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seriously need to watch this………

This is just a little over an hour of viewing. I watched the entire video. It was worth it. Much of it is hard to follow/understand……..because it is about our Intelligence/national security. If you only watch the first 15 minutes you’ll have gotten the main point. If you watch all of it, you’ll come out believing the inside job of our own agencies that are turning our nation to socialism, through deception, lies, corruption. You know doing what socialists do.

No one is held accountable because those who are charged with holding others accountable are corrupt themselves. But we knew that. A hint, Barr and the other guy we’ve been waiting on to make some arrests/indictments are themselves Deep State actors. Oh and our voting machines were hooked up to the internet and numbers sent to Serbia and back (flipping votes, flipping numbers); via Venezuela and Germany as well. The Democrats have been stung and they know it.

the great reset plan…..triggered by covid….destroy the middle class……. new world order, distribution of wealth, your wealth

Biden’s team anxious to implement 4-6 week lockdown. Some cities and governors are ordering ACT II of the lockdowns. Another lockdown will destroy small businesses that barely survived the first lockdown. The government does not care………it is about control and they don’t care how many people die to get it. More people will be affected from a lockdown than they would from the virus. They want a total economic collapse. There is much more to this, digital IDs, digital monetary system………all under their control. Who is they………..Illuminati, Bilderberg’s, Rockefeller’s, Soros, Obama’s, Biden’s………….just tossed them in, they know what is happening.

For our own good, for our own survival and future of our children…….we must rid this pandemic under our plan not government’s. We are losing our rights……..we are giving them up. We are no longer governed we are ruled. They, government want to control ALL aspects of our lives. This is not a conspiracy theorist’s scare. This is freaking real, it’s happening. If you think not………just look at COVID. People died from COVID, an INTENTIONALLY DEVELOPED DISEASE. People did not die of natural deaths from a disease called COVID………..THEY WERE MURDERED, to scare us into doing whatever we are told! Dr. Fauci just told us “Now do as you are told”!

not weird at all, it makes perfect sense!!!

I found this statement on Parler. I don’t find it weird at all that people would vote for Republican representatives and then vote for Biden……….why? Because it is much easier to commit voter fraud on one candidate than it is on multiple ones. They were only interested in getting rid of Trump. This is not about electing Joe Biden. It never was! They would rather have an incompetent senile aged wreck than 4 more years of Donald Trump’s draining of their residential swamp of D.C.


arlin report thought(s) of the day: socialism is making it’s mark

There is absolute widespread voter fraud in this election; and I suspect it is part of the coup to remove Trump. They’ve been trying to do this since day one. This has been an organized……a very well organized scheme. There is suspicion, and in many cases proof of massive voter fraud across the nation. First they tried to destroy Trump with (plan A) a sex scandal…….a scheme, then (plan B) Russia Russia Russia collusion hoax, then (plan C) a phone call that led to impeachment. You don’t think these same people wouldn’t scheme to steal the re-election of Trump? They absolutely would!

They, the Democrats, have been planning (for years……plan D) and now have executed this scheme to remove Trump with this sham of an election. Guess what folks, you should absolutely question whether your vote means anything anymore (if they get away with this massive fraudulent election). Welcome to Socialism, many of you asked for it, now you’re living it!

They, the Deep State Swamp had to remove Trump……..he was exposing way too many, some we may some day be shocked to learn who they are……..if we the American people ever decide enough is enough! DOJ and FBI are full of scum.

Nancy Pelosi, while peeing in her skirt, has now proclaimed Joe Biden as the President Elect. Wow! Nancy, who the f……… made you queen?

Joe Biden, the senile, racists, and treasonous Democratic candidate may well be taking the White House in January. He will not be in charge……..he isn’t capable. Kamala Harris will be literally standing by Biden’s side ready to let him fall, so she can slide on in.