buds …… this at the epstein "baby making ranch" clinton claimed he never visited?………yes he did with hillary.

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I do not know where this picture was taken. It doesn’t really matter. They knew each other. They were more than just casual friends. Slick Willie was on Epstein’s plane as the log indicates 26 times. 26 trips to Epstein’s sex island?

The Clinton’s claim they never were at Epstein’s New Mexico “baby-making ranch”. Video surveillance shows differently. In fact Hillary and Chelsea visited as well. It’s a family affair!

Hillary, still considering 2020?

Steve Bannon and the Deep State

Deep State trying desperately to silence, get rid of Trump. The more Trump speaks out, the more of the Deep State he exposes. And yes many are elected officials, working for those non-elected bodies that dominate the Deep State and their agenda. And no, no need to explain who the “god” of the Deep State is.


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Back in 2018 the informative New American magazine did two separate issues, one in January and another in August, dealing with the Deep State and its evil machinations. If you never read these, you need to. I have a few copies of both issues on hand which I would be glad to send out to concerned people for the cost of postage–probably about $3.00. I would send them out for nothing if I could afford to do that but, with my finances, it is not possible.

In this vein, I noted an article on the Zero Hedge web site this morning, October 6th, which quoted former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, as saying that the concept of “Deep State is a conspiracy theory for nutcases.”

I must admit, since he left the White House, I have often wondered who…

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