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What will be removed next? Religion?: ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY


Anyone can claim anything to be offensive.   Your neighbor may have a purple house you find ugly.   Does it offend you?  Young males and females are loudly vulgar on the metro, that is not only offensive, hateful things are being said and they show no respect for other passengers.   BUT……..they aren’t being removed.    So, lets take historic statues down, because its a reminder of our past, because some group finds it offensive.   I would question how many of these people even know the history.    Not really, they stopped teaching it in schools.   Children today are more likely to learn how to color their hair purple, stick rings through their noses, how to wear pants half way down their asses, and where to get the most offensive tattoos.

Whats next?   Religion?  When will they start pulling down religious statues.   Will offended Muslims/and or any other group start demanding the Catholic Church pull down their statues, symbols?

I’ve walked or driven past Confederate statues before myself.   Funny, I’ve never had one speak to me, shout-out at me, spit on me or even rap out offensive lyrics.   They just stood their minding their own stiff business, reminding us of what once was and apparently reminding us that not much has really changed, has it?


Deep State Rewards James Comey With Millions Of Dollars In Post-FBI Compensation

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Source: Deep State Rewards James Comey With Millions Of Dollars In Post-FBI Compensation

Great example of how Washington poor folks become millionaires, like most in Congress.  Get down and dirty with everyone else, then get that book deal from liberal publishers.  Why do you think Hillary Clinton, writes or has someone ghost write, which she claims to be author……. (nothing straight and honest here) following all her loses and/or experiences.

Yadier Molina not tired………JUST BORED?

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Yadier Molina and STL Cardinal’s manager Mike Matheny had a bit of a difference of opinion recently.   Molina was held out of a game…….in place of Carson Kelly; some say because Matheny said “Yadi looked tired”.   Matheny said, “he never said tired”.   Truth is you have to rest your catcher once in a while, and Kelly needs some playing time.   Molina took exception, “I am not tired, I train to play 174 games” (which would include play-off and World Series games).

I was at last evenings Arizona D-Backs/Cardinal game.  Yadi may not be tired, but he looks bored.   The Cardinals got spanked, because of sloppy play and the offense could not score.   This version of the “Cardinal Way” is boring, sloppy and don’t seem to grasp basic fundamentals of how to play the game.

There were fireworks following the game, which drew more applause from 50% of the fans that stayed to watch than there was in the game.   Fireworks outside the confines of the stadium, not even a spark from the team inside!    Team?   They don’t look like a team, not a good one anyway.   Time for some major changes!