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Originally posted on PA Pundits – International: By Jay Maxson ~ Before the disrespectful kneeling, before the black power salutes, the NFL and its players’ union were actively attacking America and your values. Above the surface and plain for all to see, players are disrespecting the flag and our veterans. Below the surface are the…

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Yadier Molina not tired………JUST BORED?

Image result for photos of a tired Yadier Molina


Yadier Molina and STL Cardinal’s manager Mike Matheny had a bit of a difference of opinion recently.   Molina was held out of a game…….in place of Carson Kelly; some say because Matheny said “Yadi looked tired”.   Matheny said, “he never said tired”.   Truth is you have to rest your catcher once in a while, and Kelly needs some playing time.   Molina took exception, “I am not tired, I train to play 174 games” (which would include play-off and World Series games).

I was at last evenings Arizona D-Backs/Cardinal game.  Yadi may not be tired, but he looks bored.   The Cardinals got spanked, because of sloppy play and the offense could not score.   This version of the “Cardinal Way” is boring, sloppy and don’t seem to grasp basic fundamentals of how to play the game.

There were fireworks following the game, which drew more applause from 50% of the fans that stayed to watch than there was in the game.   Fireworks outside the confines of the stadium, not even a spark from the team inside!    Team?   They don’t look like a team, not a good one anyway.   Time for some major changes!


Brothers and Sisters it is HOT!   For the last few days we have had triple digit heat here in Missouri (St. Charles MO).    I wanted to go fishing this morning before it got too hot…but couldn’t get up early enough as I stayed up to 2:00 am watching repeats of the Jason Bourne movies; one after the other in order!

Yesterday it got up to 104 degrees.  It’s supposed to get up to 105 today, then cool down to 96 for a high tomorrow (Sunday).   Maybe I hit the river early tomorrow while its only in the 80s until about 11:00 am   The fish will be deep, trying to stay cool!

St. Charles (St. Louis) heat with high humidity.   Been bringing in the Husky (Sky) and she is grateful!

Stay cool and have a great weekend.   Gotta go do some research on whats biting on what bait/lures in this heat.   Bass?