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Judge Who Signed FBI Raid Warrant Trashed Trump on Social media, Worked for Jeffery Epstein, Democrat Donor. — Political Arena

Judge Bruce E. Reinhart The judge the FBI went to not only has made social media posts trashing President Trump, but judge Bruce E. Reinhart, was a prosecutor against Jeffery Epstein, who it seems suddenly came into some money to start a criminal defense law firm and within days of quitting the prosecution team his […]

Judge Who Signed FBI Raid Warrant Trashed Trump on Social media, Worked for Jeffery Epstein, Democrat Donor. — Political Arena

Unprecedented action by our governing bodies…………high corrupt agencies. ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY!!

Hmmmm. The most corrupt continue on as though they have nothing to fear. Why wouldn’t they, they’ve had nothing to fear as they protect one another, lie to We the People at every turn. The police state, the CORRUPT FBI…….have stepped into unchartered territory. Of course they’ll never have to justify or be honest about it…………..they’ll just respond with “We/I can not respond over an on-going investigation”. They’ll just do as they please as they have been since Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower. The most corrupt agency is charging full steam ahead in this Biden Administration POLICE STATE. Isn’t it interesting all this when it’s been announced 87,000 IRS agents will be hired. 87,000!!! That is 1,740 per state! They apparently anticipate coming after a lot. The rich? Not on your life. The middle class always pays the most. That is $2,610,000,000 at a very modest $30,000 a year salary. You can bet that is a low ball number! They are coming after us!

Don’t give me any of that “If you just pay your taxes on time you have nothing to fear”! This is the Biden Administration’s revenue raising program, like the Inflation Reduction Act (that has no inflation reduction ways)……’s part of their program. It is deception!

I believe the American people are about to be highly underestimated. First of all, the average American is smarter that the jackass’s in D.C. I believe we are crossing into the We Have Had Enough Territory! January 6Th? Washington has more to worry about than January 6th. I will leave it at that………………..for now! (Hint…….. are they trying to force us into a revolution, or are they just not taking us serious enough!)


Pence is a wimpy loser. He stands wherever he thinks the flow is moving. Guessing wrong!


Here we go again, Pence is part of the Elite RINO Republicans who keep butting into our Republican Party by splitting the votes and giving the Democrat’s the victory. Romney did it with Obama, McCain did it with Obama, and they stole the 2020 election – down and dirty. Since they can’t pull another steal – is Pence going to be working with Soros/Globalists to bring in money to work against Trump – if he runs. The Democrats are bound and determined to make this country a socialist country. Plain and simple.

Remember, Pence worked with the Democrats to give them the 2020 stolen election.

Also, we need a business man in the President’s office – not another thirty-year politician who makes promises he hasn’t been able to achieve in the past. No politician should stay in office 30 years and continue making promises to make things better as…

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Balladeer's Blog

On this 8th day of the 8th month, let’s take another look at some recent political cartoons.

This first one deals with the callous Joe Biden’s word games while the working class and the poor suffer under his policies.

biden recessionUp next is this non-cartoon reminder from Australia’s Ross McLean about the way China gets its money’s worth from Joe Biden.  

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Anywhere else, as long as it does not involve me ….

Goomba there is no accomplishments from KJ’s administration. NONE! I wanted to vomit last week when I heard a Democratic rep apologize for criticizing Biden, then refer to him as a great president. That is how delusional these people are! All illegals should be bused to Democratic cities. Cleaver idea! Let them live with what they create! (Arlin Report comment)

The Goomba Gazette

NYC Mayor Eric Adams blasts Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after second bus of migrants arrives: ‘This is horrific’

Mayor Adams accused Abbott’s administration of failing to notify New York when the buses are leaving

Hey Dude with the ear piece, you are the fools that put K J in office and support his incompetence

I said this so many times before; the idiots that initiated and approved of opening the floodgates and support the insanity of Kamikaze Joe, never thought it would affect them. Now that they are starting to feel the pinch they do not like it. As long as it affects everybody else in the country and not them, they could give a shit less.

Car-mella accurately said, you got what you voted for.

There should be more of the same, spreading the illegals around the country to all of these progressive cities. When it starts biting…

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