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An annual vaccine for COVID just like the Flu shots? This is the pharmaceutical (Big Pharma) industry’s solution to all that is ailing you! Why is that you ask? MONEY! WEALTH…..FOR WHO? MOSTLY THEIR OFFICALS, THEIR CEOs and board members etc. They are talking BILLIONS. Are they turning us into a nation of JUNKIES? DRUG JUNKIES! SERIOUSLY, think about it……we are being injected left and right and they are wanting to PILE ON! Pharmaceutical companies are in business to manufacture new and used (old historic) drugs. How do they make money? More sales…….from more patients, more ill patients. New technology was supposed to make us healthier, to live longer, better lives. THAT ISN’T HAPPENING! New diseases like COVID will continue…………they’ll turn up every 6 months (or less). We’ll need another vaccine for each. How can we not be turning into zombies, while the DRUG LORDS (that is what BIG PHARMA has become).

Ladies and gentlemen our bodies were not created to sustain this type of drug addiction. That is what we are becoming…….vaccine addicts. BIG PHARMA WANTS IT LIKE THAT. What we don’t pay out of our pockets directly they will milk from the government via the federal tax system. Oh……and expect insurance premiums, including Medicare to rise. Eventually it will murder your wallets and purses! What isn’t given through a syringe will be taken orally. What color of pill would you like. Obesity? Take 3 of these little babies a day with water just before each meal…….watch the fat evaporate! RIGHT! Now consider all those over-the-counter supplements: all those you see advertised left and right on TV daily. Chances are you didn’t consult your doctor before buying. Some of those drugs (and that is what they are) would not have been recommended by your doctor. Anytime I see a drug or supplement advertised, I watch at the end where they list the possible side effects, and there are many. Why would you put that crap in your body? I don’t want kidney or liver problems………of course BIG PHARMA DOES! They are killing us and we are helping them! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!


I don’t really make New Years resolutions, and anytime that I ever did probably forgot about them within a day or two. I am not making any now! But, nothing will change. It will be business and government as usual, corruption as usual, with the same old players. 2022 will be no different, no better than 2021 and the previous years unless WE THE PEOPLE demand it, we take charge of our own destiny. Otherwise, people like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Meek Mitch McConnell………..and lets face it most of the congressional worms and snakes are allowed to continue to do what they’ve been doing. TIRED OF IT ALL? We can, and must stop it!

Don’t ask for the truth, DEMAND IT!

Do not accept that they continue to lock away documentation and evidence of THEIR corruption! That is hiding the truth, that is the same as being lied to! That is the continuation of the guilty protecting themselves, because they believe they are above the law. They have been because we continue to allow it! When the truth is locked away it is not to protect the innocent, it is to protect the guilty.

You and I know, the corrupt (especially in government) go unpunished! They protect themselves, it’s called cover-up! The established Swamp, Deep State (it doesn’t matter what you call them) have been covering up, going deeper for many years. January 6th is such a big, frightening event for them only because they are afraid it will happen again, on a greater scale. They are afraid of we the people! They are afraid of us holding them accountable! I believe Jan. 6th was mostly staged (ask Nancy Pelosi), by those who are screaming the loudest that they were violated! If it were a true attack on the government, it would not have been left in tact (the Capitol). Nothing was burned down, like citizen’s protest in our cities?

Much of what is placed before us, in the public eye (and they use the media) is fake, is bull shit. We are being lied to on nearly everything! Is there any issue, anything at all we can trust our government and politicians on? They lie on everything………from both sides of their isle. What goes on in those houses of Congress is crap. The real business gets dealt with behind closed doors. They are all together more so than they are ever apart. Their division is fraudulent. That may be the greatest trickery of all. AND, they’ll continue to put their hands out for your contributions! We are suckers!

Demand the truth, start now! Demand to see everything! They have abused the “We can’t share everything due to national security” line long enough! We must start seeing, demanding that those that are corrupt start being cuffed and taken away! NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on crimes against We the People!

We must do a better job protecting our children from these leaches!

Happy New Year!

Who’s At Fault? — A Coherent Observation

As reported by Fox News, a House Democrat blamed the Biden White House for not holding anybody “accountable” for the multiple crises that are currently affecting the country, stating that it “started with Afghanistan.” The lawmaker eviscerated Biden over the multiple political holes the administration has dug itself into. Additionally, this lawmaker took aim at […]

Who’s At Fault? — A Coherent Observation


Matthew 5:9

Are you a peacemaker? I’d like to think I am, though I do stir things up a bit sometimes. Having a different opinion or speaking/writing about things unpopular or difficult (truth) aren’t to obstructive or destruct. Trying to do and present what is right and truthful! Let’s all be honest! Be kind!


The U.S. had a rainbow of chemicals at their disposal. They were nicknamed according to the color on the barrels in which they were shipped. (Agent Orange didn’t appear orange, though it looked like that to Pilsch.) … The chemicals were produced by companies like DOW Chemical, Monsanto, and Hercules, Inc. Sep 14, 2017

So our hypocritical government……….. Yes they used CHEMICALS on the Viet Cong……….which struck our military and Vietnamese civilians as well. I won’t show you the ugly photos of those who have been inflicted with/by Agent Orange. Many are now dead, many are still suffering. Many are deformed! This by the same/extended government that wants to mandate continuous vaccinations and boosters for COVID; even the children. Creating myocarditis and neurological problems. They want to “test” these vaccines on our/your children. Yes TEST. But hell……..this is the government that poisoned it’s own people in Vietnam……….what would keep them from poisoning us today. Oh…….yet they (our government) was concerned about chemicals being used in places like Syria. NO………not really! Our corrupt U.S. government are the great pretenders. Our government has been more interested in keeping companies like Dow, Monsanto, and all the pharmaceuticals busy and heavily funded by your tax dollars…..than they actually are for your health. Sickness and disabilities are big business. Why would you trust the same government today that gave us Agent Orange. They knew it was deadly. It wasn’t the only chemical shipped to Vietnam to be used as a weapon. Killing American soldiers was of no more concern than killing the Viet Cong.

COVID-19 made in China, just like everything else! COVID VACCINES made by government sponsored Big Pharma! Still a powerful destructive team.