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Aortic Valve replacement and replacement of aortic tissue (removal of aneurysm).

On Friday, April 26th (2019) I checked-in with registration for my scheduled open-heart surgery at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis.  At 5:30 AM they called my registration number 666 to begin the paper work.  Yes!  666!  You should have heard the gasps from the others waiting to register.   Another registration clerk even made the comment “I’m glad I didn’t have to call that number!”.  Trying not to show too many nerves to begin with, I didn’t let the 666 call faze me.  What are you going to do, so joke about it.  I even think I whispered, “Not today Satan!”.

Registration went quick, and they wasted no time taking me to a pre-op room, to prep me for surgery.  I won’t go into all the details, but they were busy getting me ready for the 7:30 AM surgery to begin.   I don’t even remember going into the operating room.  Later that afternoon or maybe it was early evening, I was awake, if you can call it that.  I only remember a couple of minutes, speaking to my significant other, my daughter, sister and a friend.   “Get the elephant off my chest and take him back to the zoo!”.   After that it was back to LaLa Land, for sleep.  The medical staff didn’t want me moving anyway, what else is there to do; and while you are sleeping you don’t notice the pain.   I remember being awake around 1:00 AM (early Sat. morning) for a little while.  They ask me a few questions, like “What is your name?  Where are you? and Why are you here?”  Unless you want to end up in another medical department, give them the right answers!   Success, I knew who I was, where I was and why I was there.

Around 7:00 AM I was more aware of what was going on with all the monitoring, and a nurse always at my side (ICU) checking vitals, asking about my pain level.   How do you know on a scale of 0 to 10 what your pain level is when you’ve never felt open-heart surgery pain before?  In stepped the surgeon just in time to hear my answer; I guessed based on pain I have ever experienced in the past, so I said 8.  I wanted room for it to go up, and I thought it might as the general had not yet completely worn off.   8 but it seemed tolerable.   I told the surgeon I didn’t feel bad but I hadn’t done anything yet.   He said, “Right, you’re going to get really tired first; then later when we get you up and walk a bit, I begin feeling more pain.   So, don’t turn down the pain medication”.

Long story short, I was doing so well, Saturday afternoon they moved me to the PCU (step down unit).   I was only in ICU overnight (normally you are there a couple of days).

I went in for the surgery on Friday morning and went home on Tuesday afternoon.

The cardiac surgeon and his staff were amazing.   The ICU nurse(s) were great.  The nurses and Patient Care Techs in PCU were fantastic as well.  The pain management treatment made everything bearable.   Don’t get me wrong, there were painful moments and moments of discomfort (especially when they remove the bladder and chest drainage tubes).   Remember the movie “Man Called Horse”?    When they removed the chest tube, I thought they were also removing my lungs!

Things could not have gone better, and I owe it to the professionalism and caring attitude of the surgeon, his staff and all the staff in the Cardiac unit at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.   My recovery, now beginning it’s 3rd week today has been going great as well.  No issues yet, but I have been doing everything the way they tell me.   Don’t rush it.   The golf will have to wait a few more weeks.

Thank you Missouri Baptist Medical Center (Cardiac Surgery Team)!

One last thing “Satan, take your number and shove it, YOU LOST”.



Former FBI Director Comey can’t keep his mouth shut these days.  Like any guilty party he is desperately trying to get his story out there before the “real” story is revealed, which is exactly what Comey is afraid of.

Comey is scared to death what AG Barr will find and will be obligated to present to the public.   Forget the Mueller Report, that had nothing, two years of nothing.  The Barr Report will expose many, including Comey for what Comey did and did not do.   Congress, especially the Democrats in the House are shaking as well.   This is why they are trying to give Barr the boot.   They too are nervous, or should be, the Barr Investigation has just begun.


Barr testified in front of the Senate, then refused to show for the House Zoo Committee.   The House will bring people before them (Barr included) to get the “preferred” answers Mueller would not/could not give them.  Trying to trick Barr into saying crap that they know is not true, they’ll keep this tactic up until someone is willing to tell the ultimate lie.

The Democrats have a huge problem, but they are too stupid to let well enough alone:  Simply put Barr has more intelligence than all of Congress combined.  Barr recognizes political grandstanding.   The fact Mueller’s report didn’t come crashing down on Trump the way the Democrats hoped should have ended this fake story.

If Democrats are going to continue this road of deceit to remove Trump ( & now Barr), how can they possibly believe the American voter can believe anything presented by the Democrats and DNC in the future?

The reason Democrats are screaming for Barr to resign?   He’ll investigate those load mouths that started all this crap.   They are afraid of what Barr will find. The truth, and it won’t bode well for Democrats.   Hey Adam, hey Jerry, and lets not forget Hillary and Obama, sweating yet?


It is 4:35 AM CT, Friday April 26th (2019).   I am moments away from heading out the door for Missouri Baptist Hospital (St. Louis).    I have been waiting about 7-8 years for the cardiac surgeon to advise for an Aortic Valve replacement and replacement of Ascending Aortic tissue (tube) to replace the Aortic root anueryism.  All this due to my genetic Bicuspid Aortic Valve (which started leaking several years ago), which we discovered about 8 years ago.  The Aortic Valve in 98-99% of the population is Tricuspid (3 leaflets).  My Aortic Valve has 2 leaflets (Bicuspid).  Replacement of both these conditions are being done together (makes sense, they related).

I’ll be in ICU a couple of days, with a 4-5 day hospital stay if all goes well.   I understand I have a very good surgeon.   Will take 9-12 weeks for a full recovery, or one that will get me back to normal activity.

Will pick up where I left off soon.  I shall return!  🙂

PS……….go after those Dems.


Bernie Sanders wants incarcerated criminals to have the right to VOTE, including murderous felons, rapists and the likes of.

THIS IS HOW SOCIALISTS THINK.   Socialist are about breaking down the core of SOCIETY.  They have been trying, often silently to divide us, destroy our moral souls and civic morals.   The difference in Socialists today from yesterday, they are open about it, arrogant.   They feel they can be because the socialist content has filtered in, as was their plan.  Stupid thinkers have broken Hillary’s glass ceiling!

I don’t think you can make Bernie Sanders or his followers understand that when you are convicted of a crime, you often go to prison (incarceration BERNIE).   You lose rights of privilege.  Incarcerated prisoners have a right to food, water, a bed, a roof, COMPANY OF THEIR PEERS, the right to drop to your knees for prayer and ask for forgiveness, medical treatment.  Some get visitors and an occasional phone call, concessionary for your smokes and candy.

Bernie, if you give incarcerated criminals a voting booth, where does it end?   If they have the same rights as law abiding citizens (while under incarceration) what incentives do they have to be released and earn back rights that were lost?   Actually lost is a bad word, they forfeited their rights when they acted in an unlawful way upon conviction.  Hell, like I said, they have a bed, food & water, medical treatment (better than many), nobody is breaking into their house (except maybe their brothers and sisters in the prison community for a little coziness), some are getting their GEDs or maybe diplomas.  They get free TV, so they can watch the evening news and hear all you want to give them Bernie.   You’re just trying to build your own personal Socialist community, gain some favor.   You are giving people now free incentive to break the law, get incarcerated.  For many being locked up would be a better life than what they have on the street.

I get it though Bernie, Socialists like you are about breaking down society.   You’ll say and do whatever it takes for a vote.


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