“Washington Prom” In Peril

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The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a tradition that goes back to 1921. It’s been held every year since and is a chance for the media that covers the White House happenings to get together with the President and enjoy an evening of frivolity. It’s also a chance for the President to try his hand at comedy. Some have done a great job (it WAS one of Obama’s shining moments in the White House!), while others (like Richard Nixon) have struggled mightily.

This year, the event known as the “Washington Prom” because it gives the press a chance to wear their finery and show off their new duds purchased just for the occasion, is in peril of not having a host. No comedian has shown an interest in hosting the event this year, and strangely enough, Donald Trump isn’t really excited about going, even though it’s on his official calendar…

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It is more than a debate, its more than a hillbilly feud; its a WAR on and often as it seems, against accountability.   Political and media entities rush to be the Accountability King.  That role, was in the world of politics, that of the media.   However, in a rush to break a story, facts aren’t always verified/confirmed; therefore those seeking accountability are irresponsible.   They in turn must be held accountable…….who left to do that?  Either we the people or those being trashed.    Throw in a media with an agenda and a direction it wants to see this country move or stay the path; they have made themselves an opponent to anyone who disagrees.   Wow, might not this be one reason Trump was elected, he was closer to real Americans than the media and establishment (a club of their own).

Unlike many, Donald Trump defends himself, his administration against lies, fake news and inaccuracy.   He attacks those who attack him, holds them accountable.  Now I am not naive enough to believe he is always right……he is not.  I occasionally think, Donald move on, forget the media.  But, this is a big but, he can not allow the media to manipulate him, allow them to present facts the way they want them to be perceived by the public;  especially a media that so vehemently opposed him during a campaign and now are hell-bent on destroying and removing him from office.  In regards to Trump, the media has become suffocating……and are in collusion with the left, who can not accept the truth of a Trump Presidency.

The media and the Democrats are looking rather ridiculous, dedicated to a liberal cry baby course to destroy the victor…….they still can not believe a billionaire businessman crushed and exposed their party.

Mr. President, stick to your guns, middle America, sensible Americans want to see you successful…..We the People are the benefactors.


Originally posted on Sonora del Norte Press: The Associated Press this morning reported that the Trump administration was considering using National Guardsmen to round out the 26 million illegals in the country. Later in the day the WH said there was NO SUCH PLAN! Come to find out it was simply no more than a…

via Prime Example of FAKE NEWS! National Guard NOT Rounding up Illegals!!!! — Brittius


This is just one of those off the wall (Off the Wall, great blog site title), out of nowhere thoughts that just occurred to me:   Imagine Donald Trump as a newspaper/magazine editor.  All the topics, all the stories, all things and those exposed….. Wikileaks before Wikileaks.   Instead of a real estate magnet, a publishing icon?  Imagine too, how often he’d be sued….more so than he has.

What a great service….He has become an abbreviated editor with his Twitter I suppose.  Imagine the editorials!?  The debates…….Trump coverage, nothing would be out-of-bounds.

Just a thought!