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All that private jetting around the world and all the energy sucking homes take serious cash. http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/17/soros-paid-al-gore-millions-to-push-aggressive-us-action-on-global-warming/ Liberal billionaire George Soros gave former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental group millions of dollars over three years to create a “political space for aggressive U.S. action” on global warming, according to leaked documents. A document published by DC […]

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ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I’d like to say up until now but I can’t! Clinton arrogance and corruption on high.



You want a glimpse of just how bad it has gotten in the U.S. political world?  This one event tells it all!   With all the corruption dating backing to the start of their political careers in Arkansas through today with the Clinton Crime Cartel and the Obama administration; the FBI charges a 29-year-old with lying to a federal agent over the timing of a meaningless meeting.   All done solely to find something to pin on Donald Trump in the LEFT’S attempt to destroy the POTUS; before he can expose them.

James Comey excused Hillary Clinton even when he couldn’t cover her, when he said (paraphrasing here) what she did was careless and wrong but there was no INTENT.  BS!  Everything Hillary is INTENTIONAL WITH PURPOSE though stupid and STUPIDITY IS NOT A DEFENSE!   Hillary and Bill’s life long days of corruption has created an arrogance never ever before seen in the history of OUR nation.  They believe they can do anything with no consequences because THEY HAVE.   I’d like to say up until now but I can’t……. they may yet escape even at its highest corrupt level.   They surround themselves with dirty people in high places or groom them into filth to use for protecting and covering up for them along their continuous criminal trail (Mafia like).   They use people like this that they can turn the tables on if any of them turn on them; some of them (many) have been found dead; a ridiculously high suicide rate.   Right, nothing suicidal………and suicide is murder.

So, what do these scumbags known as the Clintons and the DNC do with all the allegations coming to light do………. THEY GIVE SPEECHES.  Speeches filled with lies and reverse accusations.  Hey, why not, there is always a dirty company or organization out there that are willing to pay.   They owe it to the Clintons, its pay to play.   Their still paying the Clintons for ALL THEY DO!

I’ve been relatively quiet over the past year…….for me that is.   But, with all that we are learning about the D.C. Elitists and Establishment, if my grandchildren are going to have a nation to live with just a fraction of what we have had……..I (WE) must raise our voices and TAKE OFF THE GLOVES.   We the People must take off the gloves, if WE ARE GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  The Elite Establishment and arrogance is our greatest enemy.   George Soros is funding it!  You want to know who killed Kennedy, look no further than D.C.



I know Alex Jones can be/appear to be a bit off the wall conspiracy theorist/nutball.   That is definitely how the left and many from the right view him.   A couple of things, his YouTube operation is with top-notch technology.   He has sources the rest of us can only envy.   The only way the left can discredit the reports from Infowars is to bash Jones as being mental.   Really!?  Think about it, the left calling anyone mental?  Except, they do know a lot about being mental.  I’m getting a bit off base here, but watch this relatively short video…….Jones makes sense.   And, everyone is in fact scattering around in panic mode trying to cover their tails and tales.


Video evidence of Clinton corruption in the hands of FBI informant (Video) — A Sweet Dose of Reality

The Uranium One scandal keeps growing. By Alex Christoforou | The Duran Claims are surfacing that the FBI informant, in the middle of the Clinton-Uranium One corruption scandal, has email and video evidence that can prove top Obama Administration officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering, when approving the sale of Uranium […]

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