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arlin report thought of the day: charging mccabe or a clinton pass

The Feds are “THINKING” about charging McCabe for at the very least lying. THINKING? How much THINKING would it take to charge you or me? It wouldn’t take any thinking on their part, they’d just do it to us common folks.

If the Feds, Barr have more and bigger fish to fry then they can show us commoners they are serious and mean business to start with this little minnow! Of course it’s the little people, the grunts that do all the hard work of the FBI that want this uppity FBI Comey-ite McCabe charged.

Speaking of Comey, from all indications it looks like they (DOJ) are going to give him one of those Clinton like passes, on the “I’ll always be free trail” as well.

Has the purpose of investigation in our government on themselves become “only to be used when they need to know who, what and how much they need to cover-up”?

Well I AM FED UP! Pun intended!




So a coup was being planned if needed.  It ended up being needed, didn’t Mr. McCabe?  All this started under corrupt Obama!

The FBI’s Trump Panic — Peace and Freedom

McCabe reveals how officials contemplated a bureaucratic coup. . By The Editorial Board The Wall Street Journal Feb. 18, 2019 11:49 a.m. ET . Andrew McCabe in 2017 PHOTO: ALEX BRANDON/ASSOCIATED PRESS . The American people have largely taken the disruptive Trump Presidency in stride, going about their lives and expressing their approval or not the constitutional […]

via The FBI’s Trump Panic — Peace and Freedom



This is not just an act against the President.  This is an act against the American people.   We decide who is to be president, not a small group in a government agency as the Department of Justice and FBI.  Talk about an injustice.   This is treasonous.  These people are on somebody else’s payroll, with their own agenda.   I will say it, everything starts and leads back to Hillary Clinton, somewhere.  It is a dirty path filled with scumbags.

McCabe…….who made him in charge? Arlin Report thought of the day!

We the People, yes that would include us deplorables, hillbillies, righties, NRA members and the what-have-yous elected Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.   McCabe and his buddies decided in a deep, dark back room that they’d find a way, anyway to get rid of him.  Screw what we think, they know whats best for us.  Sorry, I still smell Hillary Clinton’s nasty undies!