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My thoughts on politicians thinking process ….  I can’t see many capable of thinking “outside the box”.  I’d just like to see some thinking inside.  Just a little common sense would go a long way.


Murphy Brown episode cheap and disgusting….liberal Hollywood

Roseanne Barr was removed for MUCH LESS than this.

Siberian wolves reminding me of my Siberian Husky – Blackhawk’s Gray Sky

I called her Sky.   We lost her this past May, she was 17 1/2 years young.  To the last breath she pranced around like a puppy.   Many who saw her for the first time, during her escapes, thought she was a pup.   I don’t have a photo of her here on this post, I’ll have to find one and submit on a future post.  The link below reminded me of her.

Every time I step in our fenced in back yard, Sky’s yard, I think of her; it brings a smile even on the crappiest of days.

Check the link below of this beautiful wolf.


I know right, everything is fake these days, fake news, fake this, fake that.   So many lies.  For the most part the mainstream news media, even with their political rants, don’t use vulgarity.  They’d possibly lose their jobs.   Some have off camera used profanity and been caught however.   They can say what they wish then…….and nobody really cares.  I refuse to mention names.  They are attention seekers.

Then there are these people who go on Twitter and other social mediums to rant and rave, declaring themselves as activists for “the people”.  They can not do so without using F… this and S…t on/with this and other vulgar words, that were once upon a time forbidden to use on TV and radio.  They believe they are clever, and that they put up a great argument for their cause, a cause they can not sit down and rationally explain. These self-righteous, phony activists, always come out of the woodwork when there is a catastrophic event, such as the recent mass shootings.  F…k the NRA……they will scream, then, nothing………just F…. the NRA.  Really?  That is it?   These people can not sit down and make a sensible statement, an argument…….they can not debate without being obscene.  The vulgarity is their point…….their attention phrase.  Like I said, I refuse to mention their names, you’ve all seen and heard them.  Some are TV and Big Screen celebrities.   Some are just punks who are trying to become celebrities.   They are talent-less jerks who think their filthy mouth is the fastest road to fame.

This is where we have come, a vulgar, poorly educated, immoral society.   Most of us can carry on serious and even enjoyable conversations, whether about “How was your day honey?” or discussions about gun control or abortion, the economy etc. etc., without being nasty.  Many of us can even put up a good argument, one way or the other.  But these F…this and F… that people, have no real cause, EXCEPT ATTENTION.  Would you want them representing you or your position on social issues important to you?  Do you want them on the streets protesting something dear to your heart with a megaphone shouting out obscenities or knocking in your door with your wife/or kids home alone?  They can not sit down, and rationally, intelligently present themselves in a CIVIL manner.   But hey, a former presidential candidate and federal office holder said it was okay to do just that.

Dumbing down of America!  This behavior, has become normal for so many.   The education system is part of the problem.  Liberal colleges and universities?   Go sit in on some of these classes.   Even back in the seventies, I had professors who could not get through the hour with out the F bomb.

Society, the decline of….   We can not have civil, responsible, serious conversation without isolating these moronic attention seekers.   Unfortunately they are all over, many are in our Congress.

If you have an issue dear to your heart and you want to use your voice to do something about it, present your case in a civil tone.   Be sincere, rational and argue/debate in an intelligent manner.   You may not reach us all, but you’ll be heard by someone.   That’s a start.


Thank you RURAL MISSOURI!   We knocked out Claire McCaskill, with an overwhelming rural vote in favor of Josh Hawley.   Claire only carried St. Louis City and County, Boone County (Columbia), Jackson County (Kansas City) and Clay County (barely).   The voting wasn’t even close in the rural counties.   Springfield and Joplin………thank you!

Good bye Claire, thanks for…….for……..for………

Sen. Claire McCaskill says she’s 100 percent behind President Trump on stopping the migrant caravan — WEATHER INTERNAL

When did Claire change here position on this?   She is against The Wall.   Oh! Another lie for a vote!   This isn’t the first time, but we the voters of Missouri can make it her last!


This statement of support for Trump should garner Claire McCaskill somewhere around zero Republican votes. The post Sen. Claire McCaskill says she’s 100 percent behind President Trump on stopping the migrant caravan appeared first on

via Sen. Claire McCaskill says she’s 100 percent behind President Trump on stopping the migrant caravan — WEATHER INTERNAL