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Mueller, Comey and the anti-Trump FBI agent(S).    This is beginning to look like a governmental agency mob like action, a real inside job.   Frame Trump, and cover-up the Hillary Clinton, DNC and Obama administration’s (to include the DOJ under Obama)crimes.   What we have here is beginning to look like a conspiracy, Deep State, corruption under Obama administration.  The whole former administration has dirt on them, every one of them.   Mueller is a hitman!


To truly drain the swamp, you must trickle down replacement policy, not only from the top but down into all the government agencies.   Obama leftovers/holdovers need to be replaced as soon as possible.   You can’t do it all at once and it takes time; however, it needs to move quicker than it is.   Trump, Mr. President sir,  finish the job of flipping all that has Obama’s mark, all his appointments, all  those committed to Obama’s agenda.   The Border Patrol loves Trump policy, but it isn’t happening quick enough.   They want to do their jobs……..completely.   ICE, is in the same boat, love the policy……..but move out those holding them back; Obama’s people.    ICE wants to do their job, but don’t want to have to take off bullet proof vests because it offends a neighborhood (That’s the OBAMA BS they dealt with in the past; still are because of Obama holdovers, still supervising).   As they say, getting shot is also offensive.

Dear President Trump, pick up the pace……….PLEASE!


What are they really hiding?

All this corruption, never so wide-spread as it is today in history; modern history anyway.   Some old timers, older than me (and I am 65, been around, seen a lot), may say “Nah its always been this way”.   That is difficult to believe, and there certainly has been corruption throughout our nations history, but it never became so public as it is now.   Of course each side will say much of it is false, lies, just rumors.

Where there is smoke there is fire and there is more smoke than ever, its thick.  Much of it comes from the most corrupt family in the history of American politics.   The Clinton Cartel!   The fact they have gotten away with all their crimes, treasonous acts etc. etc., doesn’t mean “it never happened”.    However, it is a circle in which the Clintons’ often are found in the center.  Corruption infects both parties, it is the Elite Establishment of Washington D.C.    There is a bigger story out there that has not been uncovered……..yet.   All this corruption being exposed may be leading us there.   While all the email scandals, voting fraud, DNC primary election rigging, Uranium 1 Deal, Benghazi, Obama dumping cash to Iran, Russian hacking, Clinton sex trafficking, sex scandals………go on and on, what is it really distracting us from?   There is something, something We the People will find more appalling, more criminal, treasonous than what we currently suspect or are aware of.  It seems part of an agenda.   Whos?  Soros?  The UN?


Unmasking the Real Threat = OFA = Barack Hussein Obama = The Enemy Within! — Texas Tea Party Patriots

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