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This is a hard admission, of course they (the Media) will spin it someway.


The Democrats newest squawk box.

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It is amazing that this self-proclaimed know-it-all, who was born in the year Reagan ended his final term, pretends to know everything about a president she knows nothing about.  The more she speaks on behalf of the Democratic Socialist Party, the more we learn she is not well-educated on history or economics.

I will not even compare Ocasio-Cortez with President Reagan.  To say they are even extreme opposites would not suffice.   If Reagan were around today, he would chew this socialist bitch to pieces, if he even gave her the time of day.   However, Reagan would be concerned that there are so many Americans curious about her comic moments.

Social media makes it too easy for a moron of this magnitude to receive attention from those standing next to their keyboards to see what crap comes from her mouth next.  It’s just popularity by stupidity.   Stupidity sells, look at Jim Carey.


Border Patrol says they have reached the boiling point.   Massive numbers of illegals crossing over our southern border.   National crisis, national emergency, but Congress NOT LISTENING.

Congress too busy creating new investigations of Donald Trump, friends and family to take responsibility for real issues; chasing what they can not see while ignoring what is clearly visible and surging over our border.   Threats carrying disease, crime and drugs infiltrating our cities from the south.   Border Patrol needs help.


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Below is a quote from one of my blog followers who lives in Nevada, what he, his friends and neighbors go through daily.  The statement was not edited by myself except to clean-up some very slight typo errors, which were few.  Despite the picture Democrats try to paint, that the Wall is not needed and the national emergency is manufactured; don’t take the word of political BS and instead get the truth from OUR CITIZENS (FELLOW AMERICANS), who experience it everyday.  Nevada is not directly on the border but near enough a high population of illegals exists.   Texas and Nevada with highest rates of illegals.  I encourage all of you to repost this message.
I LIVE HERE!!! My neighbors and friends who have their properties in Nevada ABSOLUTELY have no time for “discussions” or “arguments” over BUILDING our crucially important WALL FOR PROTECTING us, the US CITIZENS: WE LIVE HERE!!! Even if you live in Las Vegas, which is not immediately next to the Southern border you better protect yourself and your private property from roving illegals… I do not know anyone among my many friends who have not been violated/harmed by the illegals: horrific car accidents, robberies, home property violations, but the illegals have been “punished” by the State by “sending” them “back home”… . My two personal friends have been literally crashed in-car accidents and now they are invalids for life!!! By the way, they are professional highly trained structural engineers… Unlike most of our people here, I do not want to buy a gun for protection, and I moved into the GATED community paying much more than I can afford to be protected by 24 hr roving armed guards. Those demagogic very SICK Morons “argue” and “explain” that the Protective Wall we desperately need on our Southern Border is “economically” incentive !! They, mad “economists”, wish not to compare some numbers: for instance: the wall construction is about 16 billion, must be compared to more than $16 billion in U.S. taxpayer money wasted not-once but annually (!!!!) on truly hellish, useless and psychotically motivated animal testing. 16 billions of our tax money is wasted on these hellish experiments on animals in governmental labs!!!!!! DEAR USA CITIZENS, we must take these DEM CRIMINALS to public courts. They must take RESPONSIBILITY for their crimes and misleading “info”, and sent to jail for violations and manipulations regarding our very Constitutional rights! Some of these DEM-agogs deserve to be kept in mental institutions for life, before they destroy our country.  Unquote.  –   Simone
Thank you Simone.



Univision says Jorge Ramos and 5 other staffers have been detained in Venezuela — WPIX 11 New York

The Univision network says six of its staffers, including veteran anchorman Jorge Ramos, are being detained at the presidential palace in Caracas, Venezuela. The network said Ramos was there to interview embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. “Attention: A @Univision team, headed by @jorgeramosnews, is being arbitrarily detained at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas,” the network…

via Univision says Jorge Ramos and 5 other staffers have been detained in Venezuela — WPIX 11 New York

I think Venezuela is the perfect location for Jorge.

Dems Oppose Bill Alerting ICE To Illegal Immigrants Trying To Buy Guns — The way I see things …

Originally posted on depolreablesunite: H/T Bearing Arms. DemocRats want to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens but do not give a Damn if illegals get ahold of a gun. I get that Democrats are fond of illegal immigrants. I get that. While I don’t like it, I can at least understand that…

via Dems Oppose Bill Alerting ICE To Illegal Immigrants Trying To Buy Guns — The way I see things …