More Mind-Blowing Fraud From The Obama Administration

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Source: More Mind-Blowing Fraud From The Obama Administration


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The Climate Change Summit in Paris, what will come from this conference of world leaders?   A pack to attack climate change theory based on bogus evidence.

Have they invited representatives from ISIS?   Will it matter?   The bigger picture or question:  Why doesn’t Obama and other leaders attacked ISIS and world terror with the same aggressiveness as climate.

Answer:  They are ignorant on both.

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up!


It has been often said that Donald Trump says exactly what is on his mind, that he echoes the middle class in America.  Trump doesn’t concern himself with being politically correct.  Are we seeing the real Donald or are we getting something else?  Is it all an act?

All candidates have a bit of Hollywood in them.  They put up a front, sometimes an attitude, political correctness and play to the crowd.   Today they’re with you.  Tomorrows crowd they’re twisting and turning what they said yesterday to cover; “Here is what I really meant” or “I was taken out of context.”   They after all are out for one thing and one thing only, convince you to vote for them.   That is what campaigns are all about, forget about sharing a platform, that changes once elected.   Would that be true with Trump?

Are we seeing the real Donald Trump on the campaign trail?.   Here is a thought I haven’t really seen anyone raising about Trump and his  campaign:    We all know Donald Trump is a highly successful businessman.  He had a very popular television show the celebrity Apprentice.  We viewed Trump weekly with his critiques, comments and firings.   Trump is a high-profile businessman and often his dealings are much more public than others.   He takes on big projects, purchases and overhauls.   He turns them into the best in the world.   That may be the only similarity between his business mind and his political mind we are seeing.   “I will make this country great again.”   We will be the best, it’s the everything I touch turns to gold mind-set.   There isn’t anything wrong with that.   I want us to have the greatest economy, the greatest producer, number one in education, the best healthcare, the strongest military.   There isn’t anything wrong with that attitude.   Here is the difference in Trump the businessman and Trump the campaigner.

Trump isn’t, in my opinion anyway, handling his campaign like his business.   His intent to be president is to operate the government like a business.   But, when he opens the mouth from behind a podium, something outrageous too often comes out.   I’m not talking about, the “Make America Great Again” slogan.   It’s the mocking of Carson with the belt buckle or mocking a disabled reporter.   Those type of acts from the Donald.   I like a President that sets the bar high reaches for the top, goes after nothing but the best.   On his TV show, you didn’t see this craziness, the outrageous comments.   I doubt you saw it in his business boardrooms.   Trump is known for his business savvy, his shrewdness,  very strict and professional.   Often we do not see that professionalism on the campaign trail.  I’m not talking about a professional politician, we’ve had enough of them.   I want to see Trump as professional on his pursuit of the White House as he is when he is interested in another golf resort.   I want to see that Trump.  He doesn’t go into any of his business meetings or board meetings dancing with a belt buckle or smacking other businessmen around.   Does he, I could be wrong?   I just don’t think he got where he is except for being shrewd and for being compassionate about his deals and profession.   That is what we need in a president, someone who will deal with the world with compassion, with what is best for America with the shrewdness of a successful businessman.

That is the Donald Trump I want to see, if he really wants to be president and make this country great again.   Is that what he really wants?   Sometimes, too often he doesn’t ACT like it.