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The Wicked Witch of the Left Returns?

No Hillary will never be out of the “game” of politics, not when and where she can stoke her corruption and evilness.  (Arlin Report comment)

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Hillary: No, I’m not ever going to “be out of the game of politics”

KAREN TOWNSEND Oct 11, 2021 at HotAir:

Democratic National Convention via AP

Hillary Clinton has a book to promote and apparently ABC is playing host. Hillary and Louise Penny, a Canadian author of mystery novels, appeared onGood Morning AmericaandThe Viewthis morning. Their book, “State of Terror,” will be published by Simon & Schuster on Oct. 12. Louise Penny is listed as the co-author. Hillary Rodham Clinton always gets top billing.

I didn’t watch either program, as a matter of fact, I don’t remember the last time I did watch either show, but the quotes in some reports of the appearances are pure gold. It’s all classic Hillary. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Hillary is never going away. She is going to pop up on television screens and…

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Ten Most Popular Stocks Owned by Congress in 2021

INTERESTING! LOOK at Apple, Microsoft and then the PHARMACEUTICALS! Wonder why, they are pilling and vaxing us to death. MONEY, PROFIT………      Yep, BIG PHARMA, produces all those vaccines to be distributed throughout …….MANDATED BY GOVERNMENT.    BIG PHARMA only gets bigger, richer!   They receive 6-16 Billion in revenue, from your taxes paid.   All those pricks in congress see their stock income rise right along with it.   This is how a middle class man or woman goes to Congress, makes the right insider stock purchases and becomes filthy RICH, as we get financially and medically raped!

Political Arena

Members of Congress are exempt from insider trading laws. This is one reason why politicians start out middle class and come out rich.

This list is very revealing. Big Pharma is well represented as two of the companies make the marginally effective Wuhan Poke.

You can also see that most of the others on the list have huge investments in China. This is why the corrupt establishment went after Donald Trump with such a zeal as Trump was doing much to impact China from ripping us off as they have with these one sided trade deals since the 70’s.

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THE GATEWAY PUNDIT Report: There Were Large Pieces Torn Off – Bubbles Being Filled Absolutely Perfect – 60,000 Illegal Ballots” – AZ Audit Volunteers Speak Out on Disturbing Findings — MUST SEE VIDEO — Personal Blog Media News

Written by Jordan Conradson. The historic Arizona forensic audit has concluded and the hardworking Arizonans who volunteered their time and efforts to fight for our election integrity are finally speaking out. They have been under nondisclosure agreements until now, and they can reveal what they saw while counting ballots in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. In […]

THE GATEWAY PUNDIT Report: There Were Large Pieces Torn Off – Bubbles Being Filled Absolutely Perfect – 60,000 Illegal Ballots” – AZ Audit Volunteers Speak Out on Disturbing Findings — MUST SEE VIDEO — Personal Blog Media News

Watch the video near the end of this article. It will take up less than 8 minutes of your time. That is much less time needed to go vote, and find that your vote has been contaminated…….and someone else voted in your place, or to register, or to go cast a ballot. Essentially they stole your most important right in our nation. This is greater than corruption. This is evil! If you care about your own rights……….you will want to know! (Arlin Report comment)

THE GATEWAY PUNDIT Report: Nearly 700,000 Ballots in Arizona Identified with Issues from the Audit and Canvassing Work to Date. — Personal Blog Media News

Written by Joe Hoft. We determined that nearly 700,000 ballots in Maricopa County have issues as identified during the recent audit and canvassing of the county. These issues are not likely mutually exclusive but give a very good indication that the 2020 Election in Arizona was full of hundreds of thousands of invalid ballots. We’ve […]

THE GATEWAY PUNDIT Report: Nearly 700,000 Ballots in Arizona Identified with Issues from the Audit and Canvassing Work to Date. — Personal Blog Media News

The bottom line of this article is: This indicates the 2020 election WAS A TOTAL SCAM! (Arlin Report comment)

The Capital Riot Hoax — The Real Truckmaster

9-17-2021 The Capital Riot Hoax I have to hand it to them unless it’s Donald Trump asking if they need help the Temple of Democracy is showing they can handle anything that comes their way. The fence is up, National Guard on standby as a backup for the Capital Police and before the end of […]

The Capital Riot Hoax — The Real Truckmaster


And now Americans are dead because HIS withdrawal was backwards!

ignorance creation, what the morons in charge are really up to! (arlin report thought(s) of the day)

I will start off by saying ‘I am opinionated!’ Most of you that read this blog know that. Most of you are as well! You and I are capable of forming an opinion; because we are capable of thinking! Our abilities to do so were formed by learning! We learned how to read, write, and do math! We learned history, science, chemistry and so on because we learned how to read and write! WE DEVELOPED OUR BRAINS! Now let us move on to the dumb asses in charge! Actually they are not dumb, they are evil, greedy, power hungry………., some (many) are globalists. They are your government officials! They are your governors, representatives and senators. They are those we keep putting in charge! Here is what I am getting at! Their reasons, justifications for anything are never (okay seldom) the truth. Their is a buried truthful underlying reason they inflict whatever, everything on us! It isn’t really hidden, not completely. We have to think, use logic to understand what they are doing.

Here is the act that created this blog today: The governor of Oregon has suspended Reading, Writing and Math as a requirement. The reason you ask? Its RACISM! Of course!

I have an opinion on what I just stated. I have an opinion, once again because I am capable of forming one. ‘Teaching reading, writing and math, along with any subject TO ALL is not racism. To suspend the teaching of those subjects (and say you are doing so because of race) IS RACISM. It is insulting to say, and especially create discriminating policy because of one’s color, that they (we) are not capable of learning, THAT IS EXTREME RACISM! ‘ It really is a major part of the dumbing down process!

Let’s remove reading, writing and math! Yeah, so our children’s minds can not be fully developed! To be controlled! After all, we don’t need healthcare workers, we don’t need engineers, we can just rely on a computer or machine/robot to do it for us! Where is the logic in that? What they really want, is for us to stop forming opinions, to stop thinking logically. To stop thinking period. They know they will eventually create lost sheep, zombies! Take this pill citizen, or we have a vaccine here you must take! Just do as we say! Not everyone will buy into this crap and will learn the skills for an advanced society or at least enough to survive. Are they weeding us out?

Where do you go, who can you trust to give your child an education? As we can now see, what is being taught is an attempt to brain wash, control not just what you think, but to think specifically what they want you to think! This is mind control. This is the Critical Race Theory! You are a bad little white boy, bad little white girl! So you can’t read Peter Rabbit, because we know Peter was only meant to go down a white hole. We aren’t going to let black children read Peter, because we know learning to read is RACISM! We can not allow our children to find out that the rabbit hole knows no color! We can not let our children find out that going down that hole, they’ll see black and white rabbits living together. Nope got to control that hole!

They are afraid, that if we continue to think for ourselves we will discover the truth(s) about all they have done, are doing and plan to do. We are in their way……….of a globalist (rule) world.

They want to wreck our ability to create minds smarter than them! Minds of all color! They do not want us to wake up!

Even cavemen were capable of learning! I have an opinion, you do, will your children and grandchildren?

No more writers?

NOTE: If there is an ad on here with a dancing Joe Biden………I had no control over that, I couldn’t figure out how to remove it! I do not endorse his bull shit!


Read the following litany of lies. The pandemic has raised in a very pointed way an important question for American democracy: What is the proper role of experts?  Distrust of our leaders, the press and experts seems to be running high these days, which of course is lamented by our elite class from which they […]


arlin report thought(s) of the day: most deathly virus? government

Our government is a greater threat against our nation than ANY virus! They have been making us sick for generations. THEY are what is killing us with corruption and lies, and it is spreading!

The real deathly virus? The government……… We the people are the only cure! Government must divide what they fear, the American people. A united people is their only fear! Lawmakers do not fear one another……..only US.