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arlin report thought(s) of the day: if it’s really about personal gain …….. then?

One thing that I do more than anything is, I think a lot. And your thinking, well that is human nature, its difficult to have empty thoughts or to stare off into space thoughtless. I would disagree with that. Look at the extreme left democrats, what are they thinking? Common sense escapes them. They’re thinking is self centered. They are openly arrogant, careless in their plans. They’re vision is the past and present………they can’t see into the future. They do not understand carelessness, and thoughtless deeds have repercussions. (Its kind of like they see all this candy in front of them and they want it, they want it all right now. They’ll do anything for that candy. They don’t see that down the road it rots their teeth. They don’t care, they just want it all.)

Bernie Sanders recently admitted he HAS NO IDEA HOW MUCH HIS FREE MEDICARE FOR ALL, FREE COLLEGE, COLLEGE DEBT PAYOFF PLANS WILL COST. He said that after being told it would be at least 60 trillion over 10 years. (He instantly said, “Well we don’t know how much it would cost”.) He doesn’t tell you how we’ll pay for it either; because he doesn’t know. NOW, I ask you does that sound like a well thought out plan. No, its just attention getting, attractive to voters, mostly to voters that aren’t thinking it through. That is the table socialists like Bernie Sanders pound on, the table where people not thinking things through sit. Bernie relies on zombies.

I’ve gotten a bit off track here on my thought(s) for the day. Here is where I meant to go: This impeachment thing, the Democrats main point, (which is arguable) is that Trump demanded the Ukraine investigate the Bidens, in return the Ukraine would receive the allocated funds (aid). The bottom line for the Democrats, Trump was making a demand for personal gain, dirt on Joe Biden his campaign opponent. The key phrase for the Dems “personal gain”.

HERE IS THE LATEST IRONY…… JOHN BOLTON: The House managers, (led by Pencil Neck Schiff). Bolton supposedly in his unpublished book, said (to paraphrase) ” Trump told me the aid to the Ukraine is contingent upon the Ukraine investigating the Bidens). ” Schiff and his House dummies are pounding this Bolton revolutionary table, this bombshell. They aren’t thinking, I guess they really aren’t capable.

Here is my point: “Personal gain”! The Dems claim Donald Trump’s quid pro quo, his demand for an investigation by the Ukraine of the Bidens was the trade off for the aid. Trump’s personal gain was the Dirt on his political opponent. The IRONY, the Dems want Bolton to testify, especially on the leaked manuscript of Bolton’s book, that Trump held the funds for dirt on Biden from the Ukraine. Trump had something to gain. WELL, BOLTON HAS SOMETHING TO GAIN WITH THIS LEAK. THE CONTROVERSY OF HIS CLAIM OF THE TRUMP COMMENTS TO HIM. After all, THINK about it. Does Bolton sell a #1 Best Seller on his own. Maybe, but more likely he does with TRUMP controversy. Bolton definitely would have something to “personally gain”.

For the Dems, its okay, or possibly really not thought out by them, that Bolton has something to gain, personally. But it is WRONG that Trump DID. So, to fight Trump on his “personal gain”, the Dems new tool is to use Bolton’s “personal gain”.

One last thought: There is no need to buy Bolton’s book now. He already leaked the one item most were interested in. He’s is right, he needed Trump.

Maybe I just think too much!

Have a great day.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: adam schiff clown show

Will it hasn’t taken Schiff (Pencil Neck) long to start whining because things aren’t being set up in the Senate impeachment trial the way “he and his impeachment managers” want. Schiff is currently lecturing us on what a fair trial is. Oh………..yeah, like the one he was in charge of in the House. I see!

Schiff is screaming this impeachment trial is “RIGGED”.

Adam is correct it is rigged. IT STARTED WITH HIM AND NANCY PELOSI.

Schiff is complaining the trial will go into the wee night (1 AM). He claims that Americans won’t be watching at that time……..what McConnell wants.

Guess what Adam, more people would be watching from 1 pm to 1 am than there was during the House impeachment hearings held during the business hours. It might escape you Schiff but most Americans do actually have real jobs and work, unlike yourself.

schumer screaming foul play from the start

The impeachment circus has begun. Chuck Schumer is barking coverup by McConnell because the process isn’t going the way “he” wants. Gee see any irony here Chuckie? When the shoe is on your foot you want to play by rules, rules that only fit your agenda. It was the Schiff clown show that botched this up from the start. There was nothing impeachable there and Schiff wrote one up.

I’ll give Schiff one thing, he should be close to Hollywood, where everything is make believe.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: comey and schiff

Tired of both them yet? Both are liars. Comey said, the FISA fiasco was just “sloppiness” and he wasn’t receiving the right information. Liars have to lie to cover up their lies. Bottom line, Comey was the head of the FBI, he was in charge, everything starts and ends with him.

Schiff, everything that comes from his mouth is a lie. Bringing him before the Senate? He’d just lie. He would perjure himself. Maybe it would be worth it, if only the GOP would actually hold him accountable. Schiff probably has a black book with names he has crap on, blackmails, that is how D.C. works. Everybody knows something on everybody.

Senator Schumer? LOL, he is of course expecting a fair Senate trial for impeachment. Wants to call all the witnesses he wants to call. Oh yeah, as fair as the House impeachment hearings I suppose.

nancy claims she doesn’t hate anyone………

If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t hate Trump, as Speaker of the House (Mob Boss) why has she allowed her two biggest goons Schiff and Nadler to run their hearings without due process? It has been pretty much one sided, with most of the witnesses and questioning. This is how hearings are conducted in places like North Korea and Russia.

After Pelosi was asked if she hated Trump, she shouted back she didn’t hate anyone. Then like a female mob boss responded with a scolding of the reporter who asked the question with “don’t mess with me……”.

Because she is Catholic she doesn’t hate anyone. If Catholicism was so important to her she’d be against abortion. Nancy Pelosi worships the Chair she sits in.

Maybe she doesn’t hate Trump. She did also call him a coward. So this non-hateful name caller just treats people unfairly. She is ultimately responsible for this impeachment inquiry, soon to be impeachment upon her forward charge approval. She is responsible for how her goons have conducted these hearings as well. She calls Trump a coward because he hasn’t played along with this impeachment farce. The two biggest cowards are in the House, Schiff and Nadler. The way this has been handled confirms this is not an impeachment but a coup.

You just know, they can’t possibly believe Trump will resign if they keep the heat on him like they have since the day he took the oath of office. I guarantee you, Trump has not for a single moment considered resignation.


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arlin report thought of the day: diplomats crave power

I really learned a lot the last couple of weeks watching and listening to these hearings on impeachment. Diplomats/ambassadors and deputies of this and that really believe it is they that do/should make and set foreign policy, not the President. They believe it is they that foreign leaders only trust. Why would that be?

Here is a theory, not a conspiracy theory……just a theory of why these diplomats of ours think so highly of themselves. I believe many do believe they know best on setting policy. They built these relationships and they know what makes their foreign counterparts tick. Here is where we’d really see the acts of Quid Pro Quo. I have a hard time believing some of our diplomats aren’t getting kickbacks from foreign leaders in return for what they secure for them. I believe it is naive to think otherwise, after all corruption here and abroad is higher than ever. Yes, our country reeks with corruption. This is my opinion based on what I have seen and heard (especially what I have seen and heard from our government in Congress and the White House over the last 10-15 years), a level of corruption seen here to be equal to other nations, which includes Russia, the Ukraine, N. Korea and China………and lets not forget nations south of our border all the way to the S. Pole.

Trump has broken the molds on conducting business as usual. He doesn’t just hand over high dollar American taxpayer checks where corruption is at its greatest. This angers ambassadors and other diplomats of ours who have made promises.

I also believe Trump should have dumped most, if not all, those aids, dips and ambassadors from the start. Too many people left over from the Obama administration carried/carry the hate, anti, never Trump personalities. Many were never going to be loyal to Trump……..undermining him, sabotaging him, leaking information left and right. I believe Trump would have less issues against him today had he replaced all of these people sooner. Trump kept his enemies close, too close, they were from within, within the White House. Call them plants, spies, Obama left overs. He should have fired them, he would have on his TV show.

While I believe our diplomats want to assist the foreign nations, I believe they carry price tags with them. I also believe many have been there too long, so long their allegiance is to the other nation, not the United States. Yes, I believe they are more interested in the Ukraine than they are our country.

I believe, and I did not think this before these impeachment hearings, but I believe some of these diplomatic witnesses are globalist, yes one world people. Connect……….George Soros. To think Soros has not had an effect on our diplomats too is naive. Soros has focused on Europe……. especially areas like the Ukraine. Soros drops his money in areas he can influence. A corrupt Ukraine would be very receptive of Satanic George. I was even more convinced of my theory after listening to Dr. Fiona Hill. How dare Donald Trump upset her apple cart with Russia and the Ukraine. How dare Trump remove any ambassador. How dare Trump act presidential. How dare Trump guard and withhold taxpayer money or weapons to my Ukraine. How dare Trump dance around me with his people, his irregular channel(s). Who does Trump think he is, coming in and interrupt The Deep State? We never invited him in to our club. How dare him! We didn’t want him, but we’ll take him out. After all ‘We are the Swamp’.

The Swamp, the Deep State, the Schiffites, team Pelosi, the Congressional scum what ever you want to call them, they don’t care what We the People think. They have numbers, they go deep and dark and have for a long time. Thing is, their crap is boiling up from the sewage of the Swamp. Americans are seeing it. Instant term limitations will come from the voters booth, incumbents like it or not.

Trump’s problems came from corrupt government agencies. Even the FBI (directed by James Comey), as we now know were out to destroy him, keep him out/or get him out of the White House.

We are concerned about corruption in places like the Ukraine. We should be more concerned about corruption among us here at home, the good ole’ U.S. of A.

It would be impossible to address all the corruption in the U.S. in a single post/article. I will mention when, for me at a young age of 11 years old when it began (of course I didn’t realize the corruption until I was about 19 or 20 years old); the JFK assassination cover up. It was a conspiracy. Lee Harvey Oswald WAS a patsy. LBJ was directly involved. Yes LBJ, he told his mistress the night before the assassination that the Kennedy’s would never embarrass him again. He grins after taking oath of office on the plane, Lady Bird has a huge grin, LBJ got a wink from a Democrat senator immediately after saying “So help me God”. All of this while our First Lady Jackie Kennedy stands next to LBJ in her blood stained suite.

Corruption in the United States is as vicious as it is anywhere in the world. Don’t let these fright clowns in D.C. make you think anything less.

Unfortunately we have an uphill battle. Voting is our greatest voice. Voter fraud is real, and it is supported by the corrupt.

arlin report thought of the day: how did that make you feel? hurt feelings…..

Democrats, while they don’t have much of anything (on impeachment fictional story), they are going down a trail of feelings, emotions. ” How did that make you feel.” So Democrats bring in a witness who has nothing to do with this alleged impeachable phone call of July 25th, but to question her on her possibly hurt feels.

Former Ambassador Yovanovitch (to Ukraine) was not involved in the famous phone call from the Prez to Ukrainian Prez and there is an overly expression of sensitivity to those who show nothing more than contempt and hate towards a duly elected president on that call. The Democrats by bringing the former ambassador to the impeachment hearing, simply want to show that the Trump administration hurt her feelings by replacing her. Then Adam Schiff tells Yovanovitch that Prez Trump just tweeted a statement criticizing Yovanovitch (during today’s hearing) as ambassador (not in a favorable way, “she was bad”): per Adam Schiff, “How does this make you feel?” “Do you feel intimidated?”

Really Adam? She would not have even known about the tweet until you brought it up during the hearing. How could she be intimidated if she had no knowledge of it? NICE SET UP THOUGH!

Hurt feelings pushed by Democrats as being some kind of illegal act. No one has asked President Trump if his feelings have ever been hurt. Not by the Left, the Democrats, anti-Trumpers, not anyone.

On another note: Roger Stone was just found guilty on all accounts. The 2nd count was lying to Congress. Gee, when does Adam Schiff go to trial for the same. He has lied before Congress. Did just the other day……… again. Adam Schiff, controlling this impeachment hearing, just suspended another Republican from asking questions when time was yielded to do so. Schiff is clearly scared to death of some of these Republicans who have questions.

arlin report thought of the day: whistleblower and adam schiff……..co-authors

Image result for Photos of Adam schiff writing with a shadow author
Adam Schiff, Eric Ciaramella……..co-authors? (photo: commdiginews.com)
Image result for photos of eric ciaramella
Eric Ciaramella hanging with a few buds! (photo: canyon-news.com)

You probably think I meant co-authors of the Blowers complaint filed against Trump with the IG . That really isn’t what I had in mind. However, it may be where Adam Schiff and his Blower first realized they had a budding relationship. I was actually thinking the two are already drafting their book on their experience together as a Whistleblower and impeachment director. Co-authors but Adam doesn’t know his identity. So there must be a chapter dedicated to lies and how to use them to your advantage.

You know something will be forthcoming.