bought by china

Made in America, bought by China…….where Joe’s allegiance lies!

john kerry knows best for you…… lmao


Kerry is on the same level as Biden. Let us not forget his foreign money bribes he received, (same pattern as the Biden family), is Biden and Clinton like. The Deep State. Just another Swamp Rat Biden is dragging back into our lives. This Rat has been as worthless as Biden’s career in politics.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: biden and kerry……….birds of a feather

Birds of a feather fly together. The more things change……..the more they stay the same. Biden, a “do nothing” career politician bringing on his old buddy another “do nothing career” politician. They have been successful, both know how to reap personal benefits from foreign connections. Biden and Kerry families have foreign ties, many bribes accepted. They get their kids into play, to cover their BS treasonous activity. Both these asses need to be behind bars.

These are Deep State players, SWAMP RATS; so what are we about to do………..SAME OLD CRAP! CHINA, IRAN AND RUSSIA ARE SMILING!

Re-working The Elections

The Lone Cactus

Back from a fresh week off. I have to tell you, I didn’t watch much news on TV (though I think I’ve booted Fox News to the curb for good), and stayed away from my news sites on the internet. It was a rather refreshing week, and a good time to reset. But now back to business!

As I was off, I thought there was some stuff that needed to happen to make sure that the fiasco that was the elections this year never happens again. And frankly, as I look at it all, I blame the media. Yes, I do believe that the Democrats tried to defraud the election…that their hatred for Donald Trump was bigger than life itself. But in the end, We The People, have given over too much power, too much of our lives to the broadcast and cable news channels that we depend on to…

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