Read the article from STORYLEAK regarding Russian evidence against the U.S., UK and Israel as co-conspirators on the 9/11 attacks.
I won’t get into the details here, I will let you read it for yourself. I will say the article is pretty convincing and only creates more questions.
One question I want to find the answer of: How did two extremely, solidly constructed towers that were struck high from the ground by the planes, collapse from the very bottom? If the towers were only struck by the planes, from the section struck on downward should have pretty much stayed in tack. The area above the contact I understand would have been destroyed. I am not an architect, but common sense here spells it out. The buildings collapsed, totally. I am convinced there were mass destructive explosives at ground zero. There is much more to this than planes popping those towers from the air.

Edward Snowden’s interview with Brian Williams – you know the part of the interview that NBC censored; Mr. Snowden stated our INTELLIGENCE knew of the threat and even had names given to them by none other than the RUSSIANS. His comments fall in line with the “Russian Evidence”. There are blogs and articles all over creation with this story. You can go anywhere and again read for yourself.

If anything more ever becomes of this, yes it should be shocking…….but not surprising. We have a history of conspiracy in this country. Most concerning is if truth becomes known – what are we as a people, as a nation going to do about it? God help us if we only continue to watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and all the other side-attracting BS instead of recovering and protecting our country for ourselves and our children’s future.


Hillary Rodham Clinton is getting great press for her new book “Hard Choices”, after all controversy sells.  I’m going to Vegas and betting this will be a Best Seller.  No, I didn’t blue-line it here, I refuse to help her sell her book, as if she needs help.

Unless you aren’t breathing, by now you’ve heard about the chapter on Benghazi.  Here is the comment creating all the excitement:      “I will not be a part of a political slugfest on the back of dead Americans.  It’s just wrong, and it’s unworthy of our great country.”   Now here is a quote from me……”Spoken like a true politician about to go on the campaign trail.”   This is typical of how our so-called leaders deal with difficult matters, by not taking any responsibility or facing accountability.   That is what she is telling me.

Does she really think she is going to avoid a political slugfest as a candidate?  Hillary’s comment will be like pouring gasoline on a fire, from partisan and non-partisan candidates.

I don’t know if Hillary Clinton is responsible for what happened to our people in Libya or not.   I do know she was in a position to be more responsible than she apparently was, along with our President and other government officials.  It’s difficult to place our trust in our leaders when events such as Benghazi occur on their watch.

Hillary, you may be or become a great author someday.    I would rather see you write more articles and books; whether they are non-fiction or fiction, as of now it’s difficult to tell the difference.

We have only just begun.