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arlin report thought of the day: many thoughts, many questions on prostate cancer

Have known I have a high PSA count for about a year now. I had a prostate biopsy done last week, and yesterday got the call from my Urologist. Yep, I have prostate cancer. The next step is a bone scan tomorrow. Then, my significant other and I will meet with the Doc to discuss treatment (of course much will still be determined from the scan).

I was looking around in Bass Pro Shop when I received the call, had a rod and reel in my hand, then became disinterested after the call. Went home, to gather my thoughts, really just became PISSED! Still pissed! Angry pissed! I have no problem going to the bath room, that symptom is not present. So, currently I am really just dealing with the anger management part. Why am I angry? I’ve always been pretty healthy. I just completed my 12 week recovery from open heart surgery, where I had my Aortic Valve replaced and aneurysm repaired. This condition was genetic, I was born with a bi-cuspid aortic valve, rather than a tri-cuspid valve. That’s taken care of! i was back to playing golf! NOW THIS FREAKING CANCER CRAP!

I know other people suffer and deal with much more than I am. That doesn’t escape me. I am grateful, thankful there are options. My thought for today is not a single thought. Much is going through my head. I will deal with this and get it taken care of. It just ticks me off, we have to spend time getting evaluated and fixed; like time is being robbed from us. Maintenance, like I’m an automobile or machine.

I will keep on ticking. Thanks for letting me sound off! Now I’m going fishing.


Sneaker canceled because Kaepernick finds it offensive? Colin you are offensive to me!

Image result for photo of Nike's 1776 flag shoe

Colin, you are offensive to me but I won’t ask to have you removed.

This flag is the flag from the birth of our nation.   Yes, our history included slavery.  There is not a nation in history past or present that has not had something that was regretful or wrong.  Kaepernick is using the image of this flag to protest against our nation, because that is now his legacy.  I question how knowledgeable Kaepernick is on American history?   Kaepernick will find anything and everything offensive, bitching is something he has found in himself to be best at, better than he ever was throwing a football.  Colin I hope you find that statement offensive.   Guess what, I won’t be removing it.  I meant it!

Kaepernick, the great kneel-er, disrespects our current flag, finds it too offensive or he wouldn’t.   If you find this nation so offensive, why not find another home.  You’ll find that no one here will find it offensive that you left.

Nike, you are weak.   I hope your step child Colin Kaepernick is worth the loses.   I’ve had it with the political (in)correctness you cave to.   Never again will I spend so much as a penny on your products.

Image result for photos of 1776 and present American flags together

Image result for photo of american flag

GOD BLESS AMERICA, thanks to those from 1776 to present day for defending our great flags and nation.



I enjoy reblogging other peoples articles, especially when they can be of benefit.  Check out this article on belly fat in the link below.   I know there are many articles on belly fat, but this article is filled with information……..on several items.   I’m not finished reading myself.  I have a few other links I want to open to read.

Have a wonderful day and GOD BLESS!

Is there one type of apple that helps you lose more weight than others?


Ice cold (for us).   Around 6:00 AM this morning it was a blistering 5 degrees.  Yesterday it was – 4 degrees.  Currently in St. Charles, MO it is 8 above and slowly rising.
Sunday high expected to be 62 degrees.   My tee time (golf) is set.   (Ice skating to golf).  What a difference a day makes.   Bi-polar weather here in Missouri.
Weather here can change in minutes.   Good to bad, bad to good, one extreme to another.

Mostly cloudy; not as cold


  • FRI

    FEB 1

    45° /35°F

    Not as cold

  • SAT

    FEB 2

    57° /45°

    Clouds breaking; not as cool


  • SUN

    FEB 3

    62° /53°

    Mostly cloudy, a shower; warm


  • MON

    FEB 4

    64° /30°


Harris said “We’re better than this!”   Put that on a hat Kamala, but how is that any different than “MAGA”?  Think, think, THINK before you speak.   Kamala Harris is about programs, programs and more social programs.   Taxes, taxes and more taxes.

Build the wall, cut down on the cost of illegal immigrants.  It pays for itself, and it is like having South Americans paying for it, because we aren’t spending on them (as much).  Sounds like a deal.  But it won’t happen (not that way), Kamala will need all those illegal votes.


Harris eventually emerged on stage at about 1:30 p.m.