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Arlin Report thought(s) of the day: investigative matters

“No one is above the law.” That was a quote by? Just about anybody and everybody in the Democratic Party leading up to and during Trump’s impeachment. We heard it over and over again from people like Schumer, Pelosi and Schiff. What they really meant was ‘No one is above the law, unless you are a Democrat.’

Now, Senator Harris doesn’t want any time or tax payer money be used to investigate (get to the bottom of) Biden and Burisma. Nor will she want the Obama Administration drug into an investigation of their scandals. She (Senator Harris) will throw up her arms in favor of another Trump impeachment attempt.

On another note: Pelosi complaining about, making derogatory remarks about Trump again today. However, finding it difficult to understand the reason for her comments and what she is even really saying. BUSINESS AS USUAL!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: pelosi has tanked

Just when you thought stupid couldn’t get dumber………. let’s just say stupid has reached an all time high in Nancy Pelosi. If she had an once of life in her that was worthy of any respect, it is now GONE! This bitch (yes bitch) should be held for treason, forget impeachment.

We’ve heard we are in a war against the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Pelosi and many Dem-wits along with her should be charged with WAR CRIMES.

Could it be most of us are in an ordered lock down to keep us in place so we don’t march on Washington and jerk the likes of Pelosi, Schumer (lets toss in Schiff while I’m at it) by their asses out of high chairs into the streets to face REAL AMERICANS.

I am retired living on MY Social Security and pension. I’ll be okay, but other Americans, many Americans are losing jobs now, and those off because their business or work places are closed for now are hurting or soon will. In addition more funds are need for more medical supplies. The problem is URGENT. They need help, but what is going on in Congress……….they are bickering over things not even related to health issues and the immediate economy. The Democrats in particular, along with their selfish, pathetic power grubbing snob ass (Nancy Pelosi) wants all the BS type stuff that originated from the Squad (AOC influence). They are not capable of keeping things on course/on track, focused on what is of imminent importance. They should be capable, they just don’t give a crap.

Nancy Pelosi, acting as though she hasn’t a care in the world. She probably doesn’t. No sense of urgency! NONE! That is the problem, NO SENSE! Pelosi should be toast!


Wash your hands, don’t shake hands with others, don’t touch your face, and use a kleenex to blow your nose, and don’t go out into big crowds for now. Stay away from their campaign rallies because they are all infected with the disease. And don’t listen to the fake news media, Schumer, and Pelosi who […]


schumer screaming foul play from the start

The impeachment circus has begun. Chuck Schumer is barking coverup by McConnell because the process isn’t going the way “he” wants. Gee see any irony here Chuckie? When the shoe is on your foot you want to play by rules, rules that only fit your agenda. It was the Schiff clown show that botched this up from the start. There was nothing impeachable there and Schiff wrote one up.

I’ll give Schiff one thing, he should be close to Hollywood, where everything is make believe.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: former iranian general soleimani

So I guess Iranian Gen. (former General) Soleimani was in Iraq just to visit and say hello? No, lets be real, lets be practical and logical. He was there with a plan, he wasn’t there to share pleasantries. He is about killing Americans, anywhere he can. He was within a 15 minute cab ride from our embassy in Baghdad.

President Trump will respond to an aggressive Iran. He won’t appease Iran by hauling in a cargo plane filled with pallets of cash.

Dear Senator Schumer. We were already in Iraq. Trump did not put us there. He has a right to use the military in response to an aggressive Iran and a terrorist general within shouting and shooting distance. A miscalculation on Iran’s part I’d say.

Our southern border is more necessary than ever. The Middle East has always been, will always be chaotic.

Kamala Harris admits the Democrats have needed therapy

Trump drives Democrats/liberals and Socialist Democrats as well NUTS!   We saw the reaction in 2016 when he won the Presidency fair and square and according to our Constitution.  We saw the tears, the screams the Zombie look when their Princess Hillary LOST.

Now, a Democratic hopeful for their party’s nomination for president acknowledges some of those whom she refers to as “us” (no Kamala not all of us) has needed individual and group therapy.   She said some of us…….. would that include you Kamala?

At first I thought this must be a joke (the video of Kamala’s therapy necessity statement).   It comes from a post by the Tea Party.   Now I don’t hold everything the TP says to be the solemn truth, actually I don’t take their word for anything; but make no mistake about it, the video is clearly Kamala Harris, and her comments about therapy are hers.   Now this must be an accurate description of the Democratic/liberal followers, as we all know Kamala is THE representative of their thoughts and feelings.   She is so close to “her people” she can feel their pain.

My thoughts, this proves the instability of the Democratic Party.   Donald Trump’s election and his residency in the office of The President have many Dems in a state of a near nervous breakdown; while some have reached a total breakdown.  Some have shown evidence of insanity.   Adam Schiff, and Schumer come in mind. Nancy has always been off her rocker.   If this is what drives you crazy to a point you need mental therapy Kamala, we certainly don’t need a president that loses it when the heat is on.

See Kamala’s comment in the video on the link below.


Governor in small New Mexico border town drives residents crazy over no crises here comment.

Funny how the people least involved or have less experience with a social situation know more than those who directly experience the problem.  The people in this town see the evidence of a crisis and live in fear everyday, but the governor and Pelosi and Schumer ( as well as most Democrats) from afar say “No crisis at the border”.   Pelosi, Schumer and Adam Schiff would wet their pants if they saw what these people see in their back yards.