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  1. HUNTER Biden, still trying to get Foreign governments and companies to hire him…….”AS A CONSUTANT?”; for connection to DADDY. (There is some influence and advantages for you!)……….Joe not exactly popular on international front; except to take advantage of his stupidity. JOE BIDEN IS COMPRIMISED, PLANE AND SIMPLE. TREASONOUS !
  2. BORDERLESS (OPEN BORDER BY JOE BIDEN): They keep coming from everywhere. Now Haitians by the tens of thousands, camping out, trashing our country. Home and land owners near the border fighting trespassing, vandalism and assault. This is destruction of America by Joe Biden and the relentless, selfish, abusive, power hungry Democratic SOCIALIST Party. BIDEN Administration is moving Haitians in the dark of the night throughout the country! This is not a relocation plan! This is part of the DESTROY AMERICA PLAN! There is not enough landfills and trash trucks in this country to handle the garbage coming in! I haven’t even mentioned the female immigrants being raped at the border……..by the immigrants and terrorists entering!
  3. Afghanistan: Total withdrawal fiasco! Take the military out first, leave Americans there (abandon them), leave 83 to 85 billion dollars worth of military equipment to a terrorist organization(s). Arm terrorists and leave our own border open for them to come in (or is it at Joe Biden’s invitation). JOE BIDEN’S INVITATION TO TERRORIST!!! 9/11 meant nothing to this JACK ASS!
  5. Jobs? JOE BIDEN considers people going back to work from being off due to COVID as JOB CREATION! Many, and I mean many are still not going back. Restaurants and businesses are understaffed! Joe Biden never created jobs in his life, except when it comes to HUNTER! Not a job, really just a DEAL!
  6. COVID? Don’t worry, Joe said he has it under control! What he doesn’t have under control: (Dr. ???) Tony Fauci! Joe Biden, following the science……..Fauci science!? Lets see what a donation to the Wuhan Lab can drum up!!!! Then:
  7. Fauci lied to Congress…………but don’t worry, the gutless Republican Party won’t call him back!!
  8. Economy? SHOT! HIGHER GAS PRICES? YEP……… Lets just say: HIGHER EVERYTHING. But Joe Biden is AMERICA’S MAN! RIGHT!

Barack Obama was right! If you want someone to F..k up something JOE BIDEN IS YOUR MAN!

We could go on and on…………. Everything Biden touches, breathes on is screwed up, destroyed! THE BIDEN MESS! EVERYTHING!

Biden got 81 million votes TOTAL,more votes from the black community than Obama Did but Never Really Campaigned(how stupid are you to believe that)? — Trump:The American Years

And guess what you are not allowed to talk about? Seriously,think about this,the President of the United States was BANNED from Twitter,Facebook and You Tube for questioning the 2020 election and claiming it was stolen. Yet,for 4 yrs the intel community,FBI,Congress, the FISA court and various actors including a former British spy Christopher Steele pushed […]

Biden got 81 million votes TOTAL,more votes from the black community than Obama Did but Never Really Campaigned(how stupid are you to believe that)? — Trump:The American Years

Benedict Arnold ????? — The Goomba Gazette

Calls for John Kerry to be investigated for what he told Iran Pro-Israel group wants Kerry to be subpoenaed by Congress https://www.foxnews.com/world/calls-for-john-kerry-to-be-investigated-for-what-he-told-iran Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a leaked audiotape, claimed that while Kerry served as America’s top diplomat during the Obama administration, he discussed more than 200 operations that Israel had carried out […]

Benedict Arnold ????? — The Goomba Gazette

SCUM ! You could remove the question marks in the header! There is no question! The Deep State will never be held accountable. (Arlin Report comment)

all those fears, they are happening!!!

I reblogged an episode from Lionel Nation earlier today. He does a podcast/video, and occasionally I enjoy watching. Some, especially liberals would find him exhausting; probably why I like him. He is a tell it like it is guy. Todays main message was “All your fears are happening”! I am in total agreement.

Think about all your fears about government, think about what you have feared about not just this country but the world; whatever fears you have or had. Chaos? That is definitely one. That is a true indicator that whatever your fears are, THEY ARE HAPPENING. The border……….we no longer have one. Obama-Biden, they wanted that. We got it! Oh you didn’t want Biden? We got him! That nightmare fear came true, proving that IT IS HAPPENING! You didn’t vote for him? Most of us didn’t, that fraudulent election fear we had? IT HAPPENED! Biden out of control? No, he was never in control! Someone behind the scenes would be in control, that was a fear, right? IT HAPPENED, IT IS STILL HAPPENING, AND NO ONE WILL STOP IT, NOT IN GOVERNMENT ANYWAY! We have allowed corruption for so long, that we have become overwhelmed, swarmed by it and our country is in collapse! What happened at the Alamo should have been a constant reminder of what could happen. Difference is we gave up, we’ve caved in, the patriots at the Alamo did not, fought to their deaths. But the big difference, this, our most feared enemy would be from within! IT HAPPENED, IS HAPPENING, WHO WILL STOP IT?

Where has our will, our spirit, our fight, where has it all gone? It most definitely is missing. We have taken up the ‘Oh well there is nothing we can do, just accept everything we are told, ordered to believe and/or do! Because these people in D.C. (and the sad thing is we voted for most of them in) after all they know better, they know what is best for us. Hillary Clinton said years ago, “Government had to make decisions for the people, because only they know what is best for them, they (meaning the people) aren’t capable.” That was to paraphrase, Satan’s rag doll Hillary Clinton.

So, how long do we, WE THE PEOPLE, stand by and watch this country fall in total collapse? You think IT can’t happen, that it would never happen? IT IS HAPPENING! Are we going to just sit on our hands, stay on the couch, stay locked up in our homes, and watch it fall? The COVID thing, the lockdown, the wear those ridiculous masks made it easier for them. You know who I mean by them! Everything evil in Washington, and in our state capitols as well. Some of our cities are still burning, the riots. You know the THEM SQUAD IN WASHINGTON who refer to these as peaceful protests. We just sit by and watch those cities come tumbling down. No, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis etc., etc., when the mayors and govs in charge just allowed it, some like Kamala Harris (your far left socialist VP, soon to be Prez) encouraged it, you are still watching them burn. Is that what we are doing? Waiting till all our cities are in total ashes, so we can rebuild……start from scratch? BETTER THINK ABOUT THAT! THAT BLUEPRINT WOULD COME FROM THOSE THAT TORE US DOWN, THOSE SAME PEOPLE WE ALLOWED TO DESTROY US!

That fence around the capitol in D.C.? They fear we the people, that we would revolt against them. What we really need to do is take a bull dozer to all of Washington, yes all of it. It has become the national headquarters of our nation for CORRUPTION, FILTH, IMMORALITY, ALL THINGS UNETHECAL and yes trafficking (all forms of it). It virtually is the Capitol for National Corruption. Possibly worldwide corruption. I’d say London is a close 2nd. They, the Nancy Pelosi’s laugh at us. Pelosi recently said “I am the House, I can seat or unseat anyone”. They no longer hide their corruption. It’s more than corruption, there are ultimate acts of treason carried on everyday. The stench is so bad, that they don’t even smell it anymore, they don’t care. Black, white, native American, Hispanic, Asian,……….they don’t care. It is all about them and their power surge. AND IT IS FROM BOTH PARTIES. One side plays the bad guys, the good guys, there is no good guys. The other party (Republicans) if they aren’t participating, they are by just turning their heads. The do nothing people, just talk a good game; you know Lindsey Graham, McConnell………those guys. But they get away with all, because THEY KNOW WE WON’T DO A DAMN THING. Will we?

Our fortitude as a nation is in question like it has never been. Will we stand up, face our enemies, which our greatest is within? Our founding fathers, those that fought in the CIvil War, those that stood their ground at the Alamo, and many other events too many to mention; do we have that same will? That fortitude to protect our way of life, to fight for this nation, do we have it? So far, I am not seeing it. It is like we are just standing by waiting for someone to do it. Trump? No………he exposed a lot of it! God is definitely watching, and he has His plans, but we must be the tools that carry it out. That is my hope, He gives us the strength and means to do it, but He also gives us FREE WILL! What is our will? Surely it can not be what we are watching……….this bad, horrific nightmare of a movie.

I need to learn how to drive a bulldozer! 🙂

from american bald eagle to a vulture

Why Is the Bald Eagle America's National Bird? | Live Science
Live Science

This bird has been replace by this bird:

300 Vultures ideas | vulture, birds of prey, pet birds


Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden is the conductor of what may be the largest train wreck in the history of the United States. Never in our history have we been on a path of destruction as we are today; and it is not an accident waiting to happen. Joe Biden has us off track, and we are headed for a total pile up, we are already crashing.

Biden’s handlers have placed the next piece to their socialist agenda puzzle in front of their puppet for another dagger to spear we the people (who elected him ). Joe is on fast track, as his days are numbered; so HURRY UP JOE should have his pen working soon. The people needed some COVID-19 assistance, so our $1,400 checks are in the mail. After all, we aren’t working, we can’t even bar-b-que with our friends and families until July 4th, as long as we behave and obey. Families are definitely hurting just to put food on the table, pay the rent or mortgage. So get a stimulus check out to them, as a reminder that we are dependent on the government (The Democratic Socialist Party and Joe Biden). Then they’ll pound in a major tax hike……after all, the American people are too stupid to know the tax hikes will more than cover those stimulus checks. Trouble is we won’t be benefiting. They have to pay for all those perks they gave their own regions, the blue states. They’ll even tell us that they are only raising taxes on corporations and higher income folks! Folks, Joe’s false word for trying to convince us he is one of us. So, it’s the socialist give and take scam. Just what does the “higher income bracket” mean to Biden and his gang of outlaws? Anybody not collecting an unemployment check? He told us he was going to do what he is doing! And we are to believe this man was elected by a fair election? Right! No, it had to be a massive cheating affair. The Democrats could not take another 4 years of prosperity. Trump had to go, he was interfering with their plan. They even gladly accepted the help of foreign nations. It only took a little payoff. China would certainly help Joe, he is their investment, their American Ace Card.

Build back America greater? Mask them up, shoot them up with vaccines, keep them home, let them fall further in debt, make them more dependent, we’ll send them a check, that comes nowhere near what they need; to go back to work and earn real money. Dependency is the core of socialism. It will eventually put us all in the same class, the bottom. The upper class, the elites will even shrink.

I only know a small handful of people that voted for this clown. They proudly let you know they are liberals. They just wanted Trump gone, because he was a mean talker. They didn’t like his personality. No, they preferred a corrupt life time career Washington elite politician. These people are the same ones that will be crying like hyenas when they see their 40 1’s shrink; but will try and blame Trump yet. The great robbery, was the theft of our election.

Being from Missouri we’ve seen from our own history, robbers. Jesse and Frank James and their gang, robbed corrupt rail road companies and banks. They started out by robbing from the RR that stole from their family, mainly their ma and pa! The James Gang was kind of our Robinhood band of thieves. They were sympathetic to everyday people. Yes they shot a few bankers, railroad execs and a deputy know and then. When they weren’t hiding out in Missouri caverns they enjoyed life among the common people. Our government and their crooked administrators are robbing from us, the everyday folks, the common people. They don’t really like us much, they want to keep us in place; so they do fear us. This is why they will continue to tack on anti-gun legislation when they can. They peck at us a little at a time. But now America’s symbol, the American Bald Eagle has been replaced by a vulture. A couple of years ago vultures in mass numbers were hanging out around the Lake of the Ozarks. They were destroying cars, boats, other property, and who knows what they did to other wild life. They were more than just an inconvenience. They seemed to have since moved on! But these government vultures have no intention of moving on. They are on a deadly, destructive mission. They want total control of the American people. Add on an open border, Obama couldn’t do it himself, though it was in his plan. No, he was waiting for Hillary, now he has his sidekick…..China Joe to finish us off. Obama, Hillary and Joe Biden, all globalist. They will come to aid of the world and drain the American people, make us just like them.

We don’t need an intervention, just a real awakening. Some of us have been awake, some are waking up……..we need to be a tidal wave, and take this county back. Joe Biden is a fraud. He always has been. Make America Better………not his game. He even took Trump’s Make America Great and Great Again slogans and spun it to his Better theme. So, far I’m not seeing it. Nope, we are headed for a pile up, and the vultures are circling. I think we are better than this. Something tells me when the great Awakening happens, the Biden Gang will not be happy.

Unhinged Lunatic Dr. Fauci: Even with Vaccination You Should Avoid Theaters and Indoor Dining… WTH? (VIDEO)

You are correct, the man is a lunatic. He and the other moron Bill Gates, how would they predict future viruses unless they were manufacturing them? Fauci has been photographed visiting Chinese Wuhan) labs years prior to this pandemic. I believe he was once in a photo alongside Obama as well, in these same labs. Other than the big pharma labs who has the most to benefit from a virus and vaccines. FAUCI!!! Also it keeps in the public eye, the news, and he is left there in a high and mighty holier than thou place! Don’t kid yourself Fauci likes the power, as much Nancy Pelosi does!

By the Blood of the Lamb

Dr. Fauci isn’t the mastermind behind this whole charade, he’s just a mouthpiece for the NWO in the American government. This global movement is much larger; however, it’s worth drawing attention to what he’s saying because it’s just so astounding. I heard him say the other day that he thinks that vaccinated people can now gather with other vaccinated family members indoors. I feel sorry for the people that are trusting him and taking his advice, but at this point, there is truly no explanation for the people’s ignorance other than gross spiritual blindness.




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it didn’t start with a fraudulent election

LOOK: The Fruits of Socialism - Venezuelan Food Lines
Libertarian Republic: Food line in Venezuela, soon to be a city near you!!

Don’t let anyone tell you it did, it started long before that. Communism is here, and has been infiltrating our daily lives for some time now. I prefer to say Communism (though I have referred to the Democratic Party as the Democratic Socialist Party) because: The main difference is that socialism is compatible with democracy and liberty, whereas Communism involves creating an ‘equal society’ through an authoritarian state, which denies basic liberties. … Communism is a political and economic ideology – closely associated with the state Communism of the Soviet Union and China. The Democrats, have it seems taken both concepts and created one……..kind of a Commie Socialist’s Democratic Party. China Joe Biden, a well paid agent of China is pushing us to a full authoritarian government, under direct orders from the real third term shadow presidency of one BARACK OBAMA. China Joe takes orders from 2 sources, China and Obama.

The list of China owned, majority owned or partially owned companies in the U.S. is massive. All things China (big corp) have the advantage. China Joe (Obama) is quickly undoing everything Trump, and that especially includes China tariffs, trade………..you name it China will have what it wants. China paid for it. They own Joe Biden.

The Commie Socialist’s way:

Mask up…….because we ordered it and you’ll do as you’re told.

Stay in ………lockdown because we ordered it and you’ll do as you’re told. You won’t be seen or speaking to your family, friends, neighbors, sharing or spreading what is really happening.

Line up for your vaccine (the one for this COVID crap, no more colds or flu or pneumonia) it’s COVID because we said it was, now shut up and take this shot we know will kill many (as it has, especially the old people); depopulation is important to the cause, your genius Bill Gates agrees!

Herd (with reference to a group of people or animals) move in a particular direction.”we all herded into a storage room”. You will be controlled like the sheep you are. Herd immunity, herd food lines, herd health care. It is about controlling you. So stop thinking for yourself. Hillary said it best for us, to paraphrase: “We, the elite must make all decisions for the people as they are not capable of making decisions for themselves.”

Yes we even stole an election (Get used to it!) Trump had to go, he was exposing too many of us in the Deep State, the Swamp. He is dangerous, he was uniting too many Americans to stand up to us. He could have ruined everything. Americans were regaining their pride! Proud Americans are a danger to the Commie Socialist Democratic cause. We can’t have that. And that America First thingy was hurting our China economy.

The borders are now open (from the Obama playbook)……..just the way we want it. Soon more chaos will be in the streets, illegals will get your health care (you’ll pay for it, your disguised $15 minimum will help, and you thought you were getting a raise to benefit YOUR family). LOL!

We don’t need police departments or officers we have the U.N. military forces. Those blue hats will soon be in your cities patrolling your streets to make sure you are abiding (OBiding) by the curfew orders (no need for laws…..we just need to order). Only rioters will be allowed to roam the streets and neighborhoods. And like good sheep, you’ll accept it! Because Obama says you will.

Your guns, oh we are definitely coming for your guns. Marx and Hitler knew you must take away the guns, to take full control. So country boys be ready for a fight! (WE WILL BE!!!, from a country boy).

What is going on in this country is clear. It isn’t too late to reverse it, but it will take some time. It will take commitment and it will take many to wake the hell up!

the epstein island


LLinWood2 hours ago·4.6m@linwood

Over the next 10-14 days, you will learn shocking information about many of our government officials & wealthy elite.

Child sex trafficking and pedophilia are the worldwide pandemic.

Revelations will relate to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Chief Justice John Roberts, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, and thousands more.

I have seen the evidence. It is conclusive.

This truly is the battle between good & evil.

We know the Clinton’s visited as well, probably on Epstein’s travel log too often to mention here. (Arlin Report comment)


peophile extortion and blackmail schemes controling world………..obama included

Also while we are at it, an Italian IT Tech claims he flipped votes from Trump to Biden in U.S. election and he claims Obama was in on the scheme. Hacking ! He testified in an Italian court of law, under oath.

Also Wikileak’s (Assange) has dropped a bombshell that Obama ran a pedophilia ring from the White House!

The gloves are off.