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Oh no, we must investigate our Congress to see how many of their family members are included in this report.

While we are at it, investigate all the drug and alcohol abusers in Congress.




As you all know by now, the Democrats will stoop to any strategic low to regain control of Congress.   Lies and false accusation of good people, that don’t share the same politics or morals for that matter, are just pieces of meat in their way.  The leaders of the Democratic party and their followers (tools they could care less about as well) have no conscious, which makes them evil.  It has become satanic in nature.   They will not fight in an honorable way, as they have no honor.   They will destroy anyone and their family to have their way.

Honesty is not part of the character of the far-Left.   Just find another tool, like a Dr. Ford, willing to lie, as long as it supports their goal(s).    They don’t care that the truth comes out, or that their TOOL(S) or exposed for what they are.   They will use a Dr. Ford and ride that horse for as far it will take them, hoping by then the damage is done.

ARE THESE THE PEOPLE WE WANT IN CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT?  They truly believe Americans are idiots!

Trust me I understand there are worthless Republicans as bad, hiding in sheep’s clothing.  All evil.   The work of the devil.


Democratic Party + Republican Party, throw in the Independents and Socialists, what does that equal in Washington:  A party, a good time by all at tax payer’s expense.   All the bickering, finger pointing, name calling and threats are part of the game, its ALL fake.   They all have a role to play, these play actors we elected.

Liars before Congress, slide by unpunished.   You and I, we’d be locked up, or at least our lives made miserable.   Lets impeach this guy, lets force this one to resign, but we’ll give him a nice send off, a buy out, with once again……..tax payer’s money.  What are they going to do, those suckers that elected us?   NOTHING!

I am convinced some government officials, know they are going to be hit on………their purpose?  To be scapegoats!   You may want to rephrase that to escapegoats.  We, the establishment in D. C. will take good care of those that take the axe for us.   They’ll force some of their own out, with a wink of the eye; and your checks in the mail.

Here is what we really have:  A fake media, investigating and reporting on a fake government.

Will this country be able to rebuild (grow) from its own ashes?



They are all above us, we the people.   There is no accountability within the halls of Congress, DOJ, the WH, anything under governmental control.   We the People allowed and continue to allow this to happen.  Washington preys on US.   They have taken our prosperity, our freedoms (slowly, but surely)……they get richer, while we fade away.   They hold us on a lower level, we are accountable to them, but we do not hold them accountable.   Who, with any significance in Washington has been put away?

Washington’s plot against the American people!  The swamp is rising!


“I was thinking of something else.”, while lying to Congress.   Will of course he was!  He wasn’t going to throw anyone under the bus……..you have to admire him for that!  Except the anyone, was himself!!!  What truly is disappointing, these leftist folks caught-up in corruption and covering up don’t have more creativity in their story telling (lies).  I mean, the candidate husband, with a financial investment (not a marriage commitment) met with then AG Lynch on that tarmac at an airport in the southwest, a casual by chance meeting.  Their paths just happened to cross, Lynch and Bill C. went out of their way just to say HELLO!  They had nothing to discuss except to talk about their grandchildren and golf games.  PLEASE!  You can’t come up with something better than that.   These are people in powerful positions, they haven’t any believable lying skills.

They are great at lying, just not creative enough to be believable.   I say great at lying, not good liars, habitual lying.  Lying has become so much a part of “what they do”, they just throw it out there, left and right (yes I mean both sides), with such arrogance, without any regard for what we think, or accountability.   Accountability, because there never is any.  “What are you going to do to me?”   They know…………nothing!   So, they go before Congress, they lie, they know even when called out on the lies, they will not be held accountable…….by Congress.   They aren’t held accountable for the corruption and they are not held accountable for lying ……….   and Congress knows they will do nothing.   False Congressional Committees, wasting your money.

The only chance of any accountability is to prosecute.   Will Comey took care of Hillary though didn’t he?   He was going to place her in cuffs, go before a judge.   Lord no!   He lied, a lame lie at that.   He also changed definitions to cover his own lies.  But hey, if Comey or Hillary or Lynch or Obama for that matter went before Congress……no problem, just LIE!  Congress is nothing more than a smoke screen.  They need each other, corruption is so rabid, it’s hard to find anyone that isn’t corrupt.   LETS LIE FOR ONE ANOTHER.   The American people will get over it!   Will guess what………..those day hopefully are coming to an end.   Some of us will not let their SHIT be swept under the Washington Carpet anymore.   We will not allow you corrupt SOB’s to just fade away into your retirement.   We will decide where you retire……….behind bars.



Whether Congress and the Deep Dark State like it or not, We the People have a right to most information.   We aren’t asking for military strategy secrets on how to confront North Korea, or combat in Syria or the likes thereof.   We do have a right to know the facts, the truth about government corruption.   When it is withheld from US it is likely so massive that the folks involved in releasing are involved in the corruption.   Withholding information is a corruption tactic.  They are the DC elite, Deep State, Illuminati protectionists, protecting one another.   They can’t and will not allow so many distinguished (in their own minds) heads to roll.

We should not have to demand “The Memo” be released; but when we do, it should be done immediately, no tampering, no deletions, nothing missing and no redacting.  NO DELAY!   In this case no further delay!  Those who have read it (Congress) express how shocking it is, makes Watergate seem extremely petty.   One idiotic elected official ……..said they shouldn’t release it because “we wouldn’t understand it”.    No…….we aren’t as stupid as most of Congress.   You don’t want it released because we would definitely understand it, understand what it is.   Unfortunately, we’d understand why as well.   We have a greedy, corrupt government………one that covers up what has become business as usual in DC.    This is more than corruption, these are crimes against the American people.  PERIOD!

We the People will decide how horrid the information released is, and the fate of those responsible.   Lawmakers have proven they are no longer competent to lead.

When a field gets too many weeds, you start a brush fire to destroy them and replant from scratch, with fresh, clean seed.    Our government, which includes many agencies, FBI, DOJ…….etc.  are infected with too many weeds.