It’s Official: Biased FBI Spied on Trump — Praying Citizen

Watch this on YouTube Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General at the Department of Justice issued his report on the FBI’s efforts to spy on the Trump campaign during and after the 2016 election. The operation was called Crossfire Hurricane. The investigators found that the application to surveil contained 17 instances of inaccuracies and incomplete/unsupported “facts.” […]

It’s Official: Biased FBI Spied on Trump — Praying Citizen



In the 2 House Committees, Intelligence (there is none) and Judicial (there is none), there are also a large number of representatives especially from California. Maybe its Speaker’s advantage, to appoint as many as she wants to these committees from her home state, or remove others if they don’t follow her agenda.

The above photo is interesting. Not only does it show why we have the Electoral College, but it shows just how many clowns there are from CA and NY.

I’d love to ask AOC (also a New Yorker) if she has any understanding at all of the Electoral College? She probably thinks it’s like Harvard, a school for elite to learn how to be elected into office.

usmca trade agreement: Another victory for trump

Yes a victory despite of the Democrats.

The Democrats could not make an announcement that Mexico, Canada and the United States have agreed on some changes to the USMCA Trade Agreement (they’ll sign agreement today) with out taking political jabs at Trump. The Democrats HAD to point out that Trump’s administration presented a flawed USMCA agreement to them and it WAS the Democrats who perfected the agreement they now have. Basically the Democrats are taking full credit for the USMCA Trade Agreement.

Lets make something clear here. It was Donald Trump who initiated this trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, replacing a horrible agreement called NAFTA (from the Clinton administration) in the first place. At the time Democrats heavily criticized Trump for negotiating a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. Now they want everyone to know or believe that it was the Democrats that improved this flawed trade proposal from Trump, that the Democrats made it better. Of course they want us to believe it is better now because they held it on the shelf for nearly a year “perfecting” it. It will be voted on next week.

It would have been “BETTER” for all 3 countries if this agreement had been acted upon months ago. Interestingly, Pelosi makes the announcement that they have an agreement on USMCA an hour after they announced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The articles: 1) abuse of power 2) obstruction of Congress. No article on “bribery”? Were these two announcements stacked one after the other minutes apart to show Americans that the Democrats can walk and chew gum. No, no politics here!

from Wikipedia:

The Agreement between the United States of America, the United Mexican States, and Canada[1] is a signed but not ratified free trade agreement between CanadaMexico, and the United States.

The Agreement is the result of a 2017–2018 renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by its member states, which informally agreed to the terms on September 30, 2018, and formally on October 1.[2] The USMCA was signed by United States President Donald Trump, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on November 30, 2018 as a side event of the 2018 G20 Summit in Buenos Aires. Each country’s legislature still must ratify the agreement.

Negotiations “focused largely on auto exports, steel and aluminum tariffs, and the dairy, egg, and poultry markets. One provision “prevents any party from passing laws that restrict the cross-border flow of data”.[3] Compared to NAFTA, USMCA increases environmental and labour regulations, and incentivizes more domestic production of cars and trucks.[4] The agreement also provides updated intellectual property protections, gives the United States more access to Canada’s dairy market, imposes a quota for Canadian and Mexican automotive production, and increases the duty free limit for Canadians who buy U.S. goods online from $20 to $150.[5]

worse than we think, biden's money laundering? ………ukraine

Is this why Hunter doesn’t want his finances released?

In D.C. and it’s relationship with foreign nations, especially corrupt nations, bad things that happen are usually worse than we ever thought possible. Joe Biden has been around for a long time. He knows were personal opportunities lie. His gold mine in the Ukraine may now be falling apart.

Theory, my theory: Hunter Biden isn’t smart enough to get a board position with Burisma, or any country in the Ukraine for that matter on his own merits. What is the connection here? Daddy! V.P. Joe Biden was given the Ukraine by Obama on U.S./Ukraine relations, aside from our ambassador. So, Daddy Joe pulled strings to get Hunter on the Board of Burisma. It wasn’t difficult, Burisma is one of the Ukraine’s most corrupt companies. What did Joe promise to nail down the position for his son. The same son who was/is a drug addict and was booted from the Navy. Not exactly good talking points on a resume. How does money laundering fit in here? Tune in to OAN’s Chanel Rion to find out. They actually met with Ukrainian witnesses they may have a lot of answers.

The Democrats are getting really deep in crimes, protecting high elites from their party. Has money laundering become a practice with the Democrats? Joe knows more about Hunter’s role with the Ukraine than he has claimed. Joe Biden is as corrupt and dirty as it gets in D.C.

If Donald Trump had not been elected president, we wouldn’t be learning any of this. Donald Trump’s election opened a door Democrats could not help but get lured through. Their own arrogance of power and attitude that they are untouchable has exposed their corruption at a level more shocking than we could ever imagine.

The thin ice they are walking on may be near cracking. There are good people digging to find truth, truth in our own nation’s corruption. They can expose it, but they need people like you and I to spread the word, the information like OAN’s reports. We can and must get more involved if we are to make a difference. This is the kind of thing that can give us hope during times it feels hopeless.

Stay tuned…………

arlin report thought of the day: impeachment hearing…..bored again

Even the Democrats, while they were listening to the attorney BS looked more than bored with today’s hearing. Will Rep. Jerry Nadler be able to stay awake today? He had trouble keeping his eyes open last week.

During today’s hearing the Democrat’s special counsel kept harping on, driving the point that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to “do him a personal favor though” in the July 25th phone call. That is BS. Trump never ever said “do me a personal favor”. The Dems say this is a personal favor request to help him with the 2020 election. Trump never said anything about the 2020 election or to “do me a personal favor though”. He said to paraphrase, “Do us a favor though”. Yes, he asked the Ukrainian president to look into the 2016 election and Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump had the right to ask about corruption that may have taken place. Joe Biden threatened the Ukraine with withholding funds if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating Biden’s son Hunter. That, Biden admitted doing during a videoed interview.

If, as the Democrats often preach, “no one is above the law” that would include Joe Biden. Being a political candidate does not give him immunity. Period!

Have a great day! By the way, as of this very moment, our representatives continue to waste millions of your tax dollars in a hearing they know is going nowhere. Do you have any roads or bridges in need of repair? Do you want our president to just hand over your money to nations with a history of extreme corruption? Do you think we could lower our taxes a bit more, if more of this scandalous BS was not taking place? What could these funds do for us? The cost of these hearings are inching up towards amounts of dollars given in foreign aid. Are we helping ourselves with these hearings? NO!

Have a great day!

Oh Snap – Senator Lindsey Graham Pledges to Block Testimony of U.S. Politicians Coordinating With Ukraine… — The Last Refuge

This is why they get away with crap. Proof they are all corrupt. Will cover for others to save their own ass. This from both sides. Corruption at its finest. Even Lindsey Graham has dirty little fingers. Arlin Report

Senator Lindsey Graham appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo and announces he will take all appropriate efforts to stop the truth about Ukraine from being exposed in the Senate. This interview is a critical first step to understanding motives. CTH will expand in the next few posts that will highlight *WHY* Graham will bury […]

Oh Snap – Senator Lindsey Graham Pledges to Block Testimony of U.S. Politicians Coordinating With Ukraine… — The Last Refuge

Clintons Vacationed Extensively At Epstein’s New Mexico ‘Baby-Making Ranch’: Report — WEATHER INTERNAL

Arlin Report

‘Nope never been there.’ Lets make this clear, at this creepy estate, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea were all there. There would be one reason and one reason only the Clinton crowd would party with Epstein. Kid sex. It’s always been rumored Hillary was into little girls as well. Sick bastards.

Clintons Vacationed Extensively At Epstein’s New Mexico ‘Baby-Making Ranch’: Report The Clintons regularly stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s weird New Mexico ranch where the deceased pedophile had grand plans to seed the human race with hisDNA,…

Clintons Vacationed Extensively At Epstein’s New Mexico ‘Baby-Making Ranch’: Report — WEATHER INTERNAL

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