You’re the child, you have parents (most of us do).  Then you have children and you’re the parents.  Your parents become the child and you parent your parents; maybe your brothers and sisters; possibly on down the line.   Pay backs can be hell, but most importantly, you are a family.   Take care of and love one another.  That would be a good start, for a peaceful world.

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: What if the media reports election winner how they see fit?

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Yes, I believe this nation has had many conspiracies.  I’m not going to list those I believe to be conspiracies and those that are not here today.   That story would take a year or more to write.   But here is one to think about, a thought I had as I awoke this morning.   No, no dream this time, just a thought.   Here it is:

Millions of Americans will go to the polls and vote for their favorite candidate, if there is such an animal this year.   Animal?  That may be exactly what are choices are …….   One we know to be; Hillary.   The other could be a surprise.  Many believe Trump to be just that, an animal.  But, what if, if given the chance Trump were to become just what the country needed…..turned things around, but isn’t given the chance.    Lets say Trump wins the popular vote, whether ever so slightly or by a landslide and it doesn’t matter.   Is it possible those votes are not reported correctly by the Mainstream Media, the dominate media?  What if the media announces the projected winner to be none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton?   Is it possible that we the people will be lied to, that Hillary wins the popular vote and the Electoral College vote, when in fact she didn’t but we won’t know the better.

There are many that believe the election is fixed.   Hillary is the chosen one!  The elite society, the Illuminati, the George Soros’ of the world have the fix in, scam on!

The scheme I gave above, is it even possible?   It would seem there would have to be a lot of folks involved.   The communities, counties and states, would they be in on the fraudulent results?   That seems unlikely…….how would they get away with that.   Turn in the wrong voting results across the nation?   I am sure there will be some cheating, some fraud…..there always is; but enough to sway an outcome?   Not likely………I don’t think. Too many checks and balances in place.   So, how does the group behind this conspiracy pull of such a scam?   The media!   They may already control the media.   It is hardly a secret, the media supports, courts, loves and protects Hillary Clinton.   They always have!  On November 8th, after an hour or two of special broadcast of election night, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and yes even Fox News announce, proclaim that Hillary Rodham Clinton has been elected the first female President of the United States.   The numbers may not have added up, but its the numbers the Media want to show us.

The media reports what they want, when they want and how they want now!   Why is it impossible to think they wouldn’t on election night report the results exactly how they want it?   Our government lies to us all the time.

I am not saying there is a conspiracy out there to pull this off; this is just a thought, a what if thought?   No, I do not trust the media, no more than I trust this government.   Both have given us plenty of reason not to.



WIKILEAKS: HILLARY’S BRAIN INJURY CAUSED BY NEAR FATAL PLANE CRASH          Here’s the full story as released by Wikileaks. The PDF can be downloaded from Wikileaks here.

Navy seal assigned to travel with Hillary apparently died in this crash, government statement claims he died of suicide, a “non-related combat death”.   Reported as such to cover-up Hillary’s secret mission to Iran and her own brain damage?    Iranians found Hillary unconscious and bleeding profusely.   Months later she resigned as Secretary of State.

Exclusive video shows fatal encounter between Charlotte police, Keith Lamont Scott — : QUESTIONS see below

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The wife of Keith Lamont Scott videotaped the encounter between her husband and police on Tuesday. Footage from the incident was initially obtained by news outlets. The event took place in their apartment complex Tuesday afternoon. Scott’s family says he was waiting on one of his children to return home from school when…

via Exclusive video shows fatal encounter between Charlotte police, Keith Lamont Scott —

If Keith Lamont Scott did not have a weapon/gun……why was his wife yelling “Keith don’t you do it!  Keith don’t you do it!”?   What did Keith do?   What was Keith attempting to do that got him killed?


There could be a lot of “or maybes here’.

Which made her perfect for an Obama type Secretary of State, someone as corrupt as he.

Or maybe, he doesn’t believe his own words.

Or maybe the characteristics he describes in Hillary really helps him pull off his agenda of globalism and the destruction of America, creating a 3rd world country.

I believe Obama’s description of Hillary Clinton is spot on.   So, why did he appoint her Secretary of State and why does he campaign on her behalf for POTUS?   Answer: they are mirror images of the other and Obama knows Hillary will build on his legacy and continue their mission; a George Soros and Saul Alinsky mission.   Obama and Hillary are puppets.