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arlin report thought(s) of the day: money making ads from my website/blog?

I keep getting this ad on my site here that I can make money selling things to my readers/followers. It is on for my eyes only (I think, as far as this ad to set this up on my blog). I checked it out one day just out of curiosity. Seems like it would be more trouble than it is worth. And………I never intended to take advantage of my readers/followers by bombarding you with commercials. We have more than enough of that on TV, radio and billboards (here in Missouri, the billboard capital of the world).

If I have any ads pop up when you read one of my posts, let me know. I really only know what my posts look like from my end. And if you’d like to know how to purchase one of those “Stand Alone” putters to put in your golf bag, I can tell you how to get one. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

THIS is how the REAL majority feel! (video) best ever! β€” a12iggymom’s Blog

He’s describing how MOST of us feel right now. One of the best ever. Here is a backup. I’ve seen this for a few days circling social media but never took the time to listen to it. I suggest now after listening to it, you do too. Make up your own mind to his poem.Β […]

THIS is how the REAL majority feel! (video) best ever! β€” a12iggymom’s Blog (it only takes about 7 minutes of your time to watch the video)

the club at porto cima……….lake of the ozarks

If you have a few minutes check the fly over. If not, fast forward to hole 15, which is the signature hole. BEAUTIFUL!

This past Friday, Jo Ann and I had the privilege of playing at The Club at Porto Cima. We had taken a short vacation, visiting my cousin and a long time friend (boy friend?) at the Lake of the Ozark’s. Larry has a social membership at Porto Cima and naturally he had to be present to get us on. My cousin rode along with Larry and putted on the greens. She’ll need a little more experience. πŸ™‚ It was actually Larry’s first time playing the course; so we shared the experience together. It was fun!

I can mark this off my bucket list now. The course is absolutely beautiful. It’s not an easy course to play, but is fair. Hit the fairways and you have a beautiful lie, maybe not great position (that’s on the player), but you have well manicured grass to play from. The rough along side the fairways are fair as well, not too thick, where you can find your ball and have a clean swing to get out of the trees. Just don’t hit your drive too short of the fairway where you leave it in that rough. The grass is thick and moss like, and difficult to get out of; another words you are punished for a poor, weak drive. I was fortunate enough to only experience the rough along side the fairways. Then there are the holes along the lake ………… stunning beauty. A couple holes are nested right up against the water.

I shot an 85; had it not been for a couple of brain lapses I could have had 81 to 83 (a couple of senseless shots I don’t normally do). That was the only disappointing part of the day, the score could have been better. What couldn’t have been better was the company and the beauty that surrounded us. However, playing an elite course like this (Jack Nicklaus design) for the first (and probably last time) time, had you told me I would have a score of 85 I would have been ecstatic. I have played lesser courses (and easier) for the first time and not scored as well.

I have been in a boat, just off the 17th fairway where you cross a cove on your approach shot to the green. We used to take bets (from the boat) whether a player about to hit over the cove would make it or not. I thought about that as I was about to hit my 2nd shot (the approach shot) to the green. I was NOT going to leave it in the cove (the water). I was a 185 yards away, I hit a solid shot, long & high right at the flag (to an elevated green. I hit just over the bunker in front of the green, my ball popped up (had some back spin) and instead of rolling on, it came down into the bunker. I was satisfied, I had made it over the cove. I pitched up on and two putted for a bogey. Not bad for the first time. It wasn’t a double bogey (or worse). There are a number of creeks running through the course that can be nasty, beautiful but nasty for the golfer.

One of the most beautiful golf courses in the country (world).

It was a wonderful, beautiful day.

facebook disallowing covid-19 items on marketplace

Response from Facebook (Marketplace)

My significant other/partner has been making masks for individuals for protection (to others) against COVID-19 since about the time the shutdown began. Living in the St. Charles/St. Louis area many of the mask are used from material designed to promote/support our local pro teams, the Blues, the Cardinals and the KC Chiefs. She has given away and sold nearly 400 mask to this point, and continues to receive new orders daily. This has been a community service on her part as the ones she sells just covers the material costs. There is no labor costs included. She continues working on making new masks daily, nearly 8 hours a day……….often 10-12 hours. She has been like a machine putting these out to keep up with the demand.

She has advertised the masks on Facebook, when they (Facebook) has allowed it. She received the above notice from Facebook, that Facebook (Marketplace) will not allow the advertising/sale of “items related to coronavirus (COVID-19). They took down her ad. She has told me they won’t allow the description of a face mask on Marketplace. It is not because some of the mask promote a professional team. She has mask with butterflies, and many other designs. This is strictly “anything coronavirus related”. DOES THIS MAKE IN FREAKING SENSE? While the medical people continue to preach to use masks, FACEBOOK will not promote or allow anyone to place information on their site where they can purchase such masks. Like I said, she is not doing this for profit (all her masks cost $5.00). If you were to purchase a mask with a Cardinal design from a retail store (which for the most part you can not) they are charging $9.00 to $10.00). Is this the real reason FACEBOOK will not allow Coronavirus items on Marketplace? I don’t really think so, they don’t limit their items disallowed to masks. I don’t know what anyone else would be making Coronavirus related……….I doubt individuals are making ventilators. I could possibly see COVID-19 shirts for sale………not promoting the virus but fighting it!

So much for FaceBook and the free Marketplace! Facebook in control!

Is Facebook really protecting a larger manufacturing chain to monopolize?

By the way, the masks JoAnn makes are very well made. The nurse in the New York ER loved hers. She sent a picture wearing it when she received it. NO CHARGE TO THE NURSE! SHE WANTED A STL. BLUES MASK! She’s a fan!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: saturday may 2nd, the kentucky derby

Charlatan's sensational debut has sparked early comparisons to ...
San Gabriel Valley Tribune Charlatan

Should have gone to the Oaks yesterday and going to the Kentucky Derby today. This first weekend in May combo got postponed due to COVID-19. Now waiting for September, for The Run for the Roses. Better late than never.

Charlatan gets more prep time this way………but I don’t think he needs it. This horse is literally a stud, a beast. I think he runs today in Arkansas.

Above is a photo of Charlatan………..