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Elected officials call themselves political leaders of our democracy!  We absolutely do not live in a true democracy.   If we did, no one would be above the law.   Many of, which is a large number, a growing number have placed themselves above the law.   How do they do it?   COLLUSION!

Hillary Clinton escapes indictment, with the assistance of former FBI Director James Comey, and the collusion between Comey and AG Loretta Lynch (“call it a matter”) with the collusion between Lynch and PRESIDENT SLICK WILLIE CLINTON.   The airplane meeting was more than a casual chat by coincidence.

The Clinton’s are masters of avoiding justice.   They have escaped their entire careers.

We have a special counsel investigating obstruction of justice WITHOUT any, absolutely zero evidence of interference.   Comey testified he believed there was no obstruction of justice by Trump and that he was not under investigation.   Now however, because Comey was fired, lets investigate.   Still WITHOUT evidence.

Comey also testified before Congress, Loretta Lynch instructed him to call an investigation a “Matter”.   Oh right, that involved Slick Willie, Hillary and…….. Lynch herself.   No obstruction there??!@%………….?

Comey, Lynch, Hillary and Obama should all be under investigation.    But they won’t be.  There’ll be another lame excuse, like the ones Comey came up with last year.   Comey stated Hillary did wrong……..but no prosecutor would indict because there was no history of similar crimes.    Will, not true……….what he really meant was the AG Loretta Lynch would not indict.   Obama wouldn’t allow it, save him from handing out a controversial pardon.

In Washington: “It isn’t, we represent the People that elected us.  It’s we take care of one another.  We’re in this together.   Get what you can, however you can.  We have each others back.”   They represent each other, not America.   They’ll make it look good with false investigations; worthless Congressional hearings.   This is the Elite Establishment at work.

Donald Trump was/is an outsider.   He wasn’t supposed to win.   The chosen one, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win, the Illuminati’s choice.   The Democratic Left’s choice, was such a pathetic candidate that even with THE FIX in………she found a way to lose.   Trump found a way to beat the Establishment and their setup.  Now………they are obsessed with finding a way to remove him.  Despite the will of the voters, by the laws of the electorate. Trump beat their system.   That was never supposed to happen.   Now their agenda on a day-to-day mission, is destroy this Administration.

Trump must fire everyone left from Obama’s administration, or leaks will continue.   Comey, Lynch, Hillary  and Obama must be investigated.    Everything is backwards in D.C.   Those screaming for investigation of Trump, are those that should be investigated.

The lawmakers in D.C. have placed themselves above the law.   The law only applies to us.




Law makers (Congress)………they’ve heard this testimony but ignore it.   They only want to listen to and repeat what is damaging to Trump, to our president.   This is damaging the U.S. people.  Not only have these lawless makers heard this, but the Main Stream Media has it; and report their twist from their twisted minds.   Mindless jackassery!



Image result for photos of Apes in halls of Congress
Mr. Comey what do your notes say about Trump.    Give us something!


That is kind of insulting as the apes have more sense than most of the elected U.S. Congress.   What congress and these après have mostly in common when it comes to their establishment brotherhood:  See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

GOD help us!


Truth or Consequences


a game in which each contestant is asked a question and upon failure to answer or give a correct answer receives a penalty imposed by the leader or the group.
Rules of this game should be applied to Congress.  All those who testify before Congress and all their “fake” investigative committees should be subject to the rule above.  Taking the 5th doesn’t allow you to totally walk free.   Remaining silent, should carry some consequences, rather just an assumption you are guilty or covering up.   Boot them from their offices they hold!
Perjurers must suffer consequences, there is no accountability.
Investigative Committees in Congress have become stage shows, little to no consequences.  Too many receive immunity…………   It has become an appeasement to the public view.   Clubs do not punish club members; the elite establishment protecting one another.


Democrats, those elected officials are not interested in serving We the People.   They’re mission in Congress is to relentlessly destroy the Trump administration.   The election didn’t go as they planned, Trump defeated the political misfits even after the Clinton/political fix was in.  What now……….forget about the American people, destroy Trump despite the electorate.   Following Trump’s speech Tuesday evening, they could not run from the House fast enough……. these political cry babies.  They didn’t want to be there……now We the People must remove THEM.  Trump is right, the SWAMP MUST BE DRAINED.

” A spokesperson for the Justice Department Sarah Isgur Flores jumped to Sessions defense saying there was absolutely nothing misleading about the answers given by Sessions in the confirmation hearing, “He was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign — not about meetings he took as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee.”


Trump may not accept election outcome; media accepts Hillary Clinton’s corrupt life

Deleted 33,000 emails                                                                                                                                       Lied to Congress and the FBI about those emails and servers.                                                             Implemented in a video of campaign operatives engaged in voter fraud & instigated                        violence at Trump rallies.                                                                                                                        Shared nuclear code information (nuke response time) on national TV (during debate). Sloppy on national security; FBI Director Comey agrees on this.

This recent Hillary Clinton corruption and law breaking behavior hardly being mentioned by the media.   However, following last evenings debate the big issue with the media:  “Trump won’t accept the outcome of the election if Hillary wins”.  Their saying that is  defiant against democracy.    Well, Gore didn’t accept it……; Bill Clinton advised Gore not to accept it and other candidates have not; when they felt their was voter fraud or lost and miscounted ballots.

Trump’s acceptance of the outcome of the election is a greater issue that multiple acts of corruption by Hillary Clinton?   Seriously?   I am appalled with the media’s acceptance of Clinton corruption.