“Uranium One” Informant Says Attempt Was Made on His Life… — Trigger Reset

Hillary and her merry band of Russian assassins???

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Eight women now claim to have been inappropriately sexually mishandled, abused, harassed and who knows what else by Charlie Rose.   I have no reason to doubt their claim.  I don’t really know, but what I find odd:  How is it 8 women make this claim seemingly so simultaneous?   All together now!   If this was a song it would be in unison, perfect harmony.  How does that happen?  Do they all know one another, met over a glass of wine and teamed up to nail Charlie once and for all?   Courage by numbers!

Now, if Charlie is guilty……..and I am not judging here, then he should suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.

Now there is this other guy that, even with allegations many years ago, never paid the price he should have; and the numbers continue to mount.   His name is Bill, he resided in our White House for eight years.   Bill had an accomplice……….his wife.   Caller her an enabler, she covered up and slammed his victims as trashy whores, trailer trash.   And……she wanted to be, thought she was entitled to be president.   These victims were guilty of at least one thing, poor judgment.   They apparently were not good judges of character.   Political southern charm is a trap, a snake pit.

Time to roast the Clinton clan.   They do not deserve to get off with a simple apology.   I doubt you’d ever get one.   They’ll scream “I didn’t do it” all the way to the cell.    I want to see Hillary cry and scream like a mad cat while being dragged away.    They should receive what everyone else would receive.   Is there a sexual predator connection with Charlie Rose and the Clintons’?   There seems to be a circle with a Clinton in the middle everywhere else!

Oh and Charlie…………..ADIOS!

THE NFL ……….pick em or forget them, it’s a choice

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I have for the most part forgotten about the NFL in 2017.   I don’t care for the spoiled arrogance of these millionaire social misfits.   It probably actually started back during the Ferguson protests and riots, when several of the then St. Louis Rams pranced on the field with their hands up mocking the false “hands up don’t shoot” claim.   Which we know now was a complete lie.   I was at the time a season ticket holder of the Rams.   BTW, I don’t miss them, not one freaking bit.   They belong in LA, where everything is an ugly fantasy.

I will not mention players by name, or give them as a collective group much attention here.  It is attention they seek; and they care not how they get it.  End Zone stage like performances have nothing to do with football, it is attention, look at me crap.   Real football players score and hand the ball to the ref.   If I want to see an act, I’d go watch a play.   The old saying “act like you’ve done it before.   I also got sick of watching players make a routine tackle (often after a significant gain with their team trailing) only to celebrate like they just won the lottery.   Pathetic!

I have not watched so much as a full quarter of football this season.   I have gotten glimpses as a reminder why I quit watching when I meet friends for lunch on a Sunday at a sports bar.   I have no control over what is on the TV, and when there are sets in every corner, the screens are right in front of you.  Only a blind man would miss them.   However, I pay little attention, spend my time in conversation or play a little Golden Tee.  I have not missed watching a favorite team.  I can’t say I have one.   Kansas City Chief’s from my home state would be the closest to a home team; but even they I found disgusting.

I have survived without the NFL, and its saved my money.  A great investment, invest in your self!

I find watching college football to be more entertaining.  When their players act in a selfish, unacceptable manner there is a greater chance they serve some kind of punishment or discipline.   You make an obscene jester to the crowd, your probably sitting next week and not for the anthem.

I have found the best answer to kneelers…………….do not watch.

Doin’ The Hillary Shuffle

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It’s getting to the point that when Hillary Clinton opens her mouth the first thing I wonder is one of two things….first is how much Chardonnay is going into it… and the second is, what garbage will be coming out of it. Let’s focus on the second point here, shall we? After all, who cares if she ends up a cheap wino?

Still trying to convince the American public (who now 83% feel she is guilty and should be charged with crimes of varying degrees) that she is innocent of everything, Hillary sat down for an interview (and a bottle of Chardonnay? (OOPS! I said I wasn’t going to do that!)) with that titan of the news industry, Mother Jones. I guess she’s already gone through all of the legitimate news outlets already and no one wants to hear any more from her! Anyway, she told Mother Jones that the…

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FBI Informant: Hillary Took Briefcases Of Russian Cash For Uranium One Deal — Nwo Report

The FBI informant in the Clinton Uranium One bribery case has handed over video evidence to the DOJ that shows Hillary accepting briefcases of Russian cash. Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed to Reuters that the informant’s name is William D. Campbell and he worked as a lobbyist for a Russian firm. reports: According to reporter John […]

via FBI Informant: Hillary Took Briefcases Of Russian Cash For Uranium One Deal — Nwo Report

IF proven to be true, and a video does exist……….Hillary should be toast.    I am sure they will however, claim such a video was manufactured and is fictional.   That will be Hillary Clinton’s story.