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Kamala Harris admits the Democrats have needed therapy

Trump drives Democrats/liberals and Socialist Democrats as well NUTS!   We saw the reaction in 2016 when he won the Presidency fair and square and according to our Constitution.  We saw the tears, the screams the Zombie look when their Princess Hillary LOST.

Now, a Democratic hopeful for their party’s nomination for president acknowledges some of those whom she refers to as “us” (no Kamala not all of us) has needed individual and group therapy.   She said some of us…….. would that include you Kamala?

At first I thought this must be a joke (the video of Kamala’s therapy necessity statement).   It comes from a post by the Tea Party.   Now I don’t hold everything the TP says to be the solemn truth, actually I don’t take their word for anything; but make no mistake about it, the video is clearly Kamala Harris, and her comments about therapy are hers.   Now this must be an accurate description of the Democratic/liberal followers, as we all know Kamala is THE representative of their thoughts and feelings.   She is so close to “her people” she can feel their pain.

My thoughts, this proves the instability of the Democratic Party.   Donald Trump’s election and his residency in the office of The President have many Dems in a state of a near nervous breakdown; while some have reached a total breakdown.  Some have shown evidence of insanity.   Adam Schiff, and Schumer come in mind. Nancy has always been off her rocker.   If this is what drives you crazy to a point you need mental therapy Kamala, we certainly don’t need a president that loses it when the heat is on.

See Kamala’s comment in the video on the link below.


Governor in small New Mexico border town drives residents crazy over no crises here comment.

Funny how the people least involved or have less experience with a social situation know more than those who directly experience the problem.  The people in this town see the evidence of a crisis and live in fear everyday, but the governor and Pelosi and Schumer ( as well as most Democrats) from afar say “No crisis at the border”.   Pelosi, Schumer and Adam Schiff would wet their pants if they saw what these people see in their back yards.


Good, but only partial list of those who have yet to be raided by FBI: GUNS DRAWN


HILLARY (that would be Hillary R. Clinton)                                                                                      Obama (Yes former illegally elected, Kenya born, president)                                                      Comey (FBI former director)                                                                                                              McCabe   (FBI connect)                                                                                                                        Lynch (DOJ)                                                                                                                                            Strzok (FBI)                                                                                                                                              Page (FBI & Strzok’s lover), hey raid Strzok & you might get two for one here (bedroom)  Rice (Obama’s cover up liar)                                                                                                                Brennan (Just like Hillary, opens his mouth and BS spills out)                                                    Ohr (Is this guy trying to save his own neck suddenly?)                                                            Clapper (The name says it all)                                                                                                            Holder (DOJ, what justice, liar in charge wants to be your next President)

No, no FBI dirties here!  These people are great examples of Socialists tools, personnel, whatever you want to call them.  Basically it is a horrendous failed system, a system of chaos and destruction.   Unfortunately and sadly they are winning.  The American people need to re-engage.   Oh, and they count on election fraud to assure corrupt politicians remain in power.  This is why the likes of Pelosi, Schumer and now Cortez are so vital to their Deep State cause.  Welcome all illegals, we’ll get you to vote for Dems, no citizenship or ID required, you’re a new member of the Democratic Party.    Only requirement, vote Democrat!  If you do, we’ll get you a job picking crops, landscaping, a nice home (not even our homeless Vets get this perk), healthcare (for you and your disease infested family).   ALL FREE, will sort of, our wonderful natural American citizens will continue to pay for you illegals!   No problem, Nancy and Chuck promise!  Have no fear of Trump, we are desperately tying to get rid of him.   (Count on it, this by your favorite Socialist Democratic agenda).



Hah! POTUS Trump Releases Video Showing Hypocrites Schumer, Obama and Hillary Pushing Border Security — Daily Browse

Let’s not do a shutdown, Democrats – do what’s right for the American People! pic.twitter.com/bZg07ZKQqo — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 13, 2018 Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted for the US-Mexico Secure Fence Act of 2006 providing construction of 700 miles of double-fencing along the US-Mexico border. The border barrier was NEVER […]

via Hah! POTUS Trump Releases Video Showing Hypocrites Schumer, Obama and Hillary Pushing Border Security — Daily Browse

They don’t want to do this, they don’t want Trump taking credit for anything.  Anything the liberal left (DEMS) is against is probably a great idea and good for the country.   Dems would destroy the country, just by opposing Trump left and right.   Any pun intended!

KOMMONSENTSJANE – Tom Cotton: Schumer’s Political Operation Along with Preet Bharara Were Behind Christine Ford’s Hit on Kavanaugh — kommonsentsjane

Senator Tom Cotton dropped a bomb this week on The Hugh Hewitt Show. Cotton blamed Schumer’s political operation for being behind the Christine Ford operation from the very beginning. Christine Ford and her close “beach friend” Monica McLean. Cotton pointed to Ford’s friend Monica McLean who worked for Preet Bharara, an outspoken Trump hater and […]

via KOMMONSENTSJANE – Tom Cotton: Schumer’s Political Operation Along with Preet Bharara Were Behind Christine Ford’s Hit on Kavanaugh — kommonsentsjane


Give credit to Chuck Schumer, he is relentless.   Not real bright but relentless.    Just moments ago, he gave a news conference, then went on the Senate floor and cried foul!  He continues to defend Dr. Christine Ford, despite an ADDITIONAL background investigation by the FBI (that Schumer demanded), that did not confirm Ford’s allegations.  Ford either flat out lied, or was horribly mistaken in her story against Kavanaugh.

Sen. Graham was right, the DEMS will never be satisfied, it will never be enough.  They got what they wanted in a seventh investigation, but not the results they wanted.  Sen. Feinstein pointed her old, crooked finger at Trump, that he tied the FBI’s hands from giving a complete investigation.    Lets see, Trump gave the FBI until Friday, but they apparently didn’t need all that time, as nothing led to confirming Ford’s story.

If Schumer and Feinstein want to expand the FBI investigation, then it should also include an investigation of Ford.   She appears to have lied about flying, her front door and giving tips on taking a polygraph.   Investigate her for perjury………..  Chuckie, Dianne, is that what you want?   And by the way, Feinstein created this mess.