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Over the past year, I have reblogged others posts more so than  posting my own thoughts and what I have learned, discovered and even slightly researched.  There is probably several reasons for the loss of interests: boredom (only so slightly), reluctance to repeat myself (like the national media does every night with their COMMENTARY); and inner feeling that I can’t make much of a difference in the direction we move forward; and the direction seems bleak.   Politics is more corrupt than ever, but you already know that so what else can be said?   We can be watchdogs, but if we do little but expose it, nothing will change, just create more awareness.  So, I guess I will settle for doing my part for awareness sake.    I’m re-committing myself to share my own thoughts and knowledge and what I find out along the way.  If its worth anything.   So, you’ve been forewarned.

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Young Oklahoma girl has a heart for giving to those in need —

MINCO, Okla. – Young Kennedy Clark of Minco has a heart for giving to those in need. When her teachers were collecting spare change from middle school students to help buy supplies for hurricane victims, Kennedy donated her whole change jar; 60 dollars she had saved for months to buy herself a laptop. “Her father’s…

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So now, 8 year olds/3rd graders take a knee during national anthem at a little league/grade school football game.   The NFL does it, so should we!   The coach defended this act by calling it a “learning moment”.   A few will always follow the action of a few, with or without any understanding.

I’m not going to get into the details of what brought this about, but NFL players were taking a knee long before the Jason Stockley trial in St. Louis was even a story.  But the boys on the east side of the Mississippi River used that and the NFL as their motivation.

What is lost or probably more accurately,  never was, is these same kids were never taught how they got the right to kneel in protest/for any cause, which they can yet explain.   They kneel and turn their back to the flag……..  the flag that represents their right to do so.   When you do that, you turn your back to all those men and women who died for that flag and your rights, all of your rights; which especially include freedom of speech and expression.    Learn some history before you paint your own history.   How many of those kids will some day join the military or become officers of the law and look back and say, “what the hell was I thinking”.    Do not judge until you have all the facts.  People don’t want to do that.   We all have a right to an opinion, this is mine.


I did not watch the Emmys.   I can’t stand watching and listening to all those who do not live in the real world preaching to and criticizing the great majority that do.   I understand it was a total Trump bashing.   This from the sector of our society with the most fake personalities and act; hiding behind their face-lifts and Botox.

Muslim meets Jesus in a dream

Originally posted on StopAndPrayTV: Muslim meets Jesus in a dream and gets marked with an incredible sign for the rest of his life May 13, 2017 A Muslim meets Jesus in a dream while on a pilgrimage to Kaaba, Mecca. This event has changed his whole life and wherever he goes, he is marked with…

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