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arlin report thought(s) of the day: is bernie getting his way?

I have no more words that are descriptive enough for Nancy Pelosi. Even a buffoon has a brain, she does not. She can not even set up a productive committee with any purpose that is beneficial to a single degree for the American people. It’s about partisan power, and even that it’s more power for herself. She has been acting as though she is the Master Ruler of All America. I am more concerned we allow her to roam at will….and she is never STOPPED. The American people, our country is not in her heart because she has no heart, no soul, no conscious. We have the power to stop this/her insanity……..so why don’t we? Which brings me to another ranting point. I thought of this, this morning upon waking: In a darkened time, as we are in; we are using socialistic ideas, policy, action to deal with it. On Monday, our governor has ordered a lock-down/stay at home order for the entire state. Now, mind you, there are counties in Missouri that have ZERO cases of COVID-19. ZERO, and many of them. They could stay productive, (keep people from traveling from outside the counties into these counties). The model numbers the government puts out are not accurate, as Tucker Carlson mentioned. We have hospitals in Missouri open with plenty of beds, the numbers predicted just are not there. I know just hold on Mr. they will/could change.

Next, we’ll all be wearing the same clothing (uniform). They’ll start with anyone who has the virus or has had it should wear all black or gray or whatever. We’ll look like China. My point is we are experiencing socialism, and I for the first time in my life feel it’s effect. I can see where the human soul can be wore down, broken to appoint of just giving in/up. You’ll call me a nut, but I truly believe this was/is a purposeful trial run. For me Event 201 between Bill Gates, John Hopkins and Soros was proof, not the beginning that was even earlier.

I am more concerned for my kids, grandkids and yours than at anytime in my life. I will not be broken……you may hear more from going forward than ever before and possibly stronger, not just my thoughts and in my words. We’ll see how far censorship is from us as well. As Cuomo and Clyburn, Schiff and Pelosi are saying, ‘this is an opportunity to change our way of doing things to reach our vision’. That should wake the hell up out of all of us. Their vision is nothing like the vision our forefather’s had. I pray it is not like the vision most American’s still have and are willing to re-fight for. Don’t let Bernie Sanders have his way.

The virus is serious and we should take as such……… Some in Washington are using it has an opportunity to change our nation. They are using it as an opportunity……a power surge! This is unacceptable and should be to all of us.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: event 201 and covid-19

I heard about this Event 201 with John Hopkins held in NYC a few weeks ago. Interesting enough it was held just a few weeks before an actual breakout of the coronavirus in China. Coincidence? Bill Gates, his wife Melinda and the Gates Foundation are co-sponsors. Only elites of the world invited!


The problem with these so called genius’ of the world? They think the rest of are stupid……….and we’ll fall for anything. Many will, MANY WON’T. They predict population numbers for 2030 (if nothing is done to control it), but then are they administering a plan for depopulation? First it’s the forest and rain forest of the world…….now human population? I don’t know, just something to think about. Who do you trust? Trust no one!

Event 201 really happened.

bill gates foundation…..he is not the anti-christ, but his intentions are dangerous

Gates is using the coronavirus to amp up his vaccination and digital ID program. Gates wants all humans of the world to be digitally ID’d. This is a fact, he does not deny. Gates is not the anti-christ, but, he can take his vaccines and digital ID and stick it up his skinny little rich ass. Gates, (the Gates Foundation) along with his wife and John Hopkins met in NYC several months ago at what they called Event 201 on coronavirus. This event was cosponsored by none other than George Soros. 6 weeks later China breaks out with the coronavirus. (Arlin Report opinion)