Holt biased in Trump-Clinton debate

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Debate Analysis: Lester Holt took sides in the Trump-Clinton debate, and denied the American people an opportunity to understand the real issues separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Although Clinton claims she won, the truth is she wasn’t as much a factor in the debate as Holt was. And while Trump could have done better, he didn’t do too bad standing up to a barrage of attacks from Holt and Clinton who tag-teamed him. The real debate loser was Lester Holt

By Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania, City Hall Reporter, (1976-1992) Ray Hanania, City Hall Reporter, (1976-1992)

Ask me if Lester Holt was fair in “moderating“ the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

My answer, “Yeah. I don’t know.”

Which is my lead-in to No, Holt wasn’t fair and here is why.

The fact is that if Lester Holt had been a fair moderator, or even a fair journalist during the debate, Trump would have easily…

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The First Presidential Debate 2016

The Confederate Post

So it is in the history books… Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton have had their first “debate”… and to be honest folks i have mixed feelings about the entire situation. I have pondered it all day – listening to various sources regarding the event (Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Andrew Wilkow, Sean Hannity, and others) and the pundits, talking heads, and commentators all have their own opinion on what happened last night… I think a mixture of them all, (except for rabid lunatic Glenn Beck) is where the truth will be.

While the Clintonites at CNN are either scrambling to say how Clinton was ‘too smart’, or that Trump lost nut yet won, or that Clinton all out won the debate, the exact opposite is seen at Fox – with the exception of Trump haters like Megyn Kelly, or Charles Krauthammer – claiming Trump resoundingly pummeled Clinton etc…

What do I think?…

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Former GOP Virginia Senator John Warner endorses Clinton — WTKR.com

Republican Senator John Warner of Virginia speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill, Jan. 22, 2007 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Joe Marquette/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Former Sen. John Warner will endorse Hillary Clinton for president Wednesday morning, handing the Democratic nominee another high-profile Republican endorsement just 42 days before the election, CNN has…

via Former GOP Virginia Senator John Warner endorses Clinton — WTKR.com

Forget which party he belonged, it doesn’t matter.  Warner is a member of the major league Washington Establishment.

Cheer Up, Trump Fans!

The New American Perspective

by Cinzia Croce

After the first presidential debate four years ago between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the president’s supporters were frustrated with their candidate for not bringing up Romney’s infamous “47%” remark. Last night, it was Trump’s supporters’ turn to feel frustrated: somehow, their candidate neglected to mention some of the most familiar attacks on Hillary Clinton — particularly, about Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation.


Four years ago, I argued that bringing up the 47% remark — or Bain Capital — would have simply provided a prepared Romney an opportunity to respond with a rehearsed line before an audience of millions. Last night, Trump denied a prepared Hillary an opportunity to respond to the Benghazi accusations and attacks over the Clinton Foundation and spin them to her advantage. The Clintons’ greatest asset has always been Republicans who can’t help but overplay their hand. It helped Bill Clinton survive the…

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Was Trump trying to be the kinder, gentler presidential candidate?   The Donald let the audience and Hillary know he had a garage door size opening to get nasty and hammer Clinton, but wasn’t taking it.  It wouldn’t be appropriate to bring up the Clinton (Hillary as the enabler to Bill) sexual and corruption history then and there, but that door remains open for the next two debates.

That said, Donald, about those taxes returns?   Say your being audited and that upon the advice of your Lawyer(s) you will release them when the audit is complete; then shut up.  It doesn’t matter that the IRS says they can be released.   You take the advice of the attorney; period.   Then, with Hillary’s remarks that you are hiding something, your real wealth or lack of contributing to the charities; answer with:    ‘My returns haven’t been destroyed, they haven’t been burnt or DELETED; they are still in form to be reviewed; unlike your (Hillary’s) 33,000 emails that were deliberately deleted to hide and keep Americans from viewing.

Everytime Hillary Clinton opens her mouth about something negative about Trump she opens the door for a response against her own corruption.  Trump had to be tempted.  Nothing was said about the foreign donations, nothing said about donations she accepted in return for positions, ambassadorship.  There are many areas Trump can beat up on Hillary.   He only touched on them.   Maybe he believes that is all he needs to do; we’ve all heard them time and time again.   Maybe he believes he just needs to refresh our minds; not harp on it.

Trump also understands he can still raise his hammer in his rallies; say what he couldn’t in the debate or thought was inappropriate.   He told Hannity he backed off in respect to Chelsea……….   Chelsea won’t be sitting front roll at his rallies.