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Turkey, an Ally no More, Shouldn’t Get F-35s — Brittius

Originally posted on Global Geopolitics: In the case of Turkey, which clearly hasn’t been an ally of ours, they should indeed not be allowed to have F-35s. The problem with this, however, is that they will turn to China or Russia for their next generation fighters. What’s more, they will make it official that they…

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our unbalanced balance system of government

Checks and balance?   That is what we are supposed to have.   That is what we call it.  But, it can not work it’s purpose with corrupt handlers.   It becomes a cover-up system, when run by unlawful, greedy individuals; some elected and some appointed by those we elect.

We should be praying for our leaders and world leaders as well, to “do the right thing”.  We should be praying that those that do the right thing expose and punish those that do not.  Punish by removing them from their positions of power they abuse.  Abuse of power has become the norm, and did not happen overnight.  It has become so much the norm now that it has reached extreme arrogance, and in our face.

Pray we make better decisions electing those who will work to clean up the mess, we actually helped create.


Originally posted on The Lone Cactus: More and more Republicans are calling for a Special Council to re-open and investigate Hillary Clinton. Hey, there’s plenty of reason to do so. She skated on the email server scandal, and there are tons of things to look at in the Uranium One scandal. Her time at Foggy…

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