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Scam Watch: Grandparent scams — WPMT FOX43

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– Preying on the elderly is a form of scamming that is being utilized more and more today. These scams may involve trying to confuse an elderly person by either distraction or misrepresentation. Today on FOX43 Morning News, Mary Bach from AARP is stopping by to offer more on tech support scams.

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Glenn Close heads to Michigan to campaign for Democratic senator — New York Post

“I’m going to go do a fundraiser for Debbie Stabenow because if we lose her in Congress – Debbie Stabenow has been one of the great champions for mental health in the Senate,”

via Glenn Close heads to Michigan to campaign for Democratic senator — New York Post

Glenn Close is right!!   There are a lot of mental health problems in the Senate!


Definition of transparent: Action, method, or procedure that lacks hidden agendas and conditions, and complies with the disclosure requirements of transparency …  Saying what one thinks, feels.

When was the last time we had a truly transparent president?  You have one, but the Democrats and actually most Republicans in DC are anything but transparent and want to shut Trump down.   Everything in Washington is hidden, especially agendas.   Most non-transparent…….Obama.

Trump very transparent……..and Washington can’t handle it!  Washington and especially the libs, want Trump gone, only way to keep him from exposing them!



Image result for photos of Tiger Woods on Sunday


The PGA must find a way to bring more PGA golf tournaments to the St. Louis area.  The crowds last week and particularly the weekend were massive.   The PGA Champion, Brooks Koepka said he never saw or played for such a large crowd.   And given the huge attendance, the behavior was excellent.

The “Get in the hole” shouts were rare, the jeering was not heard.   99.99% of the fans were respectful, even to the players they did not want to see beat Tiger.  While the week belonged to Koepka, Sunday, Tiger put on a show, and nearly pulled it off.   Koepka, however kept answering.   Tiger needed to card a 62 to pull Koepka into a playoff, but Brooks’ 66 was enough to keep Tiger into 2nd place.

I followed Tiger a few holes, my legs told me no.   So, I camped out on 17 and 18 and watched the board.   I will never forget the roars.  There was a Tiger on the prowl.

It was great excitement, thanks for the memories guys!