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Arrest the Usurper = Barack Hussein Obama Warning to all patriots of the United States of America you have a duty to share this urgent information by Cindy Northup: Oscumba’s anti- American terrorists are ready to strike our homeland. Subject: FW: Unmasking the Real Threat I do not understand how living in a country […]

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It is amazing how the Democratic left can disregard its own crimes and corruption, while the right, not short of their own allows them to skate by…………they are all in bed together.

Double standards, hey average Joe, you’d be in prison for what the Clintons have done.   Money Laundering and Racketeering just name a couple; while AG Sessions sleeps.

Fushion GPS: Just follow the money

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Fusion GPS is a commercial research and strategic intelligence firm based in Washington, D.C. The company conducts open-source investigations and provides research and strategic advice for businesses, – Wikipedia

Another words, a firm for hire to do your dirty work.   Pay them enough and they’ll put together a pile of crap to smear political targets, what they can’t find they’ll just make up.  They apparently are hired for specific results and will give you what you want to hear; professional set up artists, framing.  It isn’t surprising Crooked Hillary Clinton would use a crooked firm to smear Donald Trump.   Hillary Clinton and the DNC leaders must go to jail.  Sessions wake the hell up!

The McCain Mutiny — Brittius

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer: Captain McCain, steel balls in hand. New Zeal By: Thomas Wigand ? ? The classic 1954 movie “The Caine Mutiny” crescendos with a court martial. Charged were crewmembers that had relieved Captain Queeg of command during a storm, citing as their defense their fear that his mental…

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AG Jeff Sessions should have the busiest job in D.C.   Has anyone seen Jeff Sessions?  If you can’t get indictments now……. it is a sure sign of collusion on both sides.    Do the right thing, actually work for The People for once.

I believe Jeff Sessions’ heart is in the right place, but he does need to grow some testicles.

Is Sessions afraid of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Cartel?   It is beyond time to stand up to the Clintons.


Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks uses a protest oppression to exhibit his own racial attitude.   If he was serious about improving racial relations, expressing power over another certainly isn’t the way to do it.  It only makes matter worse.   Lack of intelligence is great detour.   NFL ratings and attendance will continue to drop.   Soon salaries will need to drop in order to sustain a league of these highly oppressed spoiled phonies.  Blacks make up 70% of the NFL player base and 83% of the fan base are white.   Do the math, the fan base, not necessarily the % but the total number is rapidly dropping.   Follow the money, 83% white………. They do not understand where their bread is buttered.   They are creating greater divide.   It would seem they are pushing for segregation.