Biden’s Defense Department Urges Killing U.S. Babies for National Security …

The controlling powers want you to be afraid of nuclear weapons and believe they are real!

Interesting article. Makes sense……..but I can neither prove or disprove it’s point. Absolutely worth thinking about. (Arlin Report comment)

Dr. John. Reizer

The controlling powers want people to believe nuclear weapons are real. The nuclear weapons narrative is predicated on lies and deception. I believe that more and more people have figured out that the psyop is one of many ongoing technological hoaxes.

Check out the article below that discusses a mysterious mushroom cloud in the Las Vegas sky. This type of article is placed in the news to maintain the nuclear weapons narrative’s credibility in the eyes of the public.

The article’s purpose was to convince people that thousands of nuclear explosions were detonated over the years and people saw the mushroom clouds.

What people likely remember seeing in the Vegas skies in the 50s were conventional explosions that created mushroom clouds. The government wanted to make the public believe in the new technology.

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Truth be told, huge explosions coming from massive…

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Citizen Tom

Mushroom cloud from the atomic explosion over Nagasaki rising 18,000 m (59,000 ft) into the air on the morning of August 9, 1945. (from

What is going on in Washington DC? From the get-go, President Joe Biden’s foreign policy has been just plain weird. He tried to walk away from Afghanistan without even getting our people out. Now, instead of trying to work out a peaceful solution for the Ukrainian conflict with the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Biden seems to be determined to run Putin out of office. Why such a crazy quest?

There is an old movie, Wag the Dog (1997) (plot), that the Liberal Democrat news media loves to bring up when we have a Republican president. Supposedly, Republican leaders are willing to risk starting a war to distract us from their incompetence.

Are Liberal Democrats and their news media allies willing to risk…

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