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Herschel Walker on protests by pro athletes: We can’t solve anything with a closed fist, we need an open hand How true this is. One of the all time greats, but he needs a lot more support to get his message across. TO THE RIOTERS: For the kid crazy people. If you are too self-centered […]

What we need more of …. — The Goomba Gazette

‘Unmasking Obama’ – unfiltered truth about the 44th president | WND

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By William F. Marshall

The fundamental transformation of America. That was the stated goal of an inspiring, silver-tongued, young, blank-slate presidential candidate in 2008 upon whom so many Americans projected their own vision of what a black president should look like. And transform America he did, but perhaps not in ways most Americans expected, nor would have approved, at the time. But here we are, and an important new book offers a brilliant retrospective look at the multifaceted ways in which Barack Obama achieved that fundamental transformation.

“Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency”by journalist and bestselling author Jack Cashill adds an important new work to the Obama biographical collection. It explores the many advances the cultural left made on traditional American society during the Obama era, with Barack Obama as the figurehead, at least, leading the campaign, abetted by an equally determined…

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