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“George Soros” Laughs About Destroying Countries And More — kommonsentsjane

I’d prefer to see a world wide televised LYNCHING of Soros! (Arlin Report comment)

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“George Soros” Laughs About Destroying Countries And More — kommonsentsjane


We are hearing less and less it seems on a daily basis about such issues as the border problem with illegal immigrants. The media, even Fox News, seems to be losing interest. That is what the Left wants, hopes for, that we just accept it and live with it. Creepy Joe wants us to forget about his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the problems people face there because of his stupidity. And inflation?! Prices are rising daily and there is no stop order. Back in the day Nixon put a hold on raising prices……….especially oil and gas.

But, Biden informed us yesterday, because we haven’t been seeing it, that he has done more in one year than any president in history. THAT IS HOW DELUSIONAL THIS MORON IS. Give him his crayons and coloring book and send him to his basement room. Lock the door so he doesn’t wander off and screw something else up.

Biden predicted that Russia will invade the Ukraine. Will! He made this wimpy comment that “Putin would regret it”, Do you really think, Putin is afraid of Biden and his petty threats? Putin knows Biden is ALL TALK. Oh, he could get us in a war, another “conflict” that serves no purpose or interest with his reckless dysfunctional brain. There are a few warmongers in the Pentagon who think the U.S. main purpose on this planet is to be at war……..with somebody. Biden is a mental case standing over that button! Incompetence reeks in the White House.

I’d like to be a little mouse in on some of Biden’s meetings with foreign leaders! If they are anything like his pressers, our enemies are licking their chops and salivating all over the place. They must be thinking they are up against a grade school child. Fourth graders would carry on a more competent conversation. Joe Biden is NOT SMARTER THAN A FOURTH GRADER……..or third, 2nd and first.

Joe Biden is a loose cannon, and he is dangerous. And the Dems tried to present Trump as dangerous, the one who would get us in a nuclear war. THAT PERSON TURNS OUT TO BE NONE OTHER THAN JOE BIDEN. He (Biden) thinks that nuclear box is like playing a game of Candy Land. He is all excited to be there. His mental capacity is frightening!


Biden claims he has done more than any president of all time. He is right, he has done more to destroy this nation than any other. BUT……Biden thinks he is the greatest president of all time. “Name somebody that has done more than I have, name just one”. Answer………all those that came before you……including Jimmy Carter!

This laughing stock of the world, embarrassingly our president must get up and go straight to the nursery play room each morning! He is officially a complete idiot! Nope, not an ounce of respect for him from me! Biden is scarier than that clown in North Korea!


I am really sick of the lectures from Joe Biden. #1 I am tired of Biden talking down to the American people. He isn’t my uncle, or grandpa. He should have had that talk with his son Hunter long ago. But, I guess he trained Hunter to be what he is, a goat (and I don’t mean greatest of all time), but the front man in Joe’s crime team…….team of three. Joe’s brother is part of that team. Joe is not competent enough to have a real conversation with even a pre-school kid, who he has no business around. I wouldn’t want the creep anywhere near my grandchildren. Mark my words, he’d end up with more than a bloody nose.

Finished that oil painting I mentioned yesterday. Turned out pretty decent. Not a masterpiece but not one I immediately tossed in the trash, which I have done before. Now down to the basement (no I am not hiding like Joe) to work on my art studio (being moved from an extra bedroom). Putting a foam floor down for cushion while standing, looking for some appropriate lighting. Next subject for a painting………probably something like a golf ball hidden in the grass. At least right now I don’t seem to have painter’s block!

Property tax went up in our County of St. Charles (Missouri). Have a deficit of $788.00 for projected escrow for this next year I need to pay by Friday! Thanks for only a 5 day notice St. Charles. And of course monthly payment goes up as well for 2022. I’d like to blame Biden for this, but nope this is on St. Charles County. I’d like to see where this is going. St. Charles County has a big population. Everyone is complaining about the property tax (going up higher than usual). With our population and all the building around our area, the County has some big revenue numbers coming in.

Empty shelves: I was out yesterday, looking for lighting and flooring for my art studio. Prices are ridiculous! You can see them rising almost on a daily basis. I went to a grocery store to pick up some ham bits, the shelves were half full (or empty, whatever). Not completely empty, but you couldn’t find some items you may have been looking for. This should not happen in America. Never would I have thought it to be like this. Part of the problem………….and we talked about this years ago, Baby Boomers are retiring in heavy volume. Baby Boomers carried this country for years. Problem now, we have one of it’s lone jackass’s in the lead.

Anyway, it’s a nice mild day (in 50’s) here, time to go to the driving range. Then to the basement. Have a good one!


I was going to say at this moment I am working on an oil painting, putting finishing touches on, but I am typing in this post; so I can’t post and paint at the same time. I will go to the painting immediately upon posting this blog. Why would I even mention this? Actually, I think in the future I will occasionally post some articles on my oil paintings, technique, subjects…….etc.

I have never posted about my art work before, that I can recall. Like blogging I try to paint everyday. Occasionally I get painter’s/artist’s block, as I do with blogging. Posts about my paintings should help with my blogging blocks. I doubt that posting articles to this blog will cure any painting blocks however. Unless of course a reader gives me an idea for a subject. I’ll listen!

The painting I am about to finish, hopefully today, is a re-do of one I painted about 5 years ago. It was of a golf green, with the flag, a closeup of the hole and flag (red flag); with a moonlit background and trees. I had a lot of errors in this painting that I realized shortly after I thought it was complete. Major errors……… the shadow in the wrong direction. The moon and trees were not in good proportion. SO, the re-do is giving a whole new look………I put a lake in, put the trees further back and added a sand trap. With daily painting I am seeing improvement. Maybe soon I post some of my work here.

I already have some topics for tomorrow………..see it’s working! 🙂

Another Migrant Caravan Leaves Honduras En Route to US Border — The Gateway Pundit

And what is Kamala Harris doing about it? NOTHING! This is the destruction of America! This is by the Left’s design. Turn America into a 3rd world country. How do you do that? By allowing people from 3rd world countries that watched their nation sink to the bottom and they come here to spread their expertise on destruction.

Truth2Freedom's Blog

migrant caravan; stock photo

Another caravan of migrants set off in Honduras this weekend en route to the United States border.

Hundreds of Hondurans and Nicaraguans left San Pedro Sula on Saturday and a smaller caravan departed the region Sunday morning.


Hundreds of Hondurans and Nicaraguans on Saturday left the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula to march toward the United States, the first such migrant caravan to be formed this year in Central America.

The caravan set off days before leftist President-elect Xiomara Castro takes office in Honduras on Jan. 27. She has vowed to revive the economy and combat corruption that stokes waves of mass migration to the United States.

The migrants, mostly young people carrying backpacks on their shoulders and women with children, left a bus terminal in the northern city of San Pedro Sula for the border post of Corinto in an attempt…

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