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Donald Trump, doesn’t have to investigate to expose the swamp in Washington D.C.; he just needs to stay in office.  When he speaks, Washington screams with their stupidity.   The longer he stays in office, the more corruption we learn of, the rats can’t keep their mouths shut.

The more the politicians fake the news on Trump, the more they lie and the more we find on all of them.   The swamp is draining…….and the dumb asses are doing it to themselves.   Keep talking Mr. President!!!


Mitch McConnell Just Lit The “Ugly” Fuse… — The Last Refuge

It would appear Mitch McConnell, and the larger congress, just lit the fuse on “the big ugly“. Winter is coming. • President Trump has requested all Republican Senators to attend a White House luncheon, held entirely in their honor, tomorrow. • President Trump has also announced a MAGA rally to be held in Youngstown Ohio, […]

via Mitch McConnell Just Lit The “Ugly” Fuse… — The Last Refuge

Congress; Republicans, Democrats, Independents, socialists……..they only do or don’t do when there is something in it for them…good or bad for us, it doesn’t matter.  Every move benefits those that pass and fail legislation.   Their votes are calculated……..they know if a bill is going to pass or fail….before any vote.   Midnight phone calls……get the count so something barely fails or passes. “Lets really make this look good.”   They are in it together.   There is less dissension than you think.    You think the Main Stream Media is fake……..your government has been bogus for generations.