To the St. Louis rioters

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Will “The Wall” Work?

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Oh, it’s another one of those “divide America” questions. The right thinks that we should put up a wall to stop illegal aliens from pouring into our country. The left thinks we are being mean-spirited if we do that…after all, isn’t that what they did in East Germany? Actually it’s not. They built the Berlin wall to keep people IN, not out. But still, the snowflakes out there feel the more the merrier when it comes to illegal immigration. Of course, we’ve seen the results of that with terrorist attacks throughout the European Union because of their immigration policies.

The remaining question that no one seems to know the answer to is, will the wall actually work? For the answer, we need to turn to the Hungarians. Hungary decided during the recent spate of immigration from the Middle East that they needed some border protection. They built a wall to…

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I did not watch the Emmys.   I can’t stand watching and listening to all those who do not live in the real world preaching to and criticizing the great majority that do.   I understand it was a total Trump bashing.   This from the sector of our society with the most fake personalities and act; hiding behind their face-lifts and Botox.


Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch: The ‘kids’ (unaccompanied alien minors?) were from Iraq and Syria. Both received government-supported foster care from a couple known for their welcome to needy ‘kids.’ Penelope Jones with the Queen. Sorry, this is the first thing I thought of, click here: Of course we have to wonder if…

via Both suspects in London subway attack are “refugee” ‘kids’ nurtured by do-gooders — Brittius