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Stay with me edition

If you read anything, read the last 3 paragraphs of this article…..Just above a sinking Lady Liberty! And think….THAT IS OUR LADY!

Law of Markets



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…but before I fade away, there is something important I need to say. It may not be important to anyone else; but it’s important to me. Win, lose or fraud…President Trump, I just want to say thank you for the last four years. Thank you for making it cool to be an American again. Thank you for showing us that we don’t need to be under China’s thumb anymore economically, or any other way. Thank you for one of the strongest economies we’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Thank you for all you have done for the minority communities, and the outstanding decrease in the unemployment rate you had. Thank you for making it feel good to love our country and to be a proud patriot again. Thank you for supporting our Nation’s flag and the men and women who fought for the freedom that stands behind that flag. Thank…

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Google continues to interfere with this blog. For documentary purposes. BIDEN SAID WHAT? “TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE It has something to do with banning fracking according to the fake news. OMG! PRESIDENT TRUMP Plays the BEST CLOSING VIDEO OF ALL TIME at Butler, Pennsylvania Rally (VIDEO) Something is wrong with his belfrey. kommonsentsjane


arlin report thought(s) of the day: just a little congeniality please

A little congeniality would go a long way. Is that too much to ask from our government officials? Are they too blind, so blinded by their own power hunger they can’t see the destructive division? Or maybe, maybe they just don’t care. Many of them, especially the most publicly visible ones, the higher ranking ones are doing a disservice to our nation. They are not taking their oath of office seriously. In fact the oath and Mr. Schiff the Constitution means nothing to many of you.

I understand being congenial is difficult when you are being attacked daily and being impeached. If the children in the House and the Senate can not show any signs of adulthood, it is up to the President, as our leader to swallow a little pride and be the better person. Be the leader, not just in the room but for all to see.

If I were a presidential adviser to Donald Trump, I’d recommend for him to extend a congenial hand to Nancy Pelosi. Don’t kiss her behind, don’t give in to your principles. Extend that congenial hand, show a willingness to work for what is in the best interest of our nation and leave the personal wars aside. If she and all others can not accept it, then they will be more exposed. The American people will see who the adults in the room are. There may always be an elephant, but there must be more adults. If those acting like children continue to act like children, we the American people will know who they are and will deal with them (or we should). We all can use a little more maturity.

You may not be liked, you may be hated by many; even if you do not have a congenial personality you can be congenial when you need be. Swallow some pride, be the better person. It will go a long way. If they do not follow (and we all know who “they” are), you will be better for it. We will be the better for it, “they” will pay the price. That is why we have elections.

So, President Trump, kill her with kindness……… if it drives her crazy, she doesn’t belong there. We’ll see it. That is all you need. Not even Mike Bloomberg can purchase that away from you.

Mr. President we look to you before any other!

go to the lid blog on adam shchiff

The Lid Blog https://lidblog.com/

There is an article in The Lid Blog that is a must read. It involves Adam Schiff’s activity beginning two-three days prior to President Trump’s July 25th phone call to the Ukraine President.

No you can not make this stuff up!


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Maybe you don’t care to.  I haven’t written much lately.  There is only so much you can write about protests, protesters, the media, on and on.  The patterns pretty much stay the same, pretty much come from the same side……left.  I’m tired of writing about the snowflakes…..would like that word to go away, go back to being a normal winter element.

I could write about President Trump, but I prefer to give him a chance and see how things fall.   Its only been a small sample, even though he has been very active.  I will say he is doing much of what he spoke of doing during his campaign.   Won’t say much about Hillary and Gowdy……… where that goes, will see how that plays out as well.    Will just say no one but no one is or should be above the law.

Anyway, I haven’t had much to say…….I’m in a thinking mode.


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