Judge shreds Soros-backed prosecutor, moves to hold her in criminal contempt: ‘Rudderless ship of chaos‘ | Fox News

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Judge Michael Noble announced he will appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the contempt case against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, the city’s top prosecutor, and Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Desilets after no one from Gardner’s office appeared at a trial and subsequent hearing in an assault case involving the wounding of an 11-year-old girl.

“It appears that Ms. Gardner has complete indifference and a conscious disregard for the judicial process,”

Judge shreds Soros-backed prosecutor, moves to hold her in criminal contempt: ‘Rudderless ship of chaos‘ | Fox News

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Al Sharpless is at it again ……

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Sharpton threatens to protest McDonald’s over racial discrimination, putting fast food chain ‘on notice’

Sharpton’s National Action Network accuses McDonald’s of failing to address allegations of racial bias

The National Action Network, a non-profit civil rights activism group headed by Rev. Al Sharpton, has warned it will “mobilize” against McDonald’s unless the fast food company addresses accusations of racial discrimination.

Big Al must be strapped for cash again; He just crawled/slithered out from under another rock trying to shake down The Golden Arches. I am anxious to see just how weak Bud is. Once you donate to the thieves, they never stop coming around.

I would think that one of these days everybody would get tired of this guy’s bullshit and tell him to go fuck himself. The Palmade kid Has to be one of the sleaziest/ shakedown, snake oil hustlers people on the planet.

I’ve asked this question…

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History’s Most Important Event Part 1 | Pathway To Victory

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For two thousand years, Christians have wondered, “When is Jesus coming back?” Well, no one knows the day or the hour. But we can be certain that Jesus Christ will indeed return, just as He promised. Dr. Robert Jeffress looks at the culmination of the Great Tribulation when Christ finally returns to Earth.

— Read on pathwaytovictory.podbean.com/e/history-s-most-important-event-part-1/

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Whistleblower to testify today on US government involvement in child trafficking

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On Wednesday, a whistleblower is set to testify in front of a House Judiciary subcommittee that the United States government has been operating as the “middleman” to a multi-billion dollar migrant child trafficking operation,Fox Newsreported.

The alleged child trafficking is believed to be taking place via the unsecured Southern border of the US. The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement will be evaluating the number of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border on Wednesday’s hearing.

Three witnesses are testifying at the hearing, which is titled “The Biden Border Crisis: Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children.”

One of those testifying is Tara Lee Rodas, a former employee, and whistleblower at the Department of Health and Human Services. A copy of Rodas’ testimony, obtained byFox News, will detail the US government’s alleged role in child trafficking at the border.

“Today, children will work overnight shifts at…

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What Happened in Hospitals During Covid?

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More died from influenza and were never tested for it! Blatant murder!

Check out this Article from AmericanThinker
By Stella Paul

Hospitals should be places you can trust to provide comfort and healing when you’re most vulnerable. But that trust may have been shattered by brutal Covid protocols that critics claim turned many hospitals into hellscapes of systematic medical murder.

The victims’ stories have been muffled by the mainstream media, but they’re starting to break through. For one thing, lawsuits against three hospitals have been filed in California by 14 bereaved families who claim their loved ones were killed by a deadly protocol. Meanwhile, activist organizations like Protocol Kills, the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, and American Frontline Nurses are collecting and documenting stories from bereaved families about what happened to their loved ones when they entered a hospital hoping for healing and, instead, were led to bizarre and tortured deaths.

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The COVID Trojan Horse: It’s Time to Move Beyond this Diabolical Deception to Understand the Real Agenda!

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On April 19, 2023, Robert Kennedy Jr. announced his candidacy for Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Kennedy said after taking the stage.

“My mission over the next 18 months of this campaign, and throughout my presidency, will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country.”

To begin to understand this Covid Trojan Horse, Kennedy’s speech in Berlin, on August 29, 2020 to over one million people becomes a critical starting point.

“ I must say one more thing … they have not done a very good job about protecting public health but they have done a very good job of using the quarantine to bring 5G into all of our communities and beginning the process of a digital currency which is the beginning of slavery …“ ” The pandemic…

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a "Backwoods" Conservative

Well, it was this past Tuesday morning that Joey made it official that he is running to be re-selected as our *president. And in so doing I can only hope that he, at the same time, succeeded in motivating all good and decent people, regardless of party affiliation, to come to the aid of their country. Because it should be obvious to even the most casual of observers, that this country will simply not survive another four years of the madness that is currently being inflicted upon it! But for the American people to succeed in staving off what would clearly be a calamity, they must do that which the Democrats fear most and have spent decades trying to prevent.

You see, in order to prevent that which the Democrats seek to do this country Americans regardless of sex, faith and even race, will be required to come together and…

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