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arlin report thought(s) of the day: fauci and biden

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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci to paraphrase: “You might want/need to cancel Thanksgiving.”

Easter in 2020 was not the same. Thanksgiving is approaching and Fauci is telling us to cancel. We’ll be superspreaders with our families together. What will be next? Christmas? You know it will! This coming during a time where the Left/Dems are desperately pulling us from our churches…….our religion. They are trying to take God from our lives, from those that believe. You’re no longer significant Dr. Anthony……….your BS is evaporating. The actions you have fed us have kept this country from moving forward at a needed pace. STEP ASIDE! Stop using Europe as a model………..instead we should have followed Sweden. Pack your bags and go have Thanksgiving and Christmas with your children.

Some powers that be are definitely trying to lead us down a path that takes away from our beliefs. This pandemic has been used as a tool to do just that…………and to control us. Notice how much slower the death rate has been lately, and that is a great thing. We’ve been on 200,000 + for quite some time. The Flu has killed more of us (especially in the past), we never shut it down then and we should not have for this. Dr. Fauci, like most virus, YOU have run your course. My family will be getting together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

On Joe Biden: The other day a liberal friend (yeah I have a few), said to me: “I just don’t know how ANYONE can possibly vote for “that” Donald Trump”. Wow! My response: “I don’t know how anyone can vote for “that” Joe Biden. At least Donald Trump can think for himself and knows where he is without asking Melania!

Covid-19: The Ridiculousness of the official Narrative — NoFakeNews.net

By Dr. John Reizer On Sunday, October 4th, I forced myself to briefly watch the mainstream news coverage about the fake virus and the POTUS riding around in an armored SUV, wearing a face mask, and waving to supporters. There were approximately ten medical geniuses, adorned in white doctors’ costumes reporting to the hypnotized audience […]

Covid-19: The Ridiculousness of the official Narrative — NoFakeNews.net

Why Trump Can’t be Blamed for Any Deaths from COVID-19 — TILJournal

The election rhetoric of 2020 has recently featured a Democratic Party attack upon President Trump claiming that he is responsible for most or all of the 200,000 American deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This attack has, of course, been parroted in screeching fashion by the propagandist division of the DP, the Leftmedia.  It is […]

Why Trump Can’t be Blamed for Any Deaths from COVID-19 — TILJournal

anti-trump resistance among cdc ……covid-19

This should come as no surprise. The Left has spiders and rats crawling around within every institution causing friction and chaos at every turn as part of the coup to remove Donald Trump. It has been like this from day one and everyday. The hateful enemy from within is greater than any we face abroad.

Barr, Durham when are the American people going to see true justice, once and for all? Give us something that you preach but have yet delivered! America is supposed to have the highest bar, the highest standards for justice, however we now resemble a 3rd world nation with none. You need to also be held accountable. (Arlin)

See the link below!


follow the plandemic money………90% covid-19 test results are ‘false’ positives!


Have we been scammed? All time greatest scam in history! ? Big Phrama ………….profited! Bill Gates?

arlin report thought(s) of the day: thank you missouri dmv

Yesterday, I went and stood in the long line at the Department of Motor Vehicles (Missouri) for over an hour (not as bad as I thought it would be). Naturally they only allow a limited number of people in (face mask required). I needed to renew my driver’s license. A couple of weeks ago I had renewed my vehicle plates (line wasn’t as long then but we are approaching the end of the month). To my surprise……………

When I was finally seated for renewing my license, I handed the clerk all the appropriate documents required that would allow me to receive the REAL ID compliant license, which is the “Enhanced Driver’s License” that will “allow” me to board planes for domestic travel. I have no problem with providing all this proof that I am an American citizen. One of the documents I provided was my birth certificate, another was my personal property tax (payment) receipt, another a copy of my auto insurance. With all that, the clerk still asked me if I had my Social Security card with me. I did and he made a copy of it. In Missouri it would seem it would be difficult for an illegal immigrant to get a driver’s license being they are undocumented, unless of course they try providing docs that are fraudulent.

What really was surprising to me about renewing my license was ………. we didn’t have to take the eye exam or road sign recognition test. Years past we always had to. In fact 6 years ago my license was renewed with a class A restriction (corrective vision required/glasses or contacts). I am sure the reason for this is COVID-19. They don’t want everyone sticking their heads up against the vision testing machine, which includes the road rec test. You’d think they would be a bit more creative…….they could test your vision with the wall chart….. which could also include the road signs. What they did was renewed my license with the class A restriction extended. I had no problem with that, I would have probably needed the glasses to pass the test anyway.

So watch out folks I am a driver for another 6 years at least.

I will say, the DMV here did a good job processing people with these long lines and they moved pretty well to my surprise. That said, these people operating the DMV are not state employees……the DMV here is a private company contracted out, for issuing plates, renewing plates and driver’s licensing. The actual road driving test and written driving test are however processed by “state employees”, they are wearing state uniforms.

Yesterday was not a bad experience………..

Now I am off to go by a new driver (golf club that is)! 🙂