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To be more specific I am speaking of writers block.   I haven’t written much in some time.  I can not blame it on lack of information or topics, since most of my posts are on politics.  Since the November election, my writing has taken a nose dive.  However, with all the hearings and investigations since then, there should be plenty to say.  I haven’t written much on my opinion of all that has taken place; but I certainly have one.

I have not painted for quite a long time as well.   I paint oil landscapes and anything that interests me in the moment.  If I can’t see the finished product in my mind, I don’t start it, don’t put anything on canvas.   My writing takes on the same character.

My problem, I don’t want to write (say) or even paint what everyone else has!   I’m searching for more creativity.   I’ll find it!



Taking two of my oldest grandsons fishing this morning.   Its something we can do together and I can still keep up.   It’s important to spend time with your grandchildren, family.   I wish when I was younger, I had spent more time with mine, and ask the right questions, lots of questions.   As an example, I was speaking with my great-grandfather, from my father’s side, when I was a teenager.   He lived on a farm in Illinois.   He told me about the time Jesse James and the James’ Gang was passing through, returning to Missouri from Minnesota.  He spoke about hiding his horses when they heard the gang would be come close by.   He talked about how tense it was, until they knew they had passed.

Grand-kids can learn a lot from their grandparents, but you have to spend time together.  All will benefit.  I wish I had live closer to my grandparents and spent more time with them.   I did go fishing with my grandpa.   Just passing on the family tradition.

Joe’s K.C. BAR-B-QUE

Went to Joe’s K.C. BBQ in Leawood, Kansas for the first time this evening.   Wow!  Had the Ribs (3 ribs) and Brisket Dinner with a side of baked beans.   Was wondering if this would be enough.  It was!   Excellent, world-class, famous BBQ and I can see (taste) why.

We pulled up, luckily found a parking spot.  The line was out the front door, and went to the order counter which was on the far side of the building; but it moved quickly.    The entire time we were there that line stayed stretched out the door.   My son, who lives a couple of mile away, said the place is busy like this all-the-time.

If you want great food, go where the lines are long……….and people aren’t complaining about the time.  It was a great time, great food and great company.   After we celebrated my grandson’s first birthday, we all headed to Joe’s K.C. BBQ.

Try Joe’s K.C. BBQ.   Outstanding!