See link below on where covid-19 came from……started in 2015

Wuhan Lab……..who was there?

arlin report thought(s) of the day: joe biden’s “art of the deal”

PolitiFact | Fact-checking Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Ukraine

Today Joe Biden told Iowa he was going to “hold China accountable”. Under Joe Biden, that is not possible. You see “folks” (as Joe likes to call you)……….. Joe Biden is in no position to hold China accountable for anything. He is not in position to negotiate with China any longer. He made his deal(s) with China along with his partner, his bagman Hunter Biden. China paid millions for the former U.S. Vice President, while still in office. You see China is hoping Joe makes it into the White House, they are still going to be expecting some return for their dollars.

Biden said not long ago China wasn’t a problem, not any threat “not competition”! We know now why he said that…………China Joe has been compromised by his deals with China……..via The Biden Crime Family. Thanks to Hunter Biden’s laptop we were exposed to Joe Biden’s version of ART OF THE DEAL (the treasonous deal)!

It is unbelievable the Main Stream Media totally ignores the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt treasonous activity in favor of Communist China against Americans. It is even more disgusting to know those that know of or even suspect this criminal families crimes against America would cast a vote for China Joe Biden because they hate Trump more. Joe Biden may be the single (as far as we know, who knows what is going on in the swamp) most treasonous politician in the history of our nation. There was a time a Joe Biden would have been shot! To think he is on the ballot for the highest office in the world. The same man that Jill Biden has to remind him where he is and where he is going. Can’t remember names of even his opponent. Can’t remember the office he is even running for. Oh yeah………. punch or fill in that circle on your ballot.

Hunter Biden on Tape: My Partner is “The Effing Spy Chief of China….” — Political Arena

Hunter Biden was “representing” the “F**king Spy Chief of China” you think that guy has a bit more dirt in hunter to leverage? Does anyone think the spy chief of China hired Hunter because of his competence or because it was a way to get compromising information on the Bidens? — Donald Trump Jr. […]

Hunter Biden on Tape: My Partner is “The Effing Spy Chief of China….” — Political Arena

Forensic analysis: Burisma executive’s email to Hunter Biden is 100% authentic — WINTERY KNIGHT

Did Joe Biden collect foreign cash through his son Hunter Biden? Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the smoking gun. Although Twitter and Facebook and all of the mainstrean news media tried to run interference on behalf of the Biden campaign, the truth is out. What you heard from the mainstream news media, and big […]

Forensic analysis: Burisma executive’s email to Hunter Biden is 100% authentic — WINTERY KNIGHT

KOMMONSENTSJANE – Subject: Project Veritas hits the Alamo City


This is what happens when you bring in immigrants from foreign countries. There are some who are educated and mostly uneducated and grasping for any dollar to get ahead because the country they left ran their countries in that manner. That is what Obama/Biden/Pelosi are banking on to lose the Constitution and put our country on their level of thinking – nothing but low-down SB’s.

Just watch this and it will tell you the caliber of person/Biden – who people are voting for when they vote for Biden. We allow this by voting for politicians who think in these same terms – just their pocket book.


She needs to be put in jail. Does anyone know who to send this to so this crooked lady and politicians running for election, can be prosecuted?

Subject: Project Veritas hits the Alamo City

This it totally disgusting. We are nothing but a…

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The following information received from Jan at 10:32 a.m. -FYI.

Since we don’t have a newspaper in Harper I’m trying to get the word out. The funeral for Bill Jonas will be at the Presbyterian Church in Harper 10:00 am.

Our condolences to the family.


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“The Guy Who Used His Son, a Drug Addict, to Be His Bagman” – Rudy Giuliani Goes Off on Joe Biden — The Gateway Pundit

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Rudy Giuliani went off on Joe Biden ‘the prince of darkness’ for placing his son Hunter in the middle of dealings with the most vile and violent mafia types in the world. What father would do this to his son?

Rudy called Joe Biden the ‘prince of darkness’ in a video where he goes off on the man wanting to be in the White House who placed his son in the middle of dangerously corrupt situations around the world. Rudy then shared the following:

Joe Biden, the guy who used his son, a drug addict, to be his bag man. Why do you think he lost his teeth at 40 years old? …

Then after listing individuals around the world who Hunter dealt with, Rudy says this:

…What do you think happens to a drug addict, dad, when you put him in with people like that? He becomes a much…

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China: Existential Threat to America
by Gordon G. Chang
October 30, 2020 at 5:00 am

We can, of course, cooperate with a China that is a partner or a friend. We can even cooperate with a China that is a competitor; all nations to some degree compete. The question is this: Is China merely just a competitor? Can we, for instance, cooperate with a China that is an opponent or an enemy?

Multilateralism, the core ideology of the UN, is failing. Countries are bypassing the UN because they realize it cannot provide security. Countries are defending themselves.

China’s unrestricted warfare — a term Beijing has been using for at least 21 years — now includes biological attack.

In late January, US Customs and Border Patrol agents seized 900,000 counterfeit one‑dollar bills from China at the International Port of Entry in Minnesota…. By the way, counterfeiting another country’s currency is more…

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That’s ‘Fine’ With Me


HT Orion’s Cold Fire

So, you think we should ban speech that offends your wimpy little snowflake Marxist butt? How about we have some fair play here? Isn’t turn about fair? And you want the world to be fair, don’t you?

Since Twitter has been working so hard and spending millions to influence the election, let’s get this on an equal footing. Photog over at Orion’s Cold Fire has a great idea to level the playing field just a little. Read on, and check out his site for more good stuff.

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Harris says little to nothing of any disdain for the rioting. Her secret will is chaos and it isn’t that secretive. (Arlin Report)

A vote for Harris is a vote for a Canadian progressive that is more left than Bernie. Kamala Harris Praises BLM, Declares Their Continuing ‘Protests’ ‘Essential’ for ‘Change’ By Nick Arama | Sep 26, 2020 3:30 PM ET We’ve been seeing BLM involved in rioting for months now. But according to Sen. Kamala Harris […]