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arlin report thought(s) of the day: how bad can it get?

#1: I am not happy that my Cheerios get soggy too quick, I mean within minutes.

#2: The freaking waste company did not pick up my recycling container. It isn’t the first time!

#3: I know of a couple with an 11 year old son in Spain that were invited to U.S. (To Vegas) for an event, but the American embassy would not approve their flight here. YET, this IDIOTIC GOVERNMENT OF OURS HAS THE BORDER WIDE OPEN FOR ILLEGALS COMING IN BASICALLY UNTESTED. OVER 100+ CASES OF COVID AND ARE ALLOWED TO ROAM THROUGHOUT OUR COUNTRY. BIDEN IS A FREAKING IDIOT. THEY HAVE NO DESIRE TO END THE PANDEMIC. WHAT A FARCE!!

4. What they are referring to as the 1.9 Trillion dollar COVID Relief bill just passed the Senate 50-49. There is more BS in this bill than anything that is helping the pandemic. 9% for COVID relief! OUR GOVERNMENT IS THE BIGGEST CON-ARTIST ORGANIZATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

It is clear why the fencing around the capitol is still up with guards. With the crap Congress is pulling they know they need protecting. They are afraid of we the people. They damn well should be!

KOMMONSENTSJANE – 3 Voter Fraud Suspects Arrested in Central Texas — kommonsentsjane

The OIL is rising to the surface. ***** 3 Voter Fraud Suspects Arrested in Central Texas The attorney general’s office reports 234 currently active election fraud investigations. By Erin Anderson| March 1, 2021 Texas authorities have arrested three alleged vote harvesters and charged them with multiple counts of voter fraud. Leonor Rivas Garza, Eva Ann […]

KOMMONSENTSJANE – 3 Voter Fraud Suspects Arrested in Central Texas — kommonsentsjane

arlin report thought(s) of the day: honey nut cheerios ………heart healthy, then back to the grind

Cherrios: Just realized while eating my occasional morning bowl, the Honey Nut Cheerios have some that are heart shaped. Why is that significant? It isn’t really, but it beats continuously complaining about the state of our nation…………for a moment.

Joe Biden and the folks behind the mask while preaching to wear the COVID mask, and bragging about how great a job they are doing getting the vaccines out and they are on top of the virus; can not be serious about the virus. These are the same people that have opened the border allowing untested, COVID carrying illegal immigrants in……… a super spreading act if ever there was one. They come in and are allowed to move about the country. So do not preach how serious you are to rid the virus. I don’t think the Dems are serious, they want this pandemic to carry on, keep us under their corrupt political dirty thumbs. They would love to keep us locked up, secluded, away from others. It is about power and control, it always was.


Rest of the world see the Executive Clown (falsely elected) in office. Embarrassment for U.S.

Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents another piece from Australia regarding the utter joke that is Joe Biden. Choosing their words with more care than frantic, fascistic Democrats ever do, the Aussies provided another quality take on the problems the Democrats’ media outlets desperately bury. Plus, even some Democrats have made moves to prevent Biden […]


Bankers want a New SystemTo achieve a digital world currency,”a “crisis” must fi… —

Bankers want a New SystemTo achieve a digital world currency,”a “crisis” must fi… Henry Makow Bankers want a New System To achieve a digital world currency, “a “crisis” must first be made up so deep, so long and so unbearable that the “solution” with the 3 ingredients would be acceptable (just like the 1913 introduction […]

Bankers want a New SystemTo achieve a digital world currency,”a “crisis” must fi… —

The / A new financial system will not come at the request of the BANKS and particularly from the Rothschilds (Central Bank/and Federal Reserve); they will be banished. They are part of the current problem, and are major players in the Deep State/Cabal. They have robbed us for many many years; this Illuminati (globalist/satanic) organization. They are being and in most cases have been eliminated. Much of their wealth has been confiscated, an unimaginable amount. It belongs to we the people of the world. Scum like the asshole above will no longer be managing our currency! (Arlin Report comment)

proverbs 19:16

Proverbs 19:16

That doesn’t mean if you get off track, you can not get back on! God always welcomes us back!

Wow, I went to bed around 2 am (which isn’t unusual for me) and didn’t wake up until nearly noon. Day is half over…………..maybe not for me! I must have needed it! Why I am posting this verse late………. It is never too late.

Hope you are having a great day!

………..and then i said, what nuclear football? arlin report thought(s) of the day

35 + Dems want Biden to give up the Nuclear Football (Codes), they know Dementia Joe is a shaky ticking nuke time bomb! The joke could be on them, Joe had to give China something in return for the payments he and Hunter received. Did Joe’s first conversation with Xi Jinping go something like this: “Nancy wants the Nuke Football………..then I said, what nuclear football, XI already bought it with a few million (to Hunter to me) and he helped (fixed) me win the election. Besides I never was any good at football!”

History hints Biden will build back better China ties - Asia Times

canadian human trafficking

Make no mistake about it, this is just as bad if not worse in the United States. Awareness is growing and arrests are on the rise, but doesn’t even touch the surface. No pun intended as many of these victims are held underground, tunnels. Many of these victims are sacrificed in satanic rituals. (Arlin Report comment)

I hope everyone is happy now! — Manifest Injustice

Joe Biden Restarts Filling U.S. Jobs with Foreign Workers as 17M Americans Are Jobless 54,955 JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images JOHN BINDER24 Feb 20219,5244:40 President Joe Biden has restarted allowing companies to fill scarce U.S. jobs with foreign workers after a major lobbying effort by big business interests, even as more than 17 million Americans […]

I hope everyone is happy now! — Manifest Injustice