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Half As Many Kids Are Out For Vaccine Side Effects As For Testing Positive With Wuhan Coronavirus

Tai-Chi Policy

In one school in the U.K., 30 kids are out because they’ve tested positive – note that we don’t know how sick they are, they could be just fine, and probably are.

14 are out sick because of vaccine side effects. We are endangering children by vaccinating them against a virus they are practically immune to.

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China’s Plan to Invade American Soil! —

SURPRISE! Can you Speak Chinese? Better learn soon. And how do you Like rice? What can you trade for with three bowls of Rice? Again, Get Ready. But you Ready. You say you always Ready…didn’t you? Stupid Folks do Stupid Stuff. And Too many Stupid Folks are so Humping the Pooch that they are Not […]

China’s Plan to Invade American Soil! —


Is Food Rationing Coming?

Cleveland Foxers

If you didn’t get the jab, you might not get food. Starving people into submission is a proven method of Communist dictators. I think we can expect it here soon. They will do anything to increase and maintain their power. Your life is unimportant to them and TPTB don’t mind killing you.

Is Food Rationing Coming?

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MN Prager Discussion Group

Our Purgatory Is Their Nirvana

One man’s anarchy is another’s road to justice.ByVictor Davis Hanson

October 20, 2021

Sheer chaos and anarchy on the border?

Afghanistan—the most humiliating defeat in recent U.S. military history?

A labor-starved supply chain in shambles and holiday shelves emptying out?

The worst inflation in 30 years that seems soon ready to match Carter-era levels?

Gas hitting $5 a gallon with winter heating fuels soaring?

Free-for-all looting in the major cities without consequences?

Joe Biden’s policies and Biden himself diving in the polls?about:blankabout:blank

Never in recent American history has any administration birthed such disasters in its first nine months.

Yet most Americans are arguing not over the sheer chaos and disasters of the Biden Administration, but rather how could such sheer pre-civilizational calamity occur in modern America?

Were these disasters a result of historic incompetency? Or mean-spirited nihilism? Or a deliberate effort to create the…

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COLORADO ELECTION MALFEASANCE: Interview with Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters: “This information is showing election fraud on a very high scale”

American Buddhist Net

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.– Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters has been back in Grand Junction for about one month now. Peters stayed in a secure location temporarily, after making election fraud claims that lead to what she calls serious threats being made on her life. And for the first time since being home, Peters agreed to talk withKREX 5 in an exclusive interviewto tell her side of the story.

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