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Have a beautiful day!


A day once earned by laborers. A few still deserve this day of recognition and extra day away from their labors. We no longer have a full labor force. Many businesses and corporations are struggling to find workers. The spoils and poor decisions of government (and manufacturing leadership) are partly, if not greatly responsible. Entitlements? There once was a time most of us earned what we received.

Today Labor Day seems to have lost it’s spark! Oh and no Joe Biden lied the other night………..His administration has not created the most jobs in history. That was a lie by the LIAR IN CHIEF. Surprise, surprise! Some people are just going back to jobs they left from the pandemic. Many still aren’t.

Who is leading us backwards? It ain’t MAGA.

POLITICAL: Politicians should only be able to take contributions from within their district

Then maybe I’d stop these beggars from hounding me for money. The do nothing establishment…….which is an oxymoron as they have established nothing except their own personal bank accounts.  (Arlin Report comment)

Reinke Faces Life

Billionaires Spend $3 Million Against Trump-Endorsed Kelly Tshibaka, Lisa Murkowski’s Opponent
Wendell Huseb 22 Aug 2022

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Billionaires from the L.I.S.A. super PAC have donated nearly $3 million against Trump-endorsed Alaskan Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, the opponent of establishment and pro-impeachment incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

L.I.S.A, which reportedly stands for “Leadership in a Strong Alaska,” only backs one candidate, Murkowski. The main PAC contributors are hedge fund managers Ken Griffin, John Arnold, and Louis Bacon, who, respectively, contributed $1.5 million, $500,000, and $50,000. “James and Kathryn Murdoch, the politically moderate heirs to the Murdoch media empire, have each given $250,000,” Forbes reported:

*** end quote ***

I heard, on one of the many podcasts that I listen to, the idea that politicians should only be able to take campaign contributions from folks who can vote for them.

I like that idea.

Every politician should be…

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You Know It’s Time To Leave When… — The Lone Cactus

Will that poor misguided thing! (Arlin Report comment)

My wife and I have always had a partnership. Oh, that doesn’t mean we always agree on things. There are several things we disagree about. But we have managed over the past four and a half decades to figure out how to work around those things. But when your wife tells you that what you’re […]

You Know It’s Time To Leave When… — The Lone Cactus


Wisdom and understanding.

Our leaders lack in both. And as a result we lack in at least wisdom, we keep electing people that have neither.

BTW: I will be gone a few days. Won’t be posting until Monday next week. Going on a short golf vacation. Of all places, heading north to Burlington, Iowa. There is a nice course there, Spirit Hollow. Ranked #1 course in Iowa. We were there about 5 years ago, stayed in the lodge (attached to club house). Hopefully this time we don’t lock ourselves out on the balcony like we did before (light evening, after everyone had gone home except the night watchman. He found us after about an hour. My significant other wanted me to jump from the 2nd level to get down. I wasn’t about to break a leg. So we waited. )

See you in a few days!