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illuminati members

Not an anyone can join membership.   They pull new members from around the globe.  Global is a popular word for the Illuminati; it’s what they are about; and achieving one ruling class globalization is their goal.   They really love celebrities, The Madonnas, Beyoncé, Clooney, Gaga    Yes they go gaga over Hollywood liberals, with their wealth and easy control of their minds.  They use these brainless celebs to spread their bullshit.

The original high-octane families of the Illuminati come from all corners of the earth; spreading their doctrine of global dominance.   They will not go away, but they can be slowed, even disrupted.  Trump was not their chosen one.   Though some will say Trump is part of the Illuminati; not necessarily by choice.   Some believe U.S. Presidents automatically become a member; to be controlled by the NWO, influenced by the money families of the organization.   Trump is his own man, with his own ego…….not as controllable as Hillary Clinton or a Barack Obama.  He may be a big roadblock for this elitist global group.  They have the sources to remove him, one way or another.   Trump is no JFK…..look what happened to him.


There was a time, just twenty years ago…when people would not have thought to do such things, and people would not have allowed them to occur in front of them

via Liberals Perform mock Abortion on ‘Virgin Mary,’ Try To Kill JESUS in Front of Church…(they also Simulate Anal sex with Crucifixes)… — Trigger Reset

Wild animals have more respect for life than these inhumane humans.


Originally posted on Peace and Freedom: A grand jury in Washington, DC, charged five individuals on Tuesday in connection to protests that broke out on Inauguration day Another 209 defendants were indicted on rioting charges earlier this month Police originally arrested 230 people and charged them with felony rioting The US Attorney’s Office said three…

via More than 200 anti-Trump demonstrators have been charged with rioting over Inauguration Day protests — Brittius


Secretary of State McCain?    …….nope Senator McCain.

Ambassador McCain?  ………..nope Senator McCain.

Authorized visit?   Who authorized THIS meeting?

D.C.s political establishment, the elite do as they please!   McCain has a long history of building unauthorized ties and relationships…… Flynn forced to resign?   Ohhhhh the hypocrisy.   Clinton, Hillary and Slick Willie have done the same (for cash)……. never forced to resign, never prosecuted.     There absolutely has to be a shadow government, secrets powers interfering with the new administration; who were ruling until Trump.   They are attacking Trump like no one else before because they fear he will expose and bust them.   Obama……right in the middle.

The establishment trying to destroy Trump and his administration….to keep what they have built all these years.   Trump for the people ……….  Establishment for the Establishment.   It is a club……a ruling club.  Their candidate LOST… now they revert to smear.

Go ahead, call me a troll, paranoid, conspiracy theorist…. I don’t care.   Wake up!