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see this if you see anything all day…..

Everyone should see this. You don’t even need to watch in it’s entirety. Best argument you’ll see against the impeachment of Donald Trump.

I watched all 38 min., and was well worth my time.

Blaze tv

arlin report thought(s) of the day: rain gear….go fishing

Image result for Photos of trout fishing in the rain

Okay, if you read this blog often you probably know I went Trout fishing yesterday. Yes I caught one. Just one, a pretty one. It tasted good last night too. I only saw one other guy catch any (3), everyone else was getting blanked. I hadn’t gone Trout fishing in many years, I normally fish for Bass, Bluegill or Catfish. I enjoyed yesterday. It was relaxing. I was a bit disappointed the Trout I caught didn’t put up more of a fight. I have the fever so, I am going back this morning!

Right now it is raining in the St. Charles, Missouri area. Supposed to rain pretty hard this afternoon. They say Trout are active in the rain. We’ll see! I debated for a moment whether I should go due to the rain. I have fishing rain gear. The logical side of me won, if you aren’t going to fish in the rain why buy rain gear? Its settled, I am off!

No it is not me in the photo above. I wish it were! 🙂

arlin report thought(s) of the day: going trout fishing

Image result for photos of trout fishing at busch wildlife

Yes, as soon as I finish this post (7:25 AM CT) I am going Trout fishing. Heading to Busch Wildlife Conservation in Weldon Springs, Missouri. I have not been trout fishing in years. I am looking forward to making a few cast on a mild day in the heart of a Missouri winter. Today’s high will be 55 degrees. Perfect! Will take a rain coat just in case, afternoon showers predicted. You never know in Missouri.

Not even liberal/Left Democrats can ruin a day on the lake.

Gone trout fishing!

arlin report thought of the day: hard to come up with a single thought

So Tuesday I see my Urologist to discuss my treatment plan. Plan of attack as I would call it against this prostate cancer thing. Waiting, is the hard part. Don’t really want to talk about me. Many, many, many people are dealt a lot more difficult a hand than I have. I don’t really know how to react right now, except I think about my grandchildren a lot. Watching my 4 month year old granddaughter last night was good therapy. She had me in total smile mode. I hadn’t seen her smile and giggle as much as she did last night. She is beautiful as are my other seven grandchildren. My advice to my grandsons, “Eat lots of tomatoes!”

Went to the driving range today, hit bucket of balls. The hooks were just slight draws, no fades. No pressure, who cares where the ball goes, just relax and hit the hell out of it. Then went fishing. Caught 3 Bass, two pretty small and 1 just under size. I released them, go grow up, I’ll be back. That is a promise.

Hope you all had a great Friday!

arlin report thought of the day: many thoughts, many questions on prostate cancer

Have known I have a high PSA count for about a year now. I had a prostate biopsy done last week, and yesterday got the call from my Urologist. Yep, I have prostate cancer. The next step is a bone scan tomorrow. Then, my significant other and I will meet with the Doc to discuss treatment (of course much will still be determined from the scan).

I was looking around in Bass Pro Shop when I received the call, had a rod and reel in my hand, then became disinterested after the call. Went home, to gather my thoughts, really just became PISSED! Still pissed! Angry pissed! I have no problem going to the bath room, that symptom is not present. So, currently I am really just dealing with the anger management part. Why am I angry? I’ve always been pretty healthy. I just completed my 12 week recovery from open heart surgery, where I had my Aortic Valve replaced and aneurysm repaired. This condition was genetic, I was born with a bi-cuspid aortic valve, rather than a tri-cuspid valve. That’s taken care of! i was back to playing golf! NOW THIS FREAKING CANCER CRAP!

I know other people suffer and deal with much more than I am. That doesn’t escape me. I am grateful, thankful there are options. My thought for today is not a single thought. Much is going through my head. I will deal with this and get it taken care of. It just ticks me off, we have to spend time getting evaluated and fixed; like time is being robbed from us. Maintenance, like I’m an automobile or machine.

I will keep on ticking. Thanks for letting me sound off! Now I’m going fishing.


Seriously, I woke up and my first thought….okay, meaningful thought was:  I am beginning to understand older people more each day.   What they do and don’t do.   What is important and unimportant.   Whether grammar is school book perfect or not……

I don’t care that I am clean shaven just to go to the store.  I don’t care as much that my clothes don’t match perfectly to go to Walmart.   Geez does that mean I am understanding older shoppers at Walmart.   That’s scary……….. I hate Walmart.  Yes I said hate.   I only go there for their tiny, under-grown nightcrawlers, until I find a place with bigger ones, or have time to dig my own.

Yep, I am 6 months away from retirement!