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Giving aid to our enemies is not uncommon, it just goes AGAINST COMMON SENSE! Americans are still being held hostage in Afghanistan, yet Biden gives up 64 Million (your tax dollars) to the TALIBAN! That on top of 83-85 Billion dollars in weapons and military equipment. Oh, and the Taliban want more U.S. dollars! It wasn’t enough for their liking!

The Deep State is in total command, (if not totally, damn close). Joe Biden is their puppet up front. Yes, they had to place a career politician up front. One that has spent nearly 50 years of taking credit for……nearly everything, while doing nothing. The Democratic Socialist far Left are quite willing to have this lunatic take credit for all THEY DIRECT HIM TO DO. He, Creepy Joe is more than willing, he creams in his pants (sorry for that visual) at thinking he is THE BOSS! Joe Biden when left unattended, does not know which door to come in from or to exit (except to turn and run).

Donald Trump was right: “The Deep State is deeper, worse than we even thought” (to paraphrase). Make no mistake about it, many Republicans are Deep State members. Much of their vocal opposition is just that……….NOISE (Senator Graham, just for one). Republicans are the party of BARK AND NO BITE! If they had any bite to them, there would be “some” accountability, but there is none! Lying to Congress? It’s OKAY! Think about it though, those testifying to Congress and lie, even caught or later proven to have lied (Fauci for one) escape punishment; basically because liars are lying to liars (Congress/the Deep State). All you see before you/us is THE DEEP STATE PLAY ACTION.

Yes I know, “not so much uncommon practices, would be common practices. But they are practices that SHOULD NOT BE COMMON.

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY: Trust in god over government (untrustworthy government)

In God We Trust - Transparent Gold In God We Trust Logo Clipart (#3785815)  - PinClipart



Trust in God, NOT your government/not this government!

Trust no government that implies: They are looking out for you. They are not.

Trust no government over God. Period! Though “they” think they are god.



SIDE NOTE: I recently attended the Muny in Forest Park in St. Louis (first show in nearly 2 years: The Sound of Music). This is a historic outdoor musical theatre. OUTDOORS! It was good to see a sold out house! About 50% of the people were wearing masks. I was not! Out of many I am certain they were vaccinated. I know this to be true, I saw people there I know that have been jabbed. They wore the mask anyway. Here is the oddity: We are outdoors, people wearing masks would remove their mask occasionally to frequently to speak to others, turn around, remove the mask and speak to people behind them. Why? Why have it on at all? For show? They did this especially during the intermission. Remove the mask so they could speak to people and ACTUALLY BE UNDERSTOOD! Turn back when the musical was about to resume, and put the mask back on! WHAT?! WHY WEAR IT AT ALL?

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: I know someone who is up in age…… 70 something, very active, very healthy, recently got hospitalized for blood clots in the lungs! A BC doctor has discovered that 60% of his vaccinated patients have BLOOD CLOTS!

vp joke doing what presidential joke wants………….nothing!!!

Where's Kamala?': Nikki Haley Mocks VP's Lack of Border Visit With 'Where's  Waldo' Picture

So, Joe Biden put V.P. joke, Kamala Harris in charge of the Southern border! She is doing exactly what Biden wants, expected! NOTHING! They wanted a crisis, they got a crisis and they are just fine with the way things are going. Kamala Harris is taking on the Vice Presidency in nearly the same manner Joe Biden served as VP. Worthless, except for building his own wealth. Notice too how Biden avoided the border in his address to the members of the “JOINT” Congress.

Hey Maxine… Shut Your Mouth! — Elliott’s Nest

I’ve never seen Maxine Waters as having a superior intellect. In fact, I think she is one of the dumbest representatives in Congress. The past few days has done nothing to change my mind. Last week, she told Representative Jim Jordan to “Shut your mouth” during a subcommittee hearing on COVID-19, after he challenged Lord […]

Hey Maxine… Shut Your Mouth! — Elliott’s Nest

Boycott Jeopardy host Katie Couric: not kinder gentler or honest, Mike Richards: “we’re trying to build a kinder and gentler society”, Couric: “deprogram these people” — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Citizen WElls: Boycott Jeopardy host Katie Couric: not kinder gentler or honest, Mike Richards: “we’re trying to build a kinder and gentler society”, Couric: “deprogram these people” “I mean, it’s really bizarre, isn’t it, when you think about how AWOL so many of these members of Congress have gotten. But I also…

Boycott Jeopardy host Katie Couric: not kinder gentler or honest, Mike Richards: “we’re trying to build a kinder and gentler society”, Couric: “deprogram these people” — The way I see things …

arlin report thought(s) of the day: rep. jerry nadler, you concern me…….you need replacing


‘A prominent Democrat said the quiet part ‘out loud’ during a hearing in the house on the monstrous Equality Act when he responded to another member quoting scripture in defense of the biblical roles or men and women that “God’s will is no concern of this Congress.” (Truth2Freedom)’

As we have often seen over the last 4-5 years, Rep. Jerry Nadler is a complete jackass. GOD FORGIVE ME FOR THAT JUDGEMENT.

I disagree with one thing about the Truth2Freedom statement as quoted above: I don’t consider Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) to be a “prominent” Democrat. Thank you though Jerry because you only confirm what we already knew! What you are concerned about is of great concern to us, the American people; that you do not concern yourself what you should be concerning yourself with. You are not concerned with our will either. If you are not concerned with God’s will you can not be concerned with ours. We know your concern………THY SELF! But the more you speak, the more you expose your evil ways!

the hypocrisy of the left (it is both sides though): arlin report thought(s) of the day

Eric Swalwell (D-CA) ……… OH THE HYPOCRISY!

As I write these thoughts, Eric Swalwell is lecturing the U.S. Senate in this 2nd impeachment trial. The same Eric Swalwell that nuzzled up with a Chinese spy. The arrogance of the Democratic Socialist Party, especially Nancy Pelosi to appoint Swalwell to lecture the Senate on Trump’s lies about the election. One of the biggest liars in Congress is lecturing the Senate on Trump lying. This is freaking laughable.

I am glad, though somewhat surprised that the Socialist Party (their impeachment managers) want to address the election as much as they currently are. They are saying that Trump’s only proof of election fraud was a few dead voters. REALLY! There is evidence the voter fraud was MASSIVE. Did they really want to go there?

Will Trump’s lawyers show the proof, before the Senate now. The courts haven’t wanted to look at it. I think this is a great opportunity. As Swalwell just said “The Electoral College has spoken.” Yes America just move on……..despite the corruption. As Swalwell also said, the courts have decided. Not really lying Eric. They never saw the evidence. They refused to look at it.

So, why hasn’t Eric Swalwell been impeached? Because the House is dominated by Democrats, who will protect him. Corrupt Democrats.

By the way, a point of interest: Yesterday I heard a statement from someone, (unfortunately I didn’t save it) someone in a law enforcement position in D.C., that 98% of Congress members are CORRUPT! That 68% could not pass an FBI vetting process.

What Swalwell and his Socialists buddies are preaching today:

Never question the Democrats (Socialists Party)……… if you do you are a terrorist traitor.

Never protest if you are a Trump supporter: you are a terrorists traitor.

Always, ALWAYS accept the word and actions of the Left, the Democratic (Socialists Party)


The video is nearly 2 hours long, and chances are you’ll not even open the link. If we allow this to go unchallenged as the corrupt State Houses, courts and our Supreme Court have chosen to ignore, then voting will no longer ever be fair; and your voice taken away. Yes ignore! The new way of saying there is no evidence/no proof is to ignore it. Saying it is not there even when it is presented to you under your nose, is the new (hell maybe its business as usual) way of saying “there is no proof, just move on”.

Whether you voted for Trump, or voted for Biden but you still want an honest election, then you absolutely need to take the time to watch this video link. You’ll spend over 3 hours watching the Super Bowl! What is that going to do for your future, your kids future? Watch it soon, it’ll probably be taken down before long; Big Tech and CONGRESS don’t want you to see it. SEE WHAT THEY REFUSED TO SEE!