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Mexican president urges Pelosi to get USMCA trade deal approved | Can She Legislate or Just Obstruct? — Daily Browse

Speaking at a regular news conference, Lopez Obrador said he was encouraged that U.S. Democratic lawmakers were concerned about the working conditions of Mexican workers following a visit by a U.S. congressional delegation to Mexico this week. “There’s agreement, and I took the opportunity to send Mrs Pelosi a letter explaining that it’s in the […]

Mexican president urges Pelosi to get USMCA trade deal approved | Can She Legislate or Just Obstruct? — Daily Browse

minneapolis…….trump rally… on the street mental illness

Trump supporters and protesters exchanged taunts outside Target Center Thursday night.

So tonight on the streets outside the Trump Rally (Minneapolis) what I saw (and you possibly) was evidence of wide spread “mental illness”.

Unfortunately there may have been people there to protest with an actual message that were overshadowed by those there solely for the purpose of instigating violence. Police officers for the most part were the targets of these Antifa………and I am certain other organized groups. So, are they against Trump (of course), but Law Enforcement? The answer to that is yes. They know they (Antifa) are going to break laws, create violence, riot, assault, vandalize ……etc., etc. Police Officers are in their way. Bonnie and Clyde had more love for police officers than Antifa. What they are, are cowards hiding behind masks.

Above I asked “Are they against Trump?” and answered “of course”……..but most couldn’t tell you why. Many are just followers, the type acting out what their parents warned them of “if somebody told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?” Yes, yes they would. These people are easy to point out. They are standing, screaming……shouting at what appears to be no one in particular. Heads arched to the sky……mouths wide open with a screech, babbling. Little to no message. So, what good are they doing except gaining attention. They get plenty of that. Antifa recruits followers. It makes them bigger, stronger, louder. just not smarter.

I want to talk about those wearing masks. Some, probably because they already have warrants out for arrests, can’t be seen. Then there are those that don’t want mommy and daddy to recognize them. I saw one teenager (about 18-19) place a cloth over his face when he suddenly realized the camera was on him. You’re on candid camera!!! Mom may have seen you little guy!

While I was watching, my first thought about the crowd outside and the behavior was honestly ‘Wow streets filled with people with mental illness’. Let me be clear, I am not in anyway saying people that protest are mentally ill. Not at all! I am speaking of those out of control, and could not rationally explain why. While there is violence around them (they inflict), they smile, laugh and dance, like psychopaths. Those with a real message can chant, sing and shout out……..but they do it without the violence.

One thing I did not see tonight, and it is now 11:27 PM was any police brutality. The police officers in Minneapolis did a great job. They appeared to get everyone attending the rally out of the parking lots safely and on their way. The crowds tried surrounding the lots to block the Trump supporters from leaving. What that proves I am not sure. Then there are those that are just plain evil, bad. Mental illness does not excuse them. Its difficult, because you can always tell the difference. You could argue that anyone evil has mental illness. That is something to discuss another day!

Trump has to go … for what, who knows?

Well said.

Cry and Howl

I guess we’ll just have to see how this whole impeachment thing plays out in the coming months. There are several things I find very curious and just can’t seem to get a grip on. We know, at least those of us who tear ourselves away from the main-stream media ‘news’ that the Democrats and unsavory characters (hold-overs from team Obama) have been pushing impeachment since even before Trump was sworn in. That is a proven fact. There’s no real point in going over the mountain of evidence of how the Trump campaign was literally spied on, infiltrated by lewd fellows of the baser sort, and set up for a phony investigation (investigating what, no one knows) which was really a two year cover-up for Obama and Hillary. The so called “Deep State” was ‘shown the man’ and a crime had to be uncovered. As Mueller failed to find anything…

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SpyGate2: If First Schiff Don’t Succeed, Lie Lie Again! — Occupy Democrats Parody

Truth often told through humor: Click the underlined link below to get the full benefit. 🙂

October 3, 2019Occupy Democrats Parody Some believe the eyes are the window to the soul. As wide as the crazy bug-eyes of Adam Schiff, one would still be hard pressed to find the most faint glimmer of whatever shriveled soul might possess this agent of darkness.

SpyGate2: If First Schiff Don’t Succeed, Lie Lie Again! — Occupy Democrats Parody

arlin report thought of the day: just a thought, but how realistic?

HELP THIS GO VIRAL………. lets see where it goes!

We the People of the United States, should we initiate a petition which would request other nations of the world to help us out by investigating presidents present and past, along with any congressmen/women? COULD go something like this:

‘Dear nations of the world, We the People of the U.S. are doing our own investigation of our miserable elected officials and we highly suspect many are corrupt, and may be in association with corrupt individuals in your countries. Any information and proof of ANY such corruption would be beneficial to both our countries. Here attached is just a fraction of the American names signing this petition: Continued below………..

While this IS a highly unprecedented request (and our government may claim it to be illegal) we live in an unprecedented time, for all our nations. It is time the people of all nations throughout the world take their countries back, back from those corrupt in our governments, Democratic and Socialists alike.

We the People of the U.S. believe in the sovereignty of all nations, and the surge of corruption may be from those who desire, work towards a one world government. That is only one reason for corruption, personal greed and POWER are a couple of others. That being the greatest. Corruption in government is our greatest enemy. An enemy all our countries have in common. Let us help one another get rid of the corruption epidemic. Provide any of your information and proof with your most highly trusted press. Let us together bring our countries back to the people.

If you do not hear from me soon, I have been censored! However, there are millions behind me. ! Sincerely, the People of the United States of America. We thank you!’

Far fetched I know, but hell this is just my Thought of the Day. However, wouldn’t it be interesting? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how it would be accepted? Most likely it would be hushed in many nations, never even reach the people. And of course our government would probably say its illegal to do, that we do not have the right to communicate and make requests from other nations. They will always try to have the final word. They may even push back the individual(s) pushing. After all freedom of speech is fading.

nancy pelosi said: “No one is above the law”

Yep, she said it today. She has said it before. But, Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite. If she actually believes “No one is above the law”. Hillary Clinton would be in jail. James Comey would be on trial, headed to jail. Those are just a couple of high profile examples. Most in congress believe they are above the law. I can think of a Muslim law maker that married her own brother. Fraud. There is a lot of FRAUD in Washington D.C.

Oh and Joe Biden, after giving your little televised press conference to bash Trump today about the Ukraine thing(s), I’D WALK AWAY FROM THE PODIUM WITHOUT ANSWERING QUESTIONS TOO!

This impeachment inquiry announced today by Pelosi is mostly about 2020. This is political strategy being launched by the Speaker.

When they investigate Trump on the Ukraine during impeachment, they’ll have to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden on the Ukraine as well. Hunter got a nice pay check (or cash possibly), without any knowledge in the gas industry. NONE! A nice little benefit awarded Hunter following VP Joe’s (daddy’s) arrangement with the Ukraine.

beto o’rourke smoking the same weed as aoc

(ALSO, and I need to state this right at the top): Beto recently stated he would fine Americans that don’t FOLLOW THE LAW, when ordered to sell back (or when confiscation begins) their guns (for now AR-15 and AK-47s) as your president. Will now, he wants Americans to follow the law but doesn’t mention he wants illegal immigrants (LAW BREAKERS) to follow the law when they enter our country illegally. THAT’S OKAY with BETO!

We haven’t seen this much goofiness in government in …………. well never! Beto O’Rourke is just like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), doesn’t think before he speaks. He then doubles down with even dumber illogical attempts at justifying his “what I will do as president” comments of his futuristic fantasy policy. Beto must be going to bed at night and sharing the same weed with AOC or maybe Hillary.

Beto O’Rourke as president would (attempt) to confiscate AR-15 and AK-47s from the American owners. (This would only be the beginning, the way in to a future TOTAL gun confiscation). These tricky politicians always find ways of sneaking garbage legislation past us by taking a little bit at a time. A little hear a little there until we are left empty, with nothing. Beto wants to implement a buy back plan! DEAR BETO, WHEN HAVE YOU EVER SOLD SOMETHING BACK TO SOMEONE THAT NEVER SOLD IT TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE? LET ME SAY THIS ANOTHER WAY! LISTEN CLOSELY: YOU CAN NOT BUY BACK SOMETHING YOU NEVER SOLD IN THE FIRST PLACE. I realize you think as a socialist that the government is automatically a business partner with all businesses in the U.S., that you have ultimate decision making rights with all. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. BY THE WAY, YOU ARE THE EXACT REASON WHY WE HAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT IN OUR CONSTITUTION.

The more Beto O’Rourke speaks the further he gets from a nomination as a candidate for POTUS. As we would have said in the sixties “OUT-A-SIGHT!!

Thank God, I am confident O’Rourke will never be president.