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How the Sussmann Trial Inadvertently Revealed the Role of Clinton in the Alfa Bank Scandal — JONATHAN TURLEY

Below is an expanded version of my column in The Hill on the implication of Hillary Clinton in false Alfa Bank claims of Russian collusion. While most media ignored the testimony of Clinton’s former campaign manager in the Sussmann trial, it adds to a damning record on how the Clinton campaign was behind arguably the…

How the Sussmann Trial Inadvertently Revealed the Role of Clinton in the Alfa Bank Scandal — JONATHAN TURLEY

FEC fines DNC and Clinton for Trump dossier hoax — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Trump deserves far more reporting of Hillary et al being fined by the FEC over the Russian Dossier.  Amazing. Trump was right once again. “Clinton’s treasurer $8,000” brought the deed right to the Clinton door step.  Of course just a drop in the bucket for the Clinton crime family. The principal of winning this […]

FEC fines DNC and Clinton for Trump dossier hoax — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Note From CJack:

But yet all we hear is how Trump should be locked up. Hillary on Benghazi!, Hillary on the fake dossier Russian hoax (multiple times worse than Watergate), Hillary’s career laced with scandals, crimes, missing people and body count; Schiff’s lies to Congress on Trump’s impeachments, and lets add in countless bed partners from Chinese ladies tapping in Congressmen (and women), Joe Biden’s crime family!! They dismiss all of this…..because that is how The Swamp operates. D.C. is a corruption infested center. (Arlin Report comment)

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—Measure the Hilde-Beast for Her Orange Suit—

Comrade Putin gave the bizarre Hilde-Beast $145,000,000 to destroy the United States of America and its magnificent Constitution. But it did not happen on the night of November 8, 2016. So, the Hilde-Beast got drunk, cried, and swore all night at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

But she had a ‘Plan B’ to fund her dirty works to unseat the magnificent ‘Orangeman’ from Queens. With ample Kremlin funds delivered to the Clinton Foundation bank account, she enlisted the liar-for-hire ex-British spy Christopher Steele to produce the infamous “Steele Dossier” of prevarications, to overthrow the US Government. Why is this evil, ugly, vicious, corrupt, un-American ‘little’ woman not in jail? As they say: Money talks; BS walks! Only in America! as the man with the wild ‘Afro’ likes to remind us of.

Best wishes to Ghr, our Minuteman in the…

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Russiagate is ever bit as bad as if not worse than Watergate. Hillary and her gang of conspirators must be prosecuted. We can not let this slide!



donald trump hillary clinton
Furlong/Getty images

Trump had it right! Hillary squealing like a cackling lying duck (I didn’t do it, The Donald is the guilty one) even after her campaign lawyer has been indicted for lying on the Russian hoax (framing of Trump). This photo is from the 2016 campaign and now we know Trump was right all along! Imagine Hillary lying about anything? LOL!

Report: Hillary Clinton was the mastermind behind the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Of course Hillary knew. She approved/masterminded everything about her campaign. Nothing would ever happen without her approval. That is how she operates. The more input from Hillary the more devious and corrupt the operation/campaign. To think she knew nothing is ridiculous. She carries a life long/career of corruption……..this didn’t just start with  her 2016 campaign.  She drug the DNC into her operation as well.  (Arlin Report comment)


I cannot keep up with the articles on the Durham probe, which is about the origins of the now-discredited Trump-Russia collusion narrative. You’ll recall that far-left Democrat Robert Mueller investigated Trump for 2 years, and found nothing. Then U.S. Attorney John Durham investigated the origins of the false collusion narrative. Unlike Mueller, he’s finding a lot.

I read a billion articles trying to find a summary in plain English for everyone to keep up, and here is what I found.

From The Stream:

Trump was right. Right all along.

Hillary Clinton’s lawyers hired a tech firm to “infiltrate” servers not only at Trump Tower, but at the White House, as part of their effort to falsely tie President Trump to Russia. That’s the explosive revelation found in a new filing by Special Counsel John Durham.

Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman went to the FBI with allegations that Trump was tied…

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Time is up for Hillary Clinton…..and Biden…. — Points of Sue

Those corrupt will not be held accountable as long as those that are to hold them accountable are part of the corruption. The Deep State’s whole purpose, is to cover each other’s filthy asses! (Arlin Report comment)

So the report is out and it seems that there was no Russian collusion with the 45th President of the United States, one Donald J Trump but there was crime committed and that was by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Trump era Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says there is ‘enough evidence’ to indict ‘multiple […]

Time is up for Hillary Clinton…..and Biden…. — Points of Sue

Clinton in ‘24 — A Coherent Observation

The core of the Deep State, read about it here! Oh! Is that O’Biden there? (Arlin Report comment)

As Joenochio’s (Joe + Pinocchio) polling numbers continue to go down the toilet, the Democratic Party is divided more ways than a pizza. The two largest pieces of the pie are the remaining moderates and the orthodox, extremists, radicals of the socialist progressive left, leaving a rather weak, small and dangerously unqualified bench. It’s become […]

Clinton in ‘24 — A Coherent Observation