This link below reminded me of a funny……sad sort of story when I went through the security check at the St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport.  As I passed through the scan, I was instructed to back up and go through another.   Something on me was setting the alarm…..so they had me pass through to be pat down.   They still couldn’t figure it out.   It was my belt I forgot to remove.   They never agreed is was my belt…….which they ignored, they never even saw.   I was allowed through without any further checking or stripping.  I went to put my shoes back on, when I realized my belt hadn’t been removed. Why did I get off so easily, with all the stories you hear with infants and old timers getting groped?




Originally posted on The Goomba Gazette: Is Hillary a ‘deplorable’ now, too? How else to explain her endorsement of Andrew Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon? http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/05/30/is-hillary-deplorable-now-too-how-else-to-explain-her-endorsement-andrew-cuomo-over-cynthia-nixon.html Don’t ever forget that there is no honor among Thieves

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Are the Bobby Kennedy and JFK assassinations connected?   Would make sense if they are, by the same organization(s).   Two links below……..one by a survivor shot along side RFK, testifying Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot Bobby Kennedy.   Once again our government hiding the truth?



When Is “Old” Too Old?

Let add Claire McCaskill to the list of too old. Too old and too liberal……..

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We’ve all heard that 80 is the new 60, right? I mean, nobody wants to criticize people for being “too old” to do something. In fact, in employment situations anymore, you can’t. It’s illegal and will get an ageism suit brought against you faster than you can say Methuselah.

But it does raise a question when it comes to our elected officials. When is “old” too old to serve?

Nancy Pelosi got asked that question at a town hall meeting the other day. She took it personally. She should. Nancy has long been rumored to have some severe mental issues dealing basically with dementia. She stammers, stutters, mis-uses words, stares blankly into the audience, and at times just seems out of it. And at the ripe old age of 78, is going to be running for reelection this year in San Francisco. She’s not alone.

While the California Democrat party…

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What Today Means

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Those of you new to this blog haven’t read this before, but I always reserve a couple of dates for holidays and their true meaning. We, as Americans have reached the point in our decline as a nation where we fail to realize why it is we celebrate certain holidays.

Today is one of those days.

Memorial day is set aside to honor the men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I may enjoy the freedoms of living in what’s still the greatest country on earth. Though it is tougher and tougher to say that with all of the left-wing fake news, and “win at all cost” mentality that the left wants to employ. But there isn’t a country on earth that gives us the freedoms to call them on it, and to expound on why we are such a great country in the…

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It is ridiculous to think, especially despite any claims by Obama, that he didn’t know about spying on Trump’s campaign, or that Hillary and the DNC paid for all we know and/or suspect.   Of course Obama knew, he knew and authorized everything that happened during his administration.   Key word …..AUTHORIZED!

As for former AG Holder’s comments on the DOJ defying Trump……….He is begging they don’t give him up with all they have on him.   Holder running scared as well?

I sense we only know a fraction of the scandalous Obama administration that includes Hillary Clinton, Holder, Lynch………the whole slimy crew!

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Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic: The Swamp runs deep and it’s messy. But as for China and the Trade Deficit, let’s give credit where it’s due– Bill Clinton China and the Deficit May 25, 2018 By Bob Lunsford We hear a lot of moaning and groaning about China, the USA and the trade deficit. But…

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