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FBI DOJ sexual misconduct and other disturbing reports from Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Blackmail scenarios?, Strzok Page tip of iceberg — Citizen WElls

FBI DOJ sexual misconduct and other disturbing reports from Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Blackmail scenarios?, Strzok Page tip of iceberg “Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its constitutional, ethical and legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, and to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn. As […]

FBI DOJ sexual misconduct and other disturbing reports from Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Blackmail scenarios?, Strzok Page tip of iceberg — Citizen WElls


The video is half way down the article, see the link below.

June 30, 2020 TAG REMOVED – KOMMONSENTSJANE – ERASED BY GOOGLE – SECOND POSTING CRUZ VIDEO – CRUZ VIDEO – DEMOCRATS CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER. I will leave this as manipulated by Google which doubled the blog to remove Cruz’s video in the first. KOMMONSENTSJANE – ERASED BY GOGGLE – SECOND POSTING – CRUZ […]


COVID Naturally Leads to Corruption — Aletho News

By Tim Kirby | Strategic Culture Foundation | May 19, 2020 Anyone who has paid attention to history knows that political change requires some sort of catalyst to happen. So one could logically expect that the Covid-19 Pandemic would be the perfect excuse for politicians to take action. However, it takes time for the chemical […]

COVID Naturally Leads to Corruption — Aletho News

arlin report thought of the day: just a thought, but how realistic?

HELP THIS GO VIRAL………. lets see where it goes!

We the People of the United States, should we initiate a petition which would request other nations of the world to help us out by investigating presidents present and past, along with any congressmen/women? COULD go something like this:

‘Dear nations of the world, We the People of the U.S. are doing our own investigation of our miserable elected officials and we highly suspect many are corrupt, and may be in association with corrupt individuals in your countries. Any information and proof of ANY such corruption would be beneficial to both our countries. Here attached is just a fraction of the American names signing this petition: Continued below………..

While this IS a highly unprecedented request (and our government may claim it to be illegal) we live in an unprecedented time, for all our nations. It is time the people of all nations throughout the world take their countries back, back from those corrupt in our governments, Democratic and Socialists alike.

We the People of the U.S. believe in the sovereignty of all nations, and the surge of corruption may be from those who desire, work towards a one world government. That is only one reason for corruption, personal greed and POWER are a couple of others. That being the greatest. Corruption in government is our greatest enemy. An enemy all our countries have in common. Let us help one another get rid of the corruption epidemic. Provide any of your information and proof with your most highly trusted press. Let us together bring our countries back to the people.

If you do not hear from me soon, I have been censored! However, there are millions behind me. ! Sincerely, the People of the United States of America. We thank you!’

Far fetched I know, but hell this is just my Thought of the Day. However, wouldn’t it be interesting? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how it would be accepted? Most likely it would be hushed in many nations, never even reach the people. And of course our government would probably say its illegal to do, that we do not have the right to communicate and make requests from other nations. They will always try to have the final word. They may even push back the individual(s) pushing. After all freedom of speech is fading.

our unbalanced balance system of government

Checks and balance?   That is what we are supposed to have.   That is what we call it.  But, it can not work it’s purpose with corrupt handlers.   It becomes a cover-up system, when run by unlawful, greedy individuals; some elected and some appointed by those we elect.

We should be praying for our leaders and world leaders as well, to “do the right thing”.  We should be praying that those that do the right thing expose and punish those that do not.  Punish by removing them from their positions of power they abuse.  Abuse of power has become the norm, and did not happen overnight.  It has become so much the norm now that it has reached extreme arrogance, and in our face.

Pray we make better decisions electing those who will work to clean up the mess, we actually helped create.


Whether Congress and the Deep Dark State like it or not, We the People have a right to most information.   We aren’t asking for military strategy secrets on how to confront North Korea, or combat in Syria or the likes thereof.   We do have a right to know the facts, the truth about government corruption.   When it is withheld from US it is likely so massive that the folks involved in releasing are involved in the corruption.   Withholding information is a corruption tactic.  They are the DC elite, Deep State, Illuminati protectionists, protecting one another.   They can’t and will not allow so many distinguished (in their own minds) heads to roll.

We should not have to demand “The Memo” be released; but when we do, it should be done immediately, no tampering, no deletions, nothing missing and no redacting.  NO DELAY!   In this case no further delay!  Those who have read it (Congress) express how shocking it is, makes Watergate seem extremely petty.   One idiotic elected official ……..said they shouldn’t release it because “we wouldn’t understand it”.    No…….we aren’t as stupid as most of Congress.   You don’t want it released because we would definitely understand it, understand what it is.   Unfortunately, we’d understand why as well.   We have a greedy, corrupt government………one that covers up what has become business as usual in DC.    This is more than corruption, these are crimes against the American people.  PERIOD!

We the People will decide how horrid the information released is, and the fate of those responsible.   Lawmakers have proven they are no longer competent to lead.

When a field gets too many weeds, you start a brush fire to destroy them and replant from scratch, with fresh, clean seed.    Our government, which includes many agencies, FBI, DOJ…….etc.  are infected with too many weeds.




It might very well be America’s most serious issue.   I know it’s one that middle class America, you know, us peons get most ticked about……….the double standard.    If I did what THEY do, I’d get thrown in prison.  We know who THEY are, the Bill and Hillary Clintons, Obama……….. and all those Congressional men (we don’t know, but possibly some women) who used tax payer money to hush those they sexually assaulted.  I’ve never had a LUSH fund that would have covered for me……..how about you?   Nope?

I don’t have a (charitable) foundation with a funnel running from it into my pocket.   So, I’m not misleading anyone into thinking a nice little donation will go along way to help the poor in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico or Haiti and then spend it on a vacation to Russia so I can make a speech for half a million, while my girl friend promises you’ll get some Uranium (that doesn’t belong to me) for your efforts.    No, if I did all that in one breath, I’d get the cell doors slammed behind me.  But, not in this country…….where the Uppity Class in high places covers for one another (crimes in itself).    Its a huge DC corruption circle…….famously known now as The Swamp, with the Left’s sweetheart Hillary Clinton in the center.   If I or you did what she has done………we’d also likely be in prison for having funded a murder or two or at least been investigated.

The little Rocketman in North Korea has done less damage to this country and poses less a threat than THE SWAMP.