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Image result for photos of Kim Jong un suffering from short man syndrome
quote from Mitzi Ceko:  “I’ve been telling people! This guy has Short man syndrome!                              photo from Pinterest

Short man syndrome, also known as Napoleon Complex could explain a lot about North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.    Talking Tough, just threatened Australia of attack if they remain allies of U.S. and now China (with catastrophic consequences) (see link below).   He always threatens U.S., wants to destroy us.

Short man syndrome is an informal term and not a medical or psychological condition and goes by other names such as ‘Napoleon complex’. Technically it is a form of inferiority complex in which the person attempts to overcompensate for their perceived shortcoming.

Let me be clear, most men of short stature do not have this behavior.


Volkswagen scandal

Originally posted on Ace Global News: BREAKING: Volkswagen ordered to pay $2.8 billion in US diesel emissions scandal — RT America (@RT_America) April 21, 2017 //

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Share this:Two men working for the congressional committee headed by Trey Gowdy have mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. According to phone records, the men were headed into the area with congressional subpoenas to search the private residence attached to the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library. The men, whose identities will remain […]

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