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Sanders: Trump doesn’t understand the Constitution — Everybody Loves Trump

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via Sanders: Trump doesn’t understand the Constitution — Everybody Loves Trump

That coming from a Socialist!



Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are already running independent campaigns.    The Donald is fighting an establishment; for the most part a Republican, business as usual and most importantly controlled insiders party.  They are doing everything they can to keep Trump from the nomination, legal or illegal; there is no political justice in this country; not for a long time.   Make no mistake, Trump is an independent, little to no support from THE PARTY, the established Republicans.  Trump is an independent, he is just using the Republican ticket, he knows and they know it!  They haven’t been able to stop him, “possibly” until Cleveland anyway.

Bernie Sanders, same thing; a SOCIALIST, running an independent campaign; using the Democratic ticket.

Trump and Sanders are trying to avoid a 3rd ticket; but they are both independents who have invaded the Republican and Democratic Parties.   Divided them if you will.  Up until now anyway, the Establishment parties have been outsmarted.

Don’t you just love a post that doesn’t mention the corrupt Dark Arkansas Princess!



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Dear Mr. Trump, did you learn anything…….we’ll see going forward.   It’s Iowa, not DC, they like Ted there; stop saying nobody likes Ted.

Dear Mr. Cruz, remember, Iowa seldom picks a winner….they liked Santorum too.

Dear Mr. Rubio, horseshoes, hand grenades and close but no cigar.

Dear Mrs. Clinton (traitor), evidently when Iowa has a socialist or a traitor to choose from, half will take the traitor and half will take the socialist.

Dear Mr. Sanders, what does that tell you when half of Iowa will take a traitor over a socialist?   No good choices on the Democratic side.   Dems will be looking for an emergency back-up.

Dear Mr. O’Malley, you really were Mr. insignificant.  It must really hurt this morning that Iowa chose a traitor and a socialist over the all-American boy next door.   Even Rubio went up……..

Mr. Paul, Mr. Christie, Mr. Bush, Mr. Kasich, Mr. Carson, Mrs. Fiorina……go home!



I’m not going to do percentages, just the order of finish.


Trump 1st, and I take Rubio in an upset for 2nd, Cruz 3rd.    All other candidates are insignificant in Iowa.  They become more significant once they drop out.


Sanders in a narrow upset of Hillary to take the top spot, and Mr. Insignificant 3rd.

Cruz needs snow, lots of snow to keep voters away, but hopefully his bus doesn’t get stuck again.   Stuck in the mud was a sign!  🙂 A bad sign.

There you have it, the first Arlin Report Campaign 2016 caucus/primary predictions.   Of course my predictions are insignificant.