London’s Muslim Mayor: Trump not welcome there

London mayor says Donald Trump not welcome in U.K. after anti-Muslim retweets

UK can’t see what is happening to their own country.   While Muslim’s in a Maryland mall try and destroy a Christmas tree.   Can you not see Christians and Jews are under attack in the West.   That would include the UK an US.   Islam has made it clear, their goal is to destroy anyone and everyone that are not Muslim.  London’s mayor would expect us to sit by passively and just allow that to happen.   Under his fake guise of peace and love and diversity!!!  He preaches diversity, but his belief in Islam is to use that fake attitude as a weapon for destruction of Christians and Jews……world wide.

Mr. President (President Trump)……..America first!



Originally posted on Peace and Freedom: Texas is home to almost 10% of poor Americans, but over the past two decades, it has vastly curtailed the money it provides in cash assistance By Alexa Ura Alexa Ura is a reporter with the Texas tribune Thursday 30 November 2017 06.00 EST ‘Texas has a long history of regarding welfare…

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Well, well, well.   Another, smug, elitist nationally known figure gets the hammer for sexual misconduct, in the workplace.   In the workplace?   I don’t really care to know, but how does that happen?  Do you trap the victim in your office, door closed or pull them in a secluded corner or closet?  I guess you may grab a lady by the butt as she passes……  I am not sure what the thrill in that type of behavior is?   Is it……you need that physical power over the opposite sex?   We’re really only hearing and hearing and hearing male inappropriate behavior……….

I have to wonder, why aren’t men filing complaints or coming out about the same type of behavior from women.   Is this totally one-sided, only behavior that can possibly be carried out by the male gender?    Or is it men have a different outlook if mishandled by a woman?  Maybe men don’t want to admit, to even a greater extent that a woman took advantage of them in a physical manner!   Or maybe some men would feel flattered by it.   I heard about a man going to a circuit court to ask for a restraining order against a woman…….   The court rejected the request, stating “Really, you feel physically threatened by a woman?”

So, it would appear we are most definitely involved in civil war…….., political war between the left and right, racial war has escalated ……… BLM and white extremists, which only causes all to be apprehensive of the other.   We have these gender wars ……..going on, power struggles, even among the elite.   News anchors pushing another out the door……. and it goes on and on and on.   Seems we are in a free-for-all of total chaos.

Misbehavior and criminal behavior must be held accountable.   Why are the Clinton’s still strutting around?  Adios Matt!



Bonding with robots?  Why?   Possibly because we fail with our “normal” human relationships.   Al Franken will love this, and maybe that is the greatest contribution……..he can finally keep his hands off female humans.   Al get a robot……..

Does anyone else find this creepy?

Pakistan minister resigns after violent Islamist protests — Brittius

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