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You may not like Hannity on Fox. You may not like Mark Levin, but this man’s perspective/insight on America, what it was and what it is and can be is remarkable. Levin tells it like it is, and shoots nothing but TRUTH BULLETS.

If anything needs to go viral it is this video linked below. Help me ………by helping yourself and all of us. This is a great start to getting our country back……..it is being taken from us!!! Do it for the children! America “is” waking up. Many are still asleep, right along “Sleepy Joe” and his authoritarian administration, Susan Rice………Kamala Harris……..Nancy Peolsi………Chuck Schumer……..Adam Schiff……and most of Congress…..oh and yes Obama! Watch the video, then make it go viral!


such attention for sleepy joe: (arlin report thought(s) of the day

D.C. ramps up massive security plan in leadup to inauguration | WTVC
ABC News

We could all use a little humor right about now. We’ve seen a lot in the last several days, weeks and months/ (okay years, many years) to make us cry, shake or heads and wonder how we placed so many idiots in a position of representing us.

We think we are about to witness the swearing in to the presidency of a man who thinks he is the funniest man on earth……since……will I don’t know who. The campaign period was certainly the most comical in at least modern history.

Think about this for a moment: Joe Biden could not get more than 20 cars to a campaign free bar-b-que and beer rally; a few folding chairs spread 20 feet apart, YET they think he will draw a crowd on the “scheduled” Inauguration Day, where all these thousands of troops are needed? I agree there maybe more protesters/rioters in attendance than those wanting to watch this historic moment. What transpires on the 20th will indeed be historic. No matter what!

Another thought: If the Left, the Democrats, the Democratic Socialists Party (and with the assistance of foreign interfering countries like China, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Vatican) knew that Biden was going to win the election (via cheating, rigging as Italy does in fact claim); why spend so much money in the campaign? China contributed their own money, they own Biden anyway; they are just feeding their boy. Seems like a big waste. What could be done for mankind with all that? Why? Because they really don’t give a single cent about you and me. And we keep raising people like Joe Biden on a pedestal. Beautiful use of taxpayer money. They should all be swept away!