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(2288) Adam Kinzinger’s Oscar Performance – YouTube

Kinzinger and the rest of Pelosi’s clowns are more concerned about the events of Jan. 6th than all the days of rioting across the nation. Kinzinger shows little to no concern about his own state of Chicago in Illinois (his home state). Constant shootings with multiple fatalities on a daily bases, he failed to mention this!

Trump:The American Years

One day of it was enough. Don’t give them the ratings. if you don’t watch at all they will get the message. If you watch they’ll think it’s a big deal. I’d wait for the memes. They’re better.

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arlin report thought(s) of the day: most deathly virus? government

Our government is a greater threat against our nation than ANY virus! They have been making us sick for generations. THEY are what is killing us with corruption and lies, and it is spreading!

The real deathly virus? The government……… We the people are the only cure! Government must divide what they fear, the American people. A united people is their only fear! Lawmakers do not fear one another……..only US.

Video: Dr. Fauci takes mask off after Congressional hearing when cameras shut off — Political Arena

When the cameras are on vs when he thought the Cameras were off. Dr. Fauci is a fraud — Melissa Tate (@TheRightMelissa) July 28, 2021

Video: Dr. Fauci takes mask off after Congressional hearing when cameras shut off — Political Arena

P.O.S. Lying Turd! The government’s lying political corrupt tool against the American people! Our government is a greater threat against our nation than ANY virus! They have been making us sick for generations.(Arlin Report comment)



Our corrupt government is using illegal aliens as bio-weapons.

You know sometimes I wonder if should even talk about how corrupt the N.W.O. is. It’s a waste of time. Eventually every dumbed down citizen will realize their life is in danger. To be honest I think my time would be better spent brainstorming on how to stop these evil people.

There’s nothing else left to prove. It’s about time to route these heathens.

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The Alinsky Play is Clear – California State Joins New York City and Veterans Administration in Mandating Vaccination Shots for Employees, Simultaneous to CDC Changing COVID Test – The Last Refuge

Comment on Vaccines


Found this comment on ‘Waking Up 1984’

Just saw this posted on Facebook! All very true!

Out of all the vaccines I have taken in my life: Tetanus, rubella, measles, mumps, polio hep, TB;

Never before have I seen so much confusion over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask, and socially distance even when fully vaccinated.

Apparently I could still contract or spread the virus even when fully vaccinated.

Never had to have a double shot, never been bribed by establishments to take the vaccine in order to win a car, cash, or other prizes. Never before has a vaccine be available in Primark…!

I never had to worry about cardiac issues and or blood clots and DEATH as a side effect.

I was never judged if I didn’t take it.

I was never discriminated against for travel or other regular services.

The vaccines I have…

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Clown Show: Adam Schiff Gets Choked Up During January 6 Hearing, “God Help Us” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

They constantly put the most corrupt, lying jackasses up front all the time, do get their best shot at their desired outcome. Everything in Washington D.C. is CORRUPT…….A SCAM. EVERYTHING! (Arlin Report comment)

Truth2Freedom's Blog

And the Academy Award goes to….

The January 6 Select Committee is underway and it’s a total clown show.

RINO loser Liz Cheney attacked Trump’s White House during her opening statement.

Weirdo RINO Rep. Kinzinger started crying like a baby during the “January 6 Select Committee” hearing.

Now this…

Russian collusion truther and serial liar Adam Schiff got choked up and could barely speak on Tuesday during the hearing.

“If we’re no longer committed to a peaceful transfer of power after elections if our side doesn’t win, then God help us. If we deem elections illegitimate merely because they didn’t go our way … then God help us.”

Says the impeachment ringleader who spent years lying about Trump-Russia collusion.


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