This article should be repeated and repeated on a daily basis. Corruption of FBI and DOJ along with House leaders must be exposed. (Arlin Report comment)



FBI Head Wray Busted: Lots Of FBI Instigators Exposed In J6 Protest, 8 In One Group Alone

And, Pelosi brought her daughter and son in law to FILM the event?

Sounds like a lot of prior planning was going on. And, conveniently, Pelosi turned the National guard away on multiple phone calls.

Now, let’s hear the real truth from the conservatives.

Add the https and you can read it. Google is not allowing the report.



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A Plan for Global Tyranny – LewRockwell


What the phrase ‘rules-based order’ actually means is Washington-based order. It means a world order imposed by the US government and its lackey states on pain of devastation and death, which exists solely to keep the US at the head of a unipolar empire. It means do as I say, not as I do. It means rules for thee but not for me. It means we decide what happens based on what suits our interests.


By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

In the past few decades, a slogan that threatens to destroy the world has become popular. This is the “rules-based international order.” According to this idea, all nations are supposed to follow peaceful rules for the settlement of disputes between them. This sounds good when you first hear it, but the key point is that this is just a cover for control of the world by pseudo-American global elites…

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Don’t Shut Down the January 6 Committee – Supercharge It!

The article below “Don’t Shut Down the Jan. 6 Committee” is especially good and I agree. (Arlin Report comment)

a12iggymom's Blog

Stop anyone from scrubbing any evidence from the sham/scam committee!!!

Check out this Article from AmericanThinker

Don’t Shut Down the January 6 Committee – Supercharge It!

Now that the “bring down Trump at any cost” committee has served its purpose and handed off its two-year long waste of time and resources to a political hatchet man special counsel, what should Republicans do with such a committee? The knee jerk reaction would be to shut it down. But perhaps that’s the easy way out for establishment Republicans who prefer to lick their wounds rather than fight back. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/11/dont_shut_down_the_january_6_committee__supercharge_it.html

Adam Schiff: Jan. 6 committee will ‘scrub’ evidence before final report

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that the Jan. 6 committee will have to “scrub” some evidence from its final report before Republicans take over the House next year.

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America sees less sales this Black Friday | Leo Feldman reports

But Joe Blow will claim it to be the greatest ever under his watch! (Arlin Report comment)

Truth2Freedom's Blog

NEWSMAX correspondent Leo Feldman reports on American seeing less sales this Black Friday & how the United States economy & inflation is impacting it – via. American Agenda on NEWSMAX.

Source: America sees less sales this Black Friday | Leo Feldman reports

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Who’s Keeping Score?



The Target List Movie Trailer

Special Viewing of the Film!

Pre-order now — Watch December 16th!


A Message from Mad Wife Productions!

Mad Wife Productions is excited to announce a special “VIP Friends and Family” showing of our highly anticipated feature movie “Target List”!

Here is how to watch the film months before it’s on iTunes, Amazon, and other major streamers while also supporting us! Click on the pre-order button in the image above to access VIMEO where you can quickly sign in with a Google account and Pre-Order the film.

You will not be charged for the Pre-Order until the movie launches December 16th at which point you will be able to watch it as many times as you’d like for 72 hours.

Here is our goal with this special viewing:

First, we are so excited and want to share it with everyone during the holiday season.

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The US Pledges “Climate Reparations” While Americans Suffer


Remember you are supposed to suffer for Ukraine…and everything else Washington tries to conquer and control.


Daisy Luther

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Author ofThe Blackout Bookand the online courseBloom Where You’re Planted

More people than ever are facing dire circumstances, and we’re just getting started with thiseconomic disaster. And what is our government doing?

Why, they’re giving our money away.

To other countries, no less.

The U.S. government agreed to pay “climate reparations.”

Butthe plight…

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Typical Kamakazi ……

NOT SO FAST JOE’S WHITE HOUSE: https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/15/politics/railroad-strike-talks-biden-economic-disaster………SURPRISE ……..THEY’RE LYING! Joe claimed to save the Rail Union from a strike. But he always takes credit when there is none! (Arlin Report comment)

The Goomba Gazette

With rail strike looming, Biden says he has ‘not directly engaged,’ contradicting White House press secretary

President Biden’s comments come after the White House claimed the president ‘directly involved’ in negotiations.

In typical Kamakzi fashion/MO, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

K J says backward, his flunkies say forward – he says left, they say right, he says yes, they say no.

That always serves as a very healthy working relationship.

Although 90% of his spoke-puppets are indoctrinated to the max before they walk up to the microphone; I still cannot believe that they are given as much authority in leeway as they have.

Take Buckwheat for instance; this one with the chip on her shoulder a mile high is not afraid to display it, and is totally out of line with some of her over-the-top shout-backs and getting into reporters’ faces.

As far…

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