A bit sarcastic I admit.   But, we know about Clinton love of, thirst for, greed and will do anything for money,  including selling uranium that does not belong to you personally.   Lets step back to the Clinton White House, the NAFTA Agreement, the one sided agreement that benefited the United States ever so slightly if at all.   Knowing the Clintons, they don’t do anything they can’t profit from.

What underlying, back room deals, favors, payoffs, promises did the Clinton Crime Cartel gain/profit from NAFTA?   I’m betting there is something……..a lot of something.  I am suspicious of everything Clinton.  Especially now, some things just don’t click until years later.    We know the Clinton’s loyalty is to their own pockets, not the American people.   They’d sell us to the highest bidder.



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What should be an ideal geographic and economic location for Amazon’s sweepstakes for its 2nd headquarters is likely to be given only mild consideration.  St. Louis would be the near perfect location, centrally located, Mississippi River, a major airport, railways etc. etc. etc.   However its major, and I mean major roadblock(s) is a labor force lowly trained, a high protest/riotous area and high crime, which includes shootings and murder.   Why would Amazon build or purchase a building/facility that risks having its windows knocked out or burned?

There are as many negatives about coming to St. Louis as positives.  Regional attitude of its citizenry is a huge problem.   Its called racial unrest……..   Why would Amazon take such a risk?  I could be surprised, but I’m guessing Amazon goes elsewhere!

In the spirit of Olympic competition we’re going to chip you!

Originally posted on Flurry of Thoughts: The head of an association of Olympic athletes wants to require anyone who participates in the Summer or Winter Games to be implanted with a tracking chip to prevent the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Source: Track this! Olympians now face implanted chips

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No, get your mind away from that direction…….. But what I am talking about really is filthy, a filthy mess.   One of our greatest obstacles and its been this way for quite some time; those in position to hold people accountable for, what is now an overwhelming corrupt, massive lawbreaking society are themselves corrupt, lawbreaking individuals and often organizations.  James Comey is the new poster “child” of what our government and its agencies of accountability have become.   Ask yourself, who do I trust?  It doesn’t matter who our Attorney General is…….. there are things that have happened, happening that he/or she sets by and does nothing despite tons of evidence.   Evidence that is easily shown/proven in a social media world.   Hell, morons leave traces and trails of evidence behind…….but certain elite individuals get by with crap you and I would spend life behind bars for.   HILLARY!     Why are we putting up with scum bags destroying our nation and get rich by selling us out…..treason is at an all time high.   HILLARY!

Can we not see the circle of corruption, I’ve got your back, I’ll cover for you……and its a big circle of corruption at the highest level.   Its a club, its a criminal political cartel.  It won’t change…….unless we stop it.   The Swamp should be in prison by now!

Sean Hannity Discusses Uranium One Scandal With Sara Carter and John Solomon

Some articles really must be posted and reposted and reposted. This Uranium One deal by Hillary during the Obama administration is a perfect factual example of a corrupt and treasonous, I don’t care what you think, you can’t stop me, I’m too powerful (in my own mind), I’m going to get richer selling America out mentality. And…..I have plenty of dirty people around me to carry it out; and the sweet thing is you won’t do a damn thing about it!

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The thing is… It really is a scandal.

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