Hillary Clinton Calls For MORE Big Tech Censorship

Shut us up, after all, only government knows what is best for us. Don’t fall for that she really means what is best for her and people like her (big government).

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By Autumn Johnson ~

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that she wants more censorshipfrom Big Tech giants like Facebook.

In an interview with The View, Clinton blamed Facebook and Former President Donald Trump for the “constitutional crisis” of the Jan. 6 riot. She joined President Joe Biden and other liberals in calling for more censorship of so-called misinformation online.

“[It] gives me absolutely no satisfaction in saying this, because I think we’re at a very dangerous, continuing, high-level attack on the legitimacy of our government and the election of our president,” she said, going on to blame Trump.

“Obviously, our former president is not only behind it, he incited it, he encouraged it, and he continues to do so,” sheargued. Clinton said that “democracy is at stake” because of alleged “disinformation” on the Internet.

She specifically targeted Facebook as being largely responsible for the alleged “disinformation” circulating…

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“Voter fraud is an important element of the Democratic Party’s strategy.”

We have said for nearly a year, that if the Democrats cheated before (2020) and got away with it (they did) they’d certainly do it again (looking ahead). We got a call from the National Republican Committee, for a donation. NOPE, they (the Republicans) don’t do enough (not much of anything) to stop the Leftists Democratic Socialist Party from taking over this nation, turning us to Socialism. Why would I support the Republicans who share in the mess this nation is in, by standing by and letting it happen! (Arlin Report comment)

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Paul has been covering the tight race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia. Youngkin has pulled even or ahead in some polls, and the formerly confident Democrats are beginning to panic. Now they want tochange the election rules in the middle of the game:

[T]he Democrat-dominated Fairfax Board of Supervisors has asked Gov. Ralph Northam to waive the witness signature requirement that Virginia law stipulates for all absentee ballots. Board Chairman Jeffrey McKay insists that the waiver is necessary due to the threat of COVID-19, yet cases are declining.

This is the same fraud that the Democrats perpetrated in something like 15 states in the 2020 election. Using covid as an excuse, they illegally changed election laws, via collusive litigation, to delete the requirement of a witness signature on mail-in ballots–in…

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Merry Christmas from the Biden administration: No presents, no tree, no family gathering, no cards–and no Santa down the chimney because you’ll need the fireplace to keep fuel costs down

Sums it up!

Stupid Girl

Image: Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the Biden administration!

No presents:

“There will be things that people can’t get,” a senior White House official said.

“At the same time, a lot of these goods are hopefully substitutable by other things … I don’t think there’s any real reason to be panicked, but we all feel the frustration and there’s a certain need for patience to help get through a relatively short period of time,” the official added.

No tree:

Obtaining a Christmas tree, real or artificial, may be much harder this season due to shortages.

The supply of artificial trees may be limited this year due to labor and market issues, while crops of real trees were damaged over the summer due to the extreme heat in certain areas.

The price of artificial Christmas trees has already jumped 25% this season…

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4 and 5 year old kids get Covid vaccine at Walgreens instead of flu shots, Pfizer trying to make it legal, Taken to pediatric cardiologist “both are showing signs of heart issues”

Citizen WElls

4 and 5 year old kids get Covid vaccine at Walgreens instead of flu shots, Pfizer trying to make it legal, Taken to pediatric cardiologist “both are showing signs of heart issues”

“Furthermore, when you get vaccinated you know that you are now subject to the risks of the vaccine,” he said. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you only have a chance of contracting Covid, and therefore a chance of assuming the risks of Covid—it’s not 100% certain you’ll get Covid just because you were not vaccinated.”…UCI Medical Ethics director

“it is my sincere hope that this public letter might stimulate FDA, Pfizer and Moderna leaders to think critically and quickly about the immunological danger the COVID-19 vaccine might pose to those persons naturally infected by SARS-CoV-2 — most especially to those infected who are recently convalescent, asymptomatic carriers, the elderly and frail or those with significant cardiovascular risk…

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Joe Biden and Hunter’s shared bank accounts could make president target of FBI probe | Daily Mail Online

Trump:The American Years

President Joe Biden could become embroiled in an FBI investigation of Hunter’s finances, experts say, as emails reveal the father and son shared accounts and paid each other’s bills. Emails recovered by DailyMail.com from Hunter’s abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, show Schwerin was working on Joe’s taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other’s household bills, and even fielding requests for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as managing the donation of Joe’s senate papers to the University of Delaware.It is unclear why Schwerin had this intimate role in the vice president’s affairs rather than government officials in the Office of the Vice President.Hunter’s claim that he and his father shared a bank account also raises serious questions whether funds from the alleged joint account were used for Hunter’s May 2018 week-long bender with a prostitute in a Hollywood…

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Who Is Kamala Harris Again?

Further proof that the BIDEN FRAUDULENT ADMINISTRATION is built purely on deception and lies! This pretty much represents Biden’s political career! (Arlin Report comment)

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So as Afghanistan was going down in flames, Kamala Harris was making her space videos … with child actors

By Monica Showalter at American Thinker:

Is there any level of phoninessKamala Harris can’t demonstrate?

Back when Joe Biden had disappeared during Afghanistan’s collapse and was refusing to take phone calls from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Harris had a golden opportunity to step in and show leadership. But she had better things to do.

What was she doing as Joe Biden went AWOL? Cocooning into her comfort zone, which wasengaging in selfies andpublic relations.

While Afghanistan was collapsing into terror and Americans were trapped behind enemy lines in chaos, she was busy makingat least three space videos with five seemingly eager children, all producedby a Canadian video company called “Sinking Ship Entertainment.” I wrote about thathere.

The videos featured Harris in her favorite powder-blue pantsuit, likely the same as the one…

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Biden admin is all FAKE: Children in NASA space video with Kamala Harris are ACTORS

The Children were ask what 3 questions they would ask of a world leader! My question is WHAT WORLD LEADER, CERTAINLY NOT K. HARRIS!

American Buddhist Net

Grinning school-age children who took part in a NASA YouTube video about space exploration with Kamala Harris have been revealed to be child actors.

The ‘Get Curious with Vice President Harris’ video was filmed in August and tweeted out by the Vice President on October 7 to celebrate World Space Week.

It appeared to viewers that the children she was with were all normal kids.

However it has now been revealed that they are paid actors who auditioned by sending in a monologue and three questions they would ask a world leader.


A puppet uses actors to propagandize her likeability in a video unironically produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment of Canada. ABN

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