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George H.W. Bush and little Bush!  Trump did not damage the GOP per your blowhard comment.  The GOP did that on their own.  Trump exposed them for what they are!  Do nothing, salary grabbing BLOWHARDS!

They haven’t listened to the American people……..the downward spiral is of their own making, for doing NOTHING!  They take up valuable space.   Time to go!  Oh and…….the Democrats are even worse.



Its time to party, we finished in 4th place, we’re moving on to South Carolina!!

I understand that it isn’t likely any candidate in any election is going to sweep every state in primaries.   Geographically speaking you aren’t going to win some areas.  I wouldn’t say that getting doubled up, tripled or greater is much of a victory.   Tip your hat and go to the next state.   Its kind of like losing teams, like the L.A. Rams finding  something to get excited about after you just got your ass kicked by an expansion team.  What?   Donald Trump, an expansion team rookie to politics just kicked the established Washington career politicians to the curb, or more accurately the voters of New Hampshire did.   If anyone should be excited to go to S.C. it would be Trump.

All that being said, if you are Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Kasich……..the others not worthy of mentioning, you have many back to back loses, you are out of contention, you don’t make the playoffs.

It is easy to see why Washington and government in this country is sooooooooo screwed up.   These people can not add and subtract.   Trump more than doubled Kasich, but Kasich, the I have balanced budgets candidate, did everything but crown himself last night.   Ohio, do an audit, the man can not count.

Jeb, sorry but being back that far, and being quadrupled in votes can not possibly be encouraging to the man that was supposed to be the Republican answer to Hillary.

Seriously, some of this campaign money could be used to better mankind, rather than give professional politicians ridiculous false hope.  Go home Carly and Ben and Jeb.


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Look where we have gone!  James Madison to Nancy Pelosi!   God save us!

Our Founding Father’s forethought shames the thoughtlessness of present day moronic elected and re-elected officials today.   You have to wonder when the dumbing down process really started with the likes of Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, Clinton (both), Bush (both), Carter…….it goes on and on, I’m just getting started.

We choose from what we have to choose from.   We must get smarter, improve the quality of candidates, or we will continue to get what we have always gotten.  Crap!

Normal people must start getting involved.   NOW!



Ponder this thought if you will:  Obama, our government has no interest in going after ISIS.    If he/they did, we would be.   So why not?  Because you don’t destroy what you create, when what you created is doing its job it was created for.   Obama is raising his step child of which Bush gave life.

Obama was perfect for raising this Baby, ISIS, ISIL or whatever he calls it today.  His Islamic roots made him the logical father of this terrorist nation.  Obama hides behind the walls of the White House, a president in disguise, his real purpose is to destroy the United States.   He has done a masterful job. 

Obama has left the door (the border) open so his children can find free passage to come and destroy those he has deceived.    Obama may not be Satan, but he is Satan’s tool.   What is even more frightening is while Obama does his work, we are distracted so Satan can do his. 

You hear nothing from Congress.   Congress is not sleeping they are following.