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We Celebrate Today For A Reason — The Lone Cactus

And that reason isn’t a cookout. Nor is it a trip to the beach, or an amusement park. It’s not about going to the lake and celebrating the “first day of Summer”. Today is to celebrate those that have made us free. Today is for the people that left their lives, the wives and girlfriends, […]

We Celebrate Today For A Reason — The Lone Cactus


These two landscapes I did by using a technique I am learning from Stuart Davies. Davies is a Brit living in France, where he paints and teaches. He does videos roughly 45 min to over an hour long often, demonstrating his technique. He uses his paint brush(es) and frequently paper towels to scrub in the paint. He does not usually use photographs as a reference. Most of his subject matter is from imagination as he goes along…….as he says (I don’t always know where it’s taking me!’) He does paint landscapes of actually places but uses his memory. The paintings may only look similar to places he has been. Davies does mostly landscapes and loves doing clouds (stormy and colorful). He is a cloud painting genius. But, he will tell you “anyone can do it!”.

Many of his videos are free to view. I have learned a great deal from watching them. Some of the things he does I am still trying to grasp. He is also an individual to learn glazing . He gives lessons, but I have yet to go there. He isn’t cheap and he shouldn’t be.

16 X 20………Storm Cloud Over Valley
16 X 20 Cloudy Day


There still is a lot of information you can get by Googling. I hate to admit it but, sometimes I Google YouTube to learn how to fix something. You can usually find a video showing you how. The correct way to bait a hook for chicken liver……….(thought I knew, but have been having trouble with that lately, might be the quality of the meat!) HOWEVER, when looking for new technique on oil painting, looking for the right color scheme for an object……if you ask for a free video lesson (like you once could get), you might get a few minutes free or a TRIAL PERIOD free, but then YOU PAY! Now I do get it. People are making money on the internet, and that is okay! But, many are luring you to their websites by using deceit. Get these lessons FREE. What you get is a trailer…….small sample FREE. Then for $129 USD you can have life time access to our lessons. All I wanted to know was one simple technique to get the best results. Illegal immigrants can get free medical care (I must pay), and I can’t find out the best way to “scrub in” far distant trees in an oil painting. Actually, finding out a quick solution like that I can, I am exaggerating a bit here, but If I want to really learn a technique, or just get better……….and they tell you “get it here free”. IT IS NOT! I don’t want to continue to go through the whole search process, only to be told in the end, what free means to some people isn’t what free means to me! Stop wasting my time!!!! And, how those Trial Periods work is another issue!

To be honest myself here, you can still find ‘some’ tutorials that are very helpful. But even the tutorials (limited) are advertising samples basically. I have found one guy from in France that does a monthly demo, on storm clouds. I have learned a great deal from him. An old guy now living in France from the U.K.; his name is Stuart Davies.