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arlin report thought(s) of the day: rain gear….go fishing

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Okay, if you read this blog often you probably know I went Trout fishing yesterday. Yes I caught one. Just one, a pretty one. It tasted good last night too. I only saw one other guy catch any (3), everyone else was getting blanked. I hadn’t gone Trout fishing in many years, I normally fish for Bass, Bluegill or Catfish. I enjoyed yesterday. It was relaxing. I was a bit disappointed the Trout I caught didn’t put up more of a fight. I have the fever so, I am going back this morning!

Right now it is raining in the St. Charles, Missouri area. Supposed to rain pretty hard this afternoon. They say Trout are active in the rain. We’ll see! I debated for a moment whether I should go due to the rain. I have fishing rain gear. The logical side of me won, if you aren’t going to fish in the rain why buy rain gear? Its settled, I am off!

No it is not me in the photo above. I wish it were! 🙂

arlin report thought(s) of the day: going trout fishing

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Yes, as soon as I finish this post (7:25 AM CT) I am going Trout fishing. Heading to Busch Wildlife Conservation in Weldon Springs, Missouri. I have not been trout fishing in years. I am looking forward to making a few cast on a mild day in the heart of a Missouri winter. Today’s high will be 55 degrees. Perfect! Will take a rain coat just in case, afternoon showers predicted. You never know in Missouri.

Not even liberal/Left Democrats can ruin a day on the lake.

Gone trout fishing!

mizzou's next football head coach……

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It isn’t the Show Me State for nothing.

I was never a big fan of Barry Odom (University of Missouri’s head football coach). From the start I thought for a head coach he had a bit too much of an ego. That may be okay as a defensive coordinator, but I think it can get you in trouble as an HC. You are ultimately responsible for all the on field decisions, both in practice and games, as well as your locker room.

I believe practice attitudes bleed over to games. Strong talking, bad language does not make your team tougher, stronger or a team to be feared. No one feared Mizzou in 2019, look at Wyoming and Vanderbilt. These are two teams the Tigers should have rolled over. It didn’t happen! 1) the Tigers weren’t prepared to take on these teams, obviously. That is squarely on the HC. 2) Odom’s teams WERE NOT DISCIPLINED. Constantly untimely penalties and lots of them (stupid, brainless penalties). Odom tried to give the impression he was a disciplinarian. He wasn’t! Players were met with a hug and a pat on the helmet for mistakes (mistakes that were repeated time after time). Some of these players should have been given a seat on the bench, not for a series but for the remainder of the game. Was Odom a good teacher? It didn’t show, as they (the players) never showed they learned from their mistakes.

Odom’s teams were too often upset by less talented teams. I say less talented, maybe one of the problems is the coaches evaluation of talent (recruiting). Maybe the teams that upset Mizzou were closer in talent than we thought? I’m not sure that is true, I believe Mizzou (ODOM) was often out coached. I questioned offensive play calling too often. Sure the offensive coordinator calls ‘most’ of the plays, but still, the head coach is the boss, it’s his team. Defense? Some days the young men seemed to know how to tackle, play aggressive. Other days, opponents running backs and receivers seemed alone in open space. They looked slow!

Bottom line, if you want to be a top 25 team, a top SEC team, compete for a championship; you can not continuously get upset by teams you are supposed to beat. You also must beat teams your equal, and occasionally ranked higher than you. But the season’s multiple upsets are program killers. Three or four upsets in a single season, you should be fired. Great teams, consistently winning and competing in big bowl games don’t lose to teams like Vanderbilt. On a bad day, you still win.

The next head coach, in my opinion, must be a good teacher, a disciplinarian and recruiter. Some big game, big time experience wouldn’t hurt as well.

arlin report thought of the day: just a thought, but how realistic?

HELP THIS GO VIRAL………. lets see where it goes!

We the People of the United States, should we initiate a petition which would request other nations of the world to help us out by investigating presidents present and past, along with any congressmen/women? COULD go something like this:

‘Dear nations of the world, We the People of the U.S. are doing our own investigation of our miserable elected officials and we highly suspect many are corrupt, and may be in association with corrupt individuals in your countries. Any information and proof of ANY such corruption would be beneficial to both our countries. Here attached is just a fraction of the American names signing this petition: Continued below………..

While this IS a highly unprecedented request (and our government may claim it to be illegal) we live in an unprecedented time, for all our nations. It is time the people of all nations throughout the world take their countries back, back from those corrupt in our governments, Democratic and Socialists alike.

We the People of the U.S. believe in the sovereignty of all nations, and the surge of corruption may be from those who desire, work towards a one world government. That is only one reason for corruption, personal greed and POWER are a couple of others. That being the greatest. Corruption in government is our greatest enemy. An enemy all our countries have in common. Let us help one another get rid of the corruption epidemic. Provide any of your information and proof with your most highly trusted press. Let us together bring our countries back to the people.

If you do not hear from me soon, I have been censored! However, there are millions behind me. ! Sincerely, the People of the United States of America. We thank you!’

Far fetched I know, but hell this is just my Thought of the Day. However, wouldn’t it be interesting? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how it would be accepted? Most likely it would be hushed in many nations, never even reach the people. And of course our government would probably say its illegal to do, that we do not have the right to communicate and make requests from other nations. They will always try to have the final word. They may even push back the individual(s) pushing. After all freedom of speech is fading.

arlin report thought of the day: prostate cancer update

First thought: What a gorgeous morning, even though thunderstorms predicted for later today. No big deal, they pass through quickly in Missouri, especially this time of year.

I found out yesterday that the prostate cancerous rodent within me has not spread to my bones. My bone scan came back clean. I do still need to have a CT scan tomorrow (was supposed to have had it after my bone scan but had miscommunication on scheduling). Doctor said “No harm, we aren’t losing time, usually the CT scan is clean when the bone scan is clean, just needs to be done for documentation “a marker” if you will.”

Our battle of attack against this nasty ass rodent (I even gave it a name…… prick) is to do Robotic Surgery. A surgeon from my Urologist’s office will do the procedure. I meet with him on August 29th, to discuss and schedule this little inconvenience. What a relief it was though that it was not in my bones! I was able to get a good nights sleep last night! I know that I am fortunate, much more than many, many others. We seem to have caught this at the right time. My Gleason count (which comes from my biopsy) was at 7. If we were at 6, maybe we do nothing, just keep an eye on it. But 7 is on the edge, where it is best to do something. Aggressive surveillance was an option but not recommended, since my Gleason Count was 7, an advanced enough stage to do surgery. Radiation is an option as well, except if you do radiation first and it doesn’t get it all, surgery really can’t be done, scar tissue from radiation makes surgery very difficult. My Urologist left it up to us (me and my “very” significant other). Robotic Surgery made more sense. Let’s just take “the prick” out now! Probably won’t have the surgery until middle to late September, early October at the latest. Oddly, my prostate must heal (reduce swelling) from the biopsy even though its being removed. With swelling they can’t get as good a view as they need/want. That takes about 4-6 weeks. So, we are looking at middle September to early October.

I had a conversation with the nasty rodent this morning, it went something like this: “You nasty little prick, you couldn’t even get outside my prostate, now you’re about to be destroyed! Sorry prostate, but you should not have let the prick in! We’ll say good-bye very soon!”

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, it means a lot and is helping. I feel much more confident we will beat this animal!