Ladies choose a better representative next time…..than a Garbage Mouth in Madonna

Donald Trump has been on stage many times with a mic in his hands…and never used the language Madonna did.   Really ladies… protest against Donald Trump on how he treats women by giving the stage to a grotesque stage whore like Madonna?   You demonstrate and march against a President you are disgusted with, with someone disgusting?   Would you take your children to see Madonna on stage?   Ohhhhh……you wouldn’t take them, because you KNOW her show is filled with filth and it’s an adult only show.    One of your mouth pieces exposed her vulgarity……and don’t be surprised if little Johnny or Susie witnessed her trashing.

You protest against a man you despise and find appalling with celebrity spokespersons gross and unfit for your children to view?  I haven’t even mentioned her need to exhibit a tattoo near her privates…….as a gesture against President Donald J. Trump.

You would better serve your movement by leaving the likes of Madonna behind.

Get To Work!

Desert Musings

The inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States is over, and it’s time to get to work. That said, just a couple of thoughts about the inauguration…and no, I didn’t watch the whole thing. I watched through Trump’s speech, having too many fires to put out here in the desert (burning cacti don’t smell all that great!).

The mainstream snowflake networks (I happened to be watching ABC) were aghast at Trump’s speech. Cokie Roberts thought it was terrible. That’s ok, Cokie. I really don’t care what you think. Report the news and leave the thinking to those of us with a brain! As I switched around to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and the like, I found the same patter. Apparently, the mainstream snowflakes don’t think too highly of what’s going to be taking place in the next few days, even though 56% of Americans do…

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i found this link, what a perfect day, after Inauguration…….promoting American Made and veteran owned to share.


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Short list of boycott of Inauguration

The United States election process (Electoral College) that included the entire nation, rather than a couple of regions chose our President, like it was meant to; in other words it worked.   Donald J. Trump was chosen by We the People.   A blue-collar choice, but yet billionaire will step into the Oval Office tomorrow.   There isn’t a damn thing those puss-heads pictured above and the liberal party that Trump disappointed and broke can do to stop it; try as they still will.   They’ll try an impeachment process to rid him from day one.

What do they represent?   Themselves!   What they really fear is their real party (elite) is about to end….. The Washington Circus (filled with real clowns); Wringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey’s only competition.  After Wringling Bros. leave, The Washington Circus will still exist; unless Trump helps put them out of business.  That is what they really fear.