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Gone fishing……..

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Went fishing with some new fishing gear this morning on the banks of the Missouri near St. Charles, MO.   It was a beautiful day…….temps in the 40s (about 37 degrees when I started), sun shining.   Lets just say I broke in the new equipment.  Came home empty…….hardly a nibble.

Otherwise, a perfect morning!   Thank you Lord!



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I’ve been going to St. Louis Blues games from the beginning of the franchise (1967).   Many of the those years in the old building, the Arena, then when is was called the Checkerdome…and now Scottrade.    One of the greatest nights of Blue’s Hockey took place last evening and I shared it with my daughter, who hadn’t been to a game since she was little, my son-in-law attending his first Blue’s game and my significant-other, we’ve been often.  Bobby Plager, had his number 5 raised to the rafters alongside his brother’s, Barclay Plager (number 8).

It was a beautiful, well deserved and long over-due ceremony.   The Blues did it with class! Bobby spoke to the crowd, and in typical Bobby Plager fashion praised the organization, his former teammates, fans and family.  The best moment, when they raised # 5, about half-way up, # 8 was lowered alongside # 5 and together they finished the ascension to the top.

We’ve met Bobby a number of times at his sports bar and grill (Bobby’s Place), he is kind and enjoyable to be around; unlike many sports celebrities today.  Thank you Bobby!

I’ll end it there, where Bobby Plager belongs… the top next to his beloved brother Barclay.



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No, I didn’t want the subject of Medicare to be my Arlin Report Thought of the Day post.  So, it is not…..besides, its become more than a daily thought.   I have reached the time of my life I am approaching 65.   I have to sign up for Medicare.  I have an appointment set for next month with a so-called Medicare/retirement planner.  Right there sounds like an, “invest with me” trap.   Actually, she is only going to advise me on how to approach this.  When do I have to give up my health insurance with my employer (if at all) and all kinds of questions.  I have also been giving retirement more thought as well.   Not this year but probably, or possibly next year at 66.  I don’t feel and I have been told I don’t look that old.  Good!

Ahhh….RETIREMENT!    🙂   What to do……?

  1.  More golf!   definite   (When I was a kid a friend of mine and I would go play golf, take our fishing rods, throw a line in the lake with chicken liver, let it set…..go play a few holes of golf and check the lines when we came back around).   We caught fish and played golf.
  2. Oh, I must be approaching retirement, am going to Bass Pro Shop today to buy a new (a couple) of fishing rod and reels.  I haven’t fished (except for the deep-sea fishing trip last spring)  in years.   Gotta put some food on the table (retirement money saver)!  Can take the grandkids fishing (even the lone granddaughter).  There are 2 that probably won’t learn to fish unless they go with Grandpa.
  3. Did I say more golf??
  4. Part time job…….possibly, I don’t know (whats the point in retiring)?
  5. Honey do’s (I’ve been told there will be some).  Maybe I retire at 67……….kidding.
  6. Some travel……..with the clubs and fishing equipment of course.
  7. To be determined…….some things must be left open!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Retirement:   A chance to re-live your childhood…..but get it right!


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The Winter Classic is “SCHEDULED” to be played today at noon Central Time between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks.   Weather in Missouri is not easily predicted.  We can have 20 degree temps this time of year or we can have 70 degrees.  In Missouri you never know and it can change in just a few short hours.   Going from 60 to 40 is not impossible within a couple of hours.   Today, the threat is…….RAIN!   Not snow…..RAIN!

If they get this game in it will be nothing short of a little miracle.   As I write this at 11:10 AM, there is a light but steady drizzle.   We’ll never see this game scheduled again in St. Lou.



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Chakra, is it real?   If you google that question you get yes and no answers; and come away still asking: Is it real?   Or, is it just a state of mind…..a state you control.   If you know anything about Chakra, I’d be interested to hear from you.   I am totally ignorant on Chakra, other than it is supposed to be a source of energy, that you have either released or keep locked up; limiting your self.  Have a great day!


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This is kind of a late thought for the day……….but at least I haven’t gone thoughtless.

All this talk about hacking, Russian hacking, spying ……..   Hack or hackers are everywhere.   You can use the word in many ways.   Nothing but hacks or hackers in Congress, can’t cut it, or would cut or chop you down or up for their way.

Government hacking, not just Russia, not likely.  Who has our government hacked?   They’ve done it, you know they have.  Wherever and whenever they can learn what the other side is doing, they do what it takes.   Trust and integrity, we, our government lost that a long time ago.  The CIA, masters of deceit.  That is my opinion, but I’d put money on it.   The CIA is not operated by saints.   I understand their purpose, and I understand there are things we are probably better off not knowing.  But don’t act holier-than-thou; like Russia is the only dirty player on the globe.