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They all say and repeat the same dialogue:   He delayed in his response, he should have commented sooner, and why did it take him so long.    Really?  That’s all they’ve got?   I don’t even have to mention here this is on Charlottesville, you know what I’m talking about.   The late night hosts think they’re funny with it and that they are drilling daggers into Trump. Like Trump is responsible for the Confederacy and our history, the KKK and Black Lives Matter.  Lets see they popped (Black Lives Matter) in during Obama’s White House stay.

Flip the channel, you hear the same thing.   Listen in again the next day, either someone else is repeating what others have already said……..or the same hosts are repeating the same lines.   Condemn Trump for delaying…………. hammer Trump.   The Media and Late Night Hosts have as much hate for and possibly more for TRUMP than is being expressed by the multiple extremists groups in Charlottesville, Durham, Seattle and New York, just to name a few, for one another.

The Media and the likes of Colbert and Fallon can’t think for themselves or its the liberal agenda that gets passed around amongst them all.   Here!   Here is todays line.  It all sounds the same.   Trump didn’t respond quick enough to satisfy us.  AND WHEN HE DOES, IT WON’T SATISFY US.   WE MUST RUN HIM OUT OF OFFICE; THIS CHAOS IS JUST WHAT OBAMA, CLINTON AND SOROS ORDERED.


Investigators Find The Alias Loretta Lynch Used To Coordinate On Tarmac Meeting — Nwo Report

Luis Orozco Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used the alias “Elizabeth Carlisle” for official emails as AG, including those related to her controversial tarmac meeting last summer in Phoenix with former President Bill Clinton. These emails were included in 413 pages of Justice Department documents that were provided to conservative watchdog groups American Center for […]

via Investigators Find The Alias Loretta Lynch Used To Coordinate On Tarmac Meeting — Nwo Report

New Found Emails From Huma Abedin Shows Exactly Why The Criminal Investigation Of Hillary Clinton Must Continue — John A Pappas

Oh my gosh! The new uncovered batch of emails from Hillary Clinton aid Huma Abedin confirms really what We The People knew all along that the Clinton’s were involved in pay to play schemes but we are now finding out to what extent. Hillary Clinton was not only accepting monies for pay to play but […]

via New Found Emails From Huma Abedin Shows Exactly Why The Criminal Investigation Of Hillary Clinton Must Continue — John A Pappas

Oh but they want to give Hillary a Plea Bargain…………to escape any prosecution of any kind.


Image result for photos of what a coup in America would look like
Miss leading, a coup that does not favor We the People but We the Establish.   One that protects their interests, possibly keeps many out of prison, such as Hillary Clinton and Obama.  Just to name a few.


coup d’état (/ˌkuː deɪˈtɑː/ listen (help. · info); French: []), also known simply as a coup (/kuː/), a putsch (/pʊtʃ/), golpe de estado, or an overthrow, is the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus.

Elite, as in the Washington Establishment; that have no respect or desire to carry out the will of the people; even by those elected by the people.  We the People have allowed this to happen by electing and re-electing corruption.  This coup is not being carried out for the citizens of this nation; but for the selfish elite, the Establishment, the Dark Government, the underground; which includes most of Washington.   You know them, you elected most of them.  Those in government appointed positions, appointed by these corrupt officials.  Since Trump took office, this secret government has been getting exposed, which has only caused panic among their troops, accelerate the attack against Trump.   Make no mistake about it, they are in an organized coup against Trump.   This is an attack against the American people as well.

This coup against Donald Trump and his administration all because We the People detoured their plan of placing THEIR chosen one, Hillary Clinton in the White House.   It was after all her turn.   She had already accepted all the Establishment bribes in exchange for promises to deliver, nationally and international.   They never attacked Barack Obama, he played his role, his designed part.   Barack was protected, Hillary/the Clinton’s were and always have been protected…….as long as they played the game in exchange for what ever was wanted; they’d deliver; despite of and regardless of what is good for or the best interest of the American people.   We the peasants.

Think about it, we, the American people are already in a war against our own government.   Nothing they do favors or is/and or has been in OUR own best interest.  Robert Mueller is a tool of the Establishment, a corrupt tool.