extraordinarily…

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arlin report thought(s) of the day: stock watching

I have a little, and I mean a little, invested in a couple of stocks. These are outside what I have in my 401K. I’ll even tell you I have them through TD Ameritrade. For awhile, I’d go to the website and watch how the days market activity effected my stocks. You can set and watch them change by the minute………usually no to little change seen, until closer to the end of the day. I’d even watch for an hour or two, as watching the price changes was fascinating. However, I have recently found if you want to get a better idea how much it changed each stock’s value, don’t watch by the hour or even daily. Check once a week. I looked at my stock’s for the first time in over a week and bam……..they had moved up in value a bit; enough change that it was instantly noticeable.

It’s actually fun working the market, and it doesn’t take a huge investment to get going……….even for an old retired guy like me.

So have some fun………..what the hell we only live once!