Hope all of you are well. I haven’t been posting like I once did. Finding I have little significant influence, and probably was fooling myself that I ever did. Just trying to make a little difference in the world. Not even posting many Thought(s) of the Day anymore. Feel like I am just repeating myself. Corruption is never going to end and I never believed it would, but……..a little true justice would be good to see once in awhile where it would really matter. The Deep State, along with elites who think they rule us (and have been) accompanied by a totally corrupt media are destroying our quality of life and our freedom. We are constantly lied to, deceived (which is destructive lie) and we have been worn out because of THEIR relentless, power striving selfish manner. Citizens don’t fight back like we once did. We cave in. We have allowed our power of will to be dragged down, where there is or we see little hope in any change. Our government is an organized destroyer of HOPE.

Those in governing positions in our nation pretend to OPPOSE ONE ANOTHER to find solutions to our problems. Instead they spend most of their time fundraising and hounding us for money to keep their sorry butts in office. Their true opponents are the American people and that they are united on. They don’t work for us, they work on us, against us. Just look at the characters in BOTH party’s across this land, especially the ones in both houses of Congress and the White House, along with governors. They are pathetic jokes. Clowns! And we don’t vote them out, because we allow a corrupt system.

We don’t have a president! We have a committee chosen by the Deep State (controlled mostly by a Socialist Democratic Party) ruling as they please. Power and world control. Destruction of Americans and America is their goal in our side of the world. Bring down America, the world will follow. Globalism!

I don’t usually go political on my Bible verses I post. But, it’s the most viewed article I post anymore. I am taking about a 10 day vacation. Will not be posting during that time. Will be my longest drought in about 9 years. I hope to come back fresh and inspired. The one hope we can count on is Christ! That I believe and He lives for us!

Have a great 10 days!

Here’s The Truth About Criminals Pouring Over the Southern Border CNN Is Trying to Hide

What Did You Say?


Read more at https://thefederalist.com/2022/10/18/heres-the-truth-about-criminals-pouring-over-the-southern-border-cnn-is-trying-to-hide/

CBP agents patrol on a boat

Author Elle Purnell profile




CNN’s Dana Bash is trying to make the number of dangerous criminals pouring over the southern U.S. border sound far lower than it really is.

Bash said while interviewing Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on Sunday, claiming to cite Department of Homeland Security figures.

“I’m going to have to disagree with you on that figure you just put out,” Lake countered. “We don’t know what their background is. There’s a reason they’re trying to get in unnoticed; it’s because they have a criminal background.”

“We know that [DHS has] tracked down terrorists, they have tracked down people wanted for murder,” Lake continued. “We’ve got people with rape records, you name it, we’ve got hardened criminals.”

Bash doubled down.

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Pelosi’s Drunken Husband & Insider Trading. How Did He Know & What Did He Know? Who Told him?

The Mad Jewess

Pelosi’s Drunken Husband, Insider Trading. How did He Know & What Did He Know? Who Told him?

Inquiring minds wanna know. What did Paul Pelosi know and when did he know it? Or does that question only apply to sucker Republicans who are demanded to obey the law as their fellow Democrats get away with murder? (Literally)

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently disclosed that her husband exercised Alphabet stock call options in September.
  • The options were exercised just over a week before House leadership unveiled a bill that would ban members and their spouses from trading individual stocks.
  • Pelosi’s husband also sold call options in NVIDIA and Micron Technology for a loss over a month after Biden signed theCHIPS and Science Act of 2022into law.

I dreamed that Pelosi’s face was in a mud puddle of murky water in the street some…

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This Is Going To Be A Winter Like No Other — The Economic Collapse

Truth2Freedom's Blog

It is starting to get cold outside. Are you ready for a winter that will be unlike any other? As I have been documenting onThe Economic Collapse Blogfor months, the nightmarish global energy crisis that has erupted is not going to end any time soon. In fact, it has the potential to get a whole lot worse in 2023 and beyond. Energy prices have already risen to absolutely absurd levels, and now winter is coming. Unfortunately, many forecasters are warning that this winter is going to be a doozy. Colder than normal temperatures are expected across much of the northern hemisphere, and if that actually happens that would put a tremendous amount of strain on the system.

For example, just look at what New England is potentially facing. Accordingto the Wall Street Journal, residents of the six states which make up the region could actually experience…

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Corrupt DOJ and FBI Attempt Coup d’état of Trump Presidency and Get Away With It — The Gateway Pundit

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In December 2019 we asked why no one was being indicted for the attempted Coup d’état of the Trump Presidency. The answer is that no one.

The Lincoln assassination was part of a coup that thankfully failed only a couple of weeks after Lee surrendered to Grant. President Lincoln was given only a few days to celebrate his amazing accomplishment of preserving the union while freeing the slaves. Then he was dead.

Those involved in the assassination were rounded up and four individuals were hanged.

Four Were Hanged In 1865 Democrat Coup Involving Lincoln’s Assassination

We wrote:

InApril 1865the young country of the United States of America ended its Civil War. Only days after the war ended Republican President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The war started when Southern State Democrats seceded from the Union and started their own country. These Democrats would not recognize the Republican President of…

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Report: Biden Pressured El Paso Mayor To Cover Up Border Crisis — Conservative Review

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The Biden administration urged the mayor of El Paso, Texas, not to declare a state of emergency over the border crisis because it would make the president look bad, the New York Post reported Monday.

The post Report: Biden Pressured El Paso Mayor To Cover Up Border Crisis appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Report: Biden Pressured El Paso Mayor To Cover Up Border Crisis — Conservative Review

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Hunter Biden whistleblower: Joe Biden ‘is about to be betrayed by his own party’ – YouTube

Greatest crime is a corrupt DOJ, turning it’s head and covering up for traitors. They are all traitors. American people are the suckers. We let them get away with this. Government wants Jan. 6th to be the issue. It is not! (Arlin Report comment)

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Hunter Biden whistleblower Jack Maxey reveals new information surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop, Joe Biden’s involvement, and more – via Newsmax’s Eric Bol…

— Read on m.youtube.com/watch

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