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romans 8:35

Romans 8:35

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Largest teachers union says critical race theory is ‘reasonable and appropriate’ for kids — Political Arena

Still think that YOUR school isn’t cramming divisive hate down your kids throats?  Fox News: The country’s largest teachers union has moved to undermine the left-wing talking point that critical race theory is not taught to children — by voting promote it and arguing it is “reasonable and appropriate” to use CRT in social studies classes. The National Education Association has approved a […]

Largest teachers union says critical race theory is ‘reasonable and appropriate’ for kids — Political Arena

This (These) teachers are also part of a brain washed DUMBED DOWN system brought to them in their days of learning.

i am not a preacher, but i believe in the word of god… process but you don’t know when it ends, our existence

The Beginning Of The End Times Square High Resolution Stock Photography and  Images - Alamy
Beginning of End Times Square

I am not a preacher, not even close. Not a teacher either! BUT, something came to me this morning, and I have debated to write about it here, then I thought ……….why not, WHAT THE HELL!

I don’t remember exactly how I got on this subject, in thought, except I had been reading some blogs. I can not remember what those blogs were now, as a few hours have passed and my thoughts were focused on one ENDING subject. I didn’t start out by thinking about END TIMES (end of the world, at least as we know it), but it is where all my thoughts took me. HERE is one point that struck me early: All these people, and it didn’t start with AOC, that are obsessed with climate change, especially WARMING, do they believe? I mean believe in the Bible, Revelations? I do believe. Again, I am not a preacher and I am not about to preach, or explain the Word from the Bible. I do believe, I do believe Christ Jesus was crucified, suffered and died for our sins and that he rose AND will come again, and if we truly believe in this we will be saved. There will be no END TIME for me except on this Earth (Earth as I know it anyway). There will be an End Time for this Earth, and no one, no preacher, no priest, no person standing on a street corner in any city in the world, no KNOW-IT-ALL Government official, elected or appointed, not your mama or papa can TELL YOU WHEN IT WILL BE! ONLY GOD KNOWS. It could be 100 years from now, it could be 50 years, one month, one week or tomorrow. I doubt it will be tomorrow as according to Revelations much is yet to happen! But, who am I to say, with God, all things are possible.

I am not preaching, I am voicing my opinion on what I know, have read, listened to and used some common sense and logic, and my own belief/faith. I would be wasting my time, and we don’t have enough space here to discuss the role of government, or the role THEY THINK THEY HAVE AND DEMAND. GOD IS GREATER THAN ALL.

Getting back to climate change and global warming crap! Do those obsessed with this think they know more than God? Do they think they can out smart Him? There is nothing we can do to prevent/stop that which is the WILL OF GOD.

There are signs everywhere, and they have been happening for many years! The END IS NEAR! Define near in the eyes of our Lord! I can’t! I could only guess one hundred years to us, could be a day or a second to Him! Maybe He doesn’t run on a clock!? Not even an hour glass, but possibly by events. I am only guessing here, but that makes sense to me. God already knew everything that has ever happened, before it happened. He already knows what is yet to happen and when. There are earthly events all around the globe, that seem to be signs of His plan in process. The end of that process is unknown……….to us! Only he knows, and only He knows the day, the hour, the second.

Global warming? Okay, I get it, you are seeing fires around the globe like we have never seen before. Crazy grasshoppers out west (just heard about that one today). Animals are acting a bit out of character! Bears becoming closer to towns, looking for food! Oh, btw, I am going to toss this in here: fishing is more difficult it seems earlier in the year because the water seems to be staying cold longer (from Winter). Global warming? Australia invaded by mice (also heard a woman woke up as a mouse was eating out her eye). Insects eating flesh (heard that one just today). Our cities are being destroyed, from riots, looting, vandalism and arson. Cities and states releasing criminals (violent criminals), defunding police so crime sky rockets (violent crimes); like a scene from The Dark Knight (Batman). Our cities are in chaos! Tie it all together! The process has started. Want more proof? We’ve been running around outdoors wearing face masks for more than a year because we listened to a bunch of bureaucratic morons. It did not start yesterday (the END PROCESS), it has been years. I don’t know when it began exactly, I doubt you do, and we don’t know when it ends, not exactly how or when! Only God knows! Much we are doing to ourselves, but He knew we would. We are helping Him carry out the plan. So, why are we going to spend tons of money on things we can not stop? Global warming? We can keep our planet clean though, for the most part, things we can control (LITTER). If God wants us to heat up, and that destroys are planet/universe, WE CAN NOT STOP THE WILL OF GOD!

I believe I will be long gone, when the END comes, but my soul will be with Him, however He wants me!

Have a great day!

Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Rejects giving Wuhan Documents To Congress — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Fauci let Trump get absolutely kicked while the little rat knew everything about how this virus was funded and worked on. When, Oh, When, will the EcoHealth Alliance Clowns and that utter Fraud, Fauci, end up on trial for Crimes Against Humanity? Daszak is on record for admitting they developed “several killer viruses “ . […]

Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Rejects giving Wuhan Documents To Congress — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: chasing exhaust pipes

THE FAR LEFT’S DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY continues to go chase after Donald Trump, the Trump family and the Trump organization. They are committed and relentless, like loose dogs chasing cars! The Republican Party, and just plane folks in the Department of Justice, to include the FBI leave The Biden Crime Family, Hunter and the Clinton’s UNTOUCHED! WHY? This isn’t just the DOUBLE STANDARD OR TWO TIER explanation we get………… It is a clear indication that MOST OF DC is in on it TOGETHER! One party must be the quieter of the two, it makes for a stronger case of deceit! They make up the Deep State, THE SWAMP. FOOL THE PUBLIC, YOU KNOW THE PUBLIC FOOLS!


predictions, “goals/agenda” of a globalist lunatic

World Economic Forum on Twitter: "Quote of the Day from Professor Klaus  Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. Join us  for the live launch of The Great Reset

From Klaus Schwab: “In 2030 you’ll own nothing ….and be happy about it!” In the article below there are a number of predictions from this founder of the World Economic Forum. Make no mistake about it! He is a globalist, and while he talks about how you’ll be “kept” healthy in the future by going to (being sent to) Mars, by governments he is an advocate for DEPOPULATION! His agenda is to destroy the United States as a leader and power in the world. Schwab is a German. HITLER WOULD HAVE LOVED THIS GUY! We’ll eat less meat in the future (the near future) says Schwab! WOW he and BILL GATES MUST BE SPENDING SOME THINKING TIME TOGETHER. By the way, Gates is buying up farm land, may already be the largest owner of land by now; especially so he can control or shrink our beef and pork production/consumption! MR VACCINATION WANTS TO CONTROL WHAT YOU EAT AS WELL.

Here is my question: How long are we going to continue to allow so few to rule and control us, so many?

Have any of these world globalist organizations ever ask you for your opinion, what you so much as even care about? How you want to live your life? The World Economic Forum (that is a disguised name by the way), they are setting agendas at their meetings, where they want the world to go. One World! Fixing the world economy to them means by DEPOPULATION. Gee, how bout a global pandemic! The Bilderberg Group, The Illuminati, The Council on Foreign Relations, and yes The United Nations. I would not trust NATO either. These are globalists organizations. They have very similar goals, many of their members belong to some of these other groups. It would not be unusual to see members of the Illuminati have membership with the Council on Foreign Relations (the CFR).

Over the years, I shockingly received two invitations to join the Illuminati. Now usually they only invite wealthy elitists. Not sure why I got them, except I have always been very critical of them, written several articles, maybe they were trying to suck me in, have me serve tea! Obviously I never responded!


Governments are being directed by these world evil clowns! They are the 1%, they want to own 100% , to do that they must make us accept, obey to become their slaves. BLM you really want to go back there?

Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Mexican billionaire associates in the VP office in 2014, flew with his son to Mexico City on AIR FORCE 2 to help his drug addict, pedophilia son, Hunter, with ‘flippin gigantic’ deal — ‘This shiznit is global, cabron.’ — Adara Press

Hunter arranged a video conference with Slim in October – and it appears Joe Biden may have been involved in a second meeting or call. ‘The meeting will be on Friday in Mexico City if you can do a video conference in,’ Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca partner Eric Schwerin, wrote on October 5 2015. A White House assistant responsible for the vice president’s diary, Kathy Chung, then emailed Hunter two days later with a list of dates from October 21 to November 6. Hunter replied: ‘Can we confirm 10/30 for Slim.’ ‘Yes,’ Chung responded… In February 2016, Hunter wrote an email to Magnani revealing that in the midst of their Mexican oil deal, his father was flying him and his business partner on Air Force 2 to Mexico City, where he and Cooper would be sitting in on a meeting with the country’s president. P.S. ‘president’ Joe, Grifter and Carnival Barker in Chief, Biden and Dr. Jill, demand you get the VAX, NOW

Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Mexican billionaire associates in the VP office in 2014, flew with his son to Mexico City on AIR FORCE 2 to help his drug addict, pedophilia son, Hunter, with ‘flippin gigantic’ deal — ‘This shiznit is global, cabron.’ — Adara Press

it took two fools: arlin report thought(s) of the day

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris reignite battle over busing - CNN Video

Kamala bashed Biden, implying he wasn’t fit to be president, that he was a racists. She got both those points right! Then, she couldn’t even win a primary election, yet JOE chose her to be VP running mate. No he didn’t make that choice on his own, he was alone in his basement remember? He announced what he was told to announce, what he was told he would do. Choose someone that called you racists, but hey she’ll accept, even though she despises you! Not to worry, she’ll be following your tail around, waiting for you to collapse. Hell Joe was even told the election was about to be stolen for him. He dumboundedly some how was able to inform us that they, meaning the DNC, had the most corrupt election/campaign organization in place in history! He was right, but, the ass he is, admitted it! One thing about Joe Biden, he can’t keep his mouth shut! Most of the time he lies and deceives. But that he got right!

It has never been clearer, at any time in this nation’s history, that the knuckleheads in the presidential and vp positions are only for show and IT TOOK TWO FOOLS, that would easily comply. Hey Joe stay in your basement, keep your mouth shut, speak or read only when we tell you. Let us worry about how we get you elected! We’ll have another fool lined up to follow you, that will do the same; she’ll do anything for the recognition. She’ll be fine being totally directed/CONTROLLED by us! NEVER has it been more clear that we are being controlled, I hesitate to say governed by a Deep State, a Cabal, of which most are not elected. Some belonging to the Deep State, THE SWAMP are elected officials, like Nancy Pelosi. That is just one! They do still fear the American people though! That is why they want our guns. That is why they are making such an ordeal over the Jan. 6th attack on THEIR SPACE, yet don’t mind turning looters and arsonists free during riots (you know what they called peaceful protests).


Close the Keystone Pipeline down, destroy 11,000 jobs. Shrink our oil supply. Don’t worry about Russia hacking Colonial! No big deal.

Totally open the southern border, doesn’t matter while Americans are lockdown from a pandemic and you preach to take your experimental vaccine. YET YOU CONCERN YOURSELF WITH OUR HEALTH? Illegals crossing by the thousands daily UNTESTED!

BUT THE TWO FOOLS WILL FOLLOW THE DEEP STATE AGENDA, DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN using illegal immigrants as a weapon (just one way of helping push the destruction). We can’t provide, we’ll be unable to maintain this influx of people that we’ll be expected/have to deal with. They are doing what socialists do, class destruction! Take from the middle, create one large serfdom, one class. Only the elite will remain above it all. Here is the thing! Most Democrats, your everyday people and those that have somewhat a degree of morals (a few left in government) don’t understand that eventually they will be eliminated, pushed out! Some of you are turning away on your own already! Most of you won’t be ELITE ENOUGH. You’ll eventually be treated as outsiders! Only those that are actually members of and meet at their annual events of the Bilderberg’s, Council on Foreign Relations etc.

The World Economic Forum was scheduled to meet in Singapore, however the article I tried to paste here was disallowed by: Asia Pacific Security Magazine. Remember the name Klaus Schwab. He founded the World Economic Forum. This is the globalist piece of shit (excuse my language) clown that said we “……..will soon own nothing and be happier for it”, paraphrase. refused to connect.

How much are you already paying at the gas pump to fill your car? It will continue to rise. The cost of everything is going up!

Pandemic? They don’t want it to end! They are talking about locking us down again, because of this Delta Variant!!!!! Umm………yeah, I have read this VARIANT has a 99.9% recovery. That is better odds than a common cold. BUT HEY, we’re stupid because we just accept everything they say, do and order us to do. I think many are waking up to their BS. But, we don’t seem to have the will, not like our forefather’s had. Do we have the will to fight a revolution, for our own rights, just to keep them? The unruly are fighting a civil war in our streets, and we the good, have done little to combat it. We rely on our government to do it. THEY ARE PART OF, A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM.

All these world organizations have annual meetings, and their agendas are on the same page together, and it is their own interests, NOT OURS. GLOBALISM!

I think it is time, the American people have a CONVENTION of our own! Their needs to be a reset alright, but NOT THE ONE THE GLOBALISTS WANT!


The mark of the beast will be received by the will of the recipient, not by trickery. People who take the mark will know what it represents. That’s why there is such a clear distinction between those who do so and those who refuse it. That’s why those who refuse to receive it will be persecuted.