Obama State Dept. Pushed Russia Hoax MONTHS Before Election Posted by Ryan James | Jul 22, 2019 When it was released earlier this year, the 449-page Mueller Report revealed no so-called collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. That begs the question: why was there an investigation in the first place, and what […]


arlin report thought of the day: jeffrey epstein suicide attempt? or

My first thought, no, this isn’t the kind of guy that commits suicide. He is too arrogant, thinks his wealth will get him off. My take, he had a jail cell visitor. A Clinton connection if you will. Oh, don’t act like that is ridiculous! Crazy things happen within the Clinton Cartel. The cartel is real!

Robert mueller: I can’t get into that, ummm…. I won’t get into that.


My assessment, Robert Mueller was extremely overpaid. Did Mueller actually investigate anything, or much? He didn’t appear to know much about what was even in HIS report. By the way, he didn’t write the report, most likely. He didn’t exactly claim to have. So, it was an attempt of something from his staff of Trump haters. Oh and Mueller’s appearance today, his testimony, it was almost like he wasn’t even there. Mueller admitted the 9 min. news conference statement where he announced he was closing the office, etc., etc., etc., and that the report WAS HIS TESTIMONY, was not written by him. Just what did Mueller really do?

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, what a freaking ironic joke. Ignorance leads Intelligence Committee!

I pray that if I ever need to go before a court and jury of my peers, they are not members of the United States Congress judiciary committees.

Meet the woman who ties Jeffrey Epstein to Trump and the Clintons — Defending Sanity in the Uppity Down World

Very deceiving article below: Woman and her family (father) knew Trump’s family (father). Doesn’t mean Trump’s tie with Epstein was as a buddy. Everyone forgets Trump booted the sex offender from his hotel, refused Epstein from membership in his golf course. Now the Clinton association, that is another matter. Slick Willie (Bill) and Hillary only use people, for money and sex, whatever they can get.


arlin report: thought of the day, but is today the 7th day or the 1st day of the week?

On the 7th day God rest. I know a friend of mine probably has an answer, but why did God need a day of rest? He is God after all. And if our day of rest is Sunday, why is it the first day on the calendar? Different cultures and religions have it different though.

I know the Romans and religions have a lot to do with it. And does it really matter?


50 years ago i watched the moon landing and the walk, i remember

I grew up in Union, Missouri with a population of about 5,000 in 1969. I remember that historic lunar landing and watching Neil Armstrong step foot on the moon’s surface. It was pretty exciting for a 16 year old about to turn 17 and begin his senior year in high school.

I worked part time in the evening and on week-ends at a teen-center, which was only 3 blocks from our house. The center had a lounge with a sofa, a couple of chairs and most importantly for THAT night a T.V. There were only a few teens in the center, we all gathered in the lounge to watch the astronauts work their magic and become national if not worldly heroes. There is a lot I remember. I was sitting in the middle of the sofa, with a friend on each side. There was also this smart ass that lived a couple of blocks from me that always tried pushing my buttons. I always ignored him as there is no honor in popping the mouth of an idiot a couple of years younger……..until now. More on that later, hey it’s part of what I remember.

When Armstrong made that first step on the moon and made that now famous declaration (which I don’t even need to repeat) you could hear a pin drop. It was the quietest I ever heard the teen center. All of us watched with amazement. It really was happening, just as John F. Kennedy had challenged us to do. I also remember Kennedy’s speech that pushed America to explore and achieve beyond what was thought to be impossible.

It was a wonderful moment, the landing and first steps, we all shared the time “together”, everyone enjoyed the history being made before our eyes. Then that smart ass, as a smart ass must do, tried to ruin it. This jerk, yeah the one that was always trying to intimidate me, had to find my breaking point. He knew I wouldn’t get sucked in to his smart mouth, I wasn’t like him. As I said “There is no honor at that age to pop someone in the mouth younger than you.” Well, he finally made a mistake, he struck first. As I was watching T.V. from the sofa, the punk got up from his chair walked in front of me and stomped on my foot. I took that foot and kicked him in the butt as he passed by. Oh, but he immediately returned, while I am sitting he came up and slapped me in the face. That was it, the moment he must have been waiting for. He obviously did not expect my reaction, I forgot about worrying about what was honorable. I rose from the sofa, walked towards him and punched below his right eye, knocking him completely out of the lounge. Now, the lounge door was near the entrance door to the center. There was a big picture window in front next to the entrance (the center was previously a furniture store). In front of the picture window on the inside was a wooden railing, inner fence of sort. The boy, the punk, sailed out of the lounge, through the rail and nearly reached the window. I was actually for a second gasping I may have put him through the glass. He got up, slowly, looked at me in horror and ran out the door. He ran the two blocks to home. About 15 minutes later his older, bigger brother came to pay me a visit. I never got to speak with him, the other teens in the center this magical night informed big brother what happened. His response was “So he got what was coming?” Yep! Younger or not, the child needed a lesson. I gave him one.

This is how remember The Moon Landing!

The Moon and MAGA

This article is well stated, and asks great questions. In one phrase to me it asks “What happened to us?”

David's Commonplace Book

On this date fifty years ago, the first men landed on the Moon. I really should have written something in advance the anniversary of one of the most important events in human history, but I have been busy and the date almost slipped past me. I could have written something profound, but I’m afraid this will have to do.

The only thing I really have to say on this anniversary of the first Moon landing is this; why did we stop going to the Moon? Why wasn’t the Apollo program followed up with bases on the Moon, sending men to Mars and the other planets and a long-term commitment to manned space exploration? It is as if we reached the Moon, won the space race with the Soviet Union, and then gave up. We’ve had the space shuttle, but that was just running in place. Private industries could have taken…

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