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WATERGATE! If you’re old enough to remember and too young to know, because the education system failed to teach the history of it………….it is a mild joke compared to the BULL SHIT of today!

OUR GOVERNMENT is as corrupt as any government in the history of the world.

All those 3 letter agencies………….The FBI, DOJ, CIA and IRS lead the way in corruption. Criminal activity that is mob like.

I’ve been relatively quiet for quite sometime……………WELL I AM BACK………AND I AM HOLDING NOTHING BACK.

WE THE PEOPLE need to raid Hillary’s house, drag Hunter Biden out on the street from the house the Government is protecting him

in (yeah, he is being guarded because they believe they need to protect him from WE THE PEOPLE)……….they may be right! Then there is the BIG GUY……..JOE BIDEN himself………(Mr. 10% from all Hunter’s pay days with China, Ukraine and Russia). OHHHH! No wrong doing there! Espionage Act? There is espionage for you! But………you know, now Archives has those docs on the Russian Collusion missing. The FBI cleaned their own messes up, just like a mob organization.

We are fully in the middle of a 3rd World scumbag governed country!

from american bald eagle to a vulture

Why Is the Bald Eagle America's National Bird? | Live Science
Live Science

This bird has been replace by this bird:

300 Vultures ideas | vulture, birds of prey, pet birds


Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden is the conductor of what may be the largest train wreck in the history of the United States. Never in our history have we been on a path of destruction as we are today; and it is not an accident waiting to happen. Joe Biden has us off track, and we are headed for a total pile up, we are already crashing.

Biden’s handlers have placed the next piece to their socialist agenda puzzle in front of their puppet for another dagger to spear we the people (who elected him ). Joe is on fast track, as his days are numbered; so HURRY UP JOE should have his pen working soon. The people needed some COVID-19 assistance, so our $1,400 checks are in the mail. After all, we aren’t working, we can’t even bar-b-que with our friends and families until July 4th, as long as we behave and obey. Families are definitely hurting just to put food on the table, pay the rent or mortgage. So get a stimulus check out to them, as a reminder that we are dependent on the government (The Democratic Socialist Party and Joe Biden). Then they’ll pound in a major tax hike……after all, the American people are too stupid to know the tax hikes will more than cover those stimulus checks. Trouble is we won’t be benefiting. They have to pay for all those perks they gave their own regions, the blue states. They’ll even tell us that they are only raising taxes on corporations and higher income folks! Folks, Joe’s false word for trying to convince us he is one of us. So, it’s the socialist give and take scam. Just what does the “higher income bracket” mean to Biden and his gang of outlaws? Anybody not collecting an unemployment check? He told us he was going to do what he is doing! And we are to believe this man was elected by a fair election? Right! No, it had to be a massive cheating affair. The Democrats could not take another 4 years of prosperity. Trump had to go, he was interfering with their plan. They even gladly accepted the help of foreign nations. It only took a little payoff. China would certainly help Joe, he is their investment, their American Ace Card.

Build back America greater? Mask them up, shoot them up with vaccines, keep them home, let them fall further in debt, make them more dependent, we’ll send them a check, that comes nowhere near what they need; to go back to work and earn real money. Dependency is the core of socialism. It will eventually put us all in the same class, the bottom. The upper class, the elites will even shrink.

I only know a small handful of people that voted for this clown. They proudly let you know they are liberals. They just wanted Trump gone, because he was a mean talker. They didn’t like his personality. No, they preferred a corrupt life time career Washington elite politician. These people are the same ones that will be crying like hyenas when they see their 40 1’s shrink; but will try and blame Trump yet. The great robbery, was the theft of our election.

Being from Missouri we’ve seen from our own history, robbers. Jesse and Frank James and their gang, robbed corrupt rail road companies and banks. They started out by robbing from the RR that stole from their family, mainly their ma and pa! The James Gang was kind of our Robinhood band of thieves. They were sympathetic to everyday people. Yes they shot a few bankers, railroad execs and a deputy know and then. When they weren’t hiding out in Missouri caverns they enjoyed life among the common people. Our government and their crooked administrators are robbing from us, the everyday folks, the common people. They don’t really like us much, they want to keep us in place; so they do fear us. This is why they will continue to tack on anti-gun legislation when they can. They peck at us a little at a time. But now America’s symbol, the American Bald Eagle has been replaced by a vulture. A couple of years ago vultures in mass numbers were hanging out around the Lake of the Ozarks. They were destroying cars, boats, other property, and who knows what they did to other wild life. They were more than just an inconvenience. They seemed to have since moved on! But these government vultures have no intention of moving on. They are on a deadly, destructive mission. They want total control of the American people. Add on an open border, Obama couldn’t do it himself, though it was in his plan. No, he was waiting for Hillary, now he has his sidekick…..China Joe to finish us off. Obama, Hillary and Joe Biden, all globalist. They will come to aid of the world and drain the American people, make us just like them.

We don’t need an intervention, just a real awakening. Some of us have been awake, some are waking up……..we need to be a tidal wave, and take this county back. Joe Biden is a fraud. He always has been. Make America Better………not his game. He even took Trump’s Make America Great and Great Again slogans and spun it to his Better theme. So, far I’m not seeing it. Nope, we are headed for a pile up, and the vultures are circling. I think we are better than this. Something tells me when the great Awakening happens, the Biden Gang will not be happy.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: hillary clinton latest rumor …………arrested? forget it!

Yes I had heard from a couple of sources that they did something with Hillary Clinton! “DID SOMETHING?” There was of course no confirmation with real evidence that ANYTHING was done to Hillary Clinton! The insinuations were that she was finally arrested as more info was recovered from her scrubbed e-mails. That may be the case; however, I did not join in on this rumor parade. Hillary Clinton is untouchable. I won’t believe she is until SOMETHING does happen, we the people are witness to it, and there is no shred of doubt.

The problem is, and quite honestly this reason is as old as the hills; corrupt people are in positions to protect corrupt politicians and criminals. Another words the Deep State will never touch the Clinton Cartel. The Deep State, which seems to be about 90% of D.C. are part of the Clinton Crime Cartel. Corruption is the norm in Washington, in fact throughout the country politically. They are also the same people that are telling us what is acceptable, what the new normal is, in all aspects of our lives. WELCOME TO SOCIALISM.

Joe Biden is the laughingstock of the world. The sad part is, so are we, we elected this mess. And if we didn’t and we were in fact cheated (as I believe there was massive voter fraud), our voices were altered, our rights were robbed under our noses; we deserve to be laughed at because we let them SCAM US! We have allowed treasonous individuals get away with it; so far!

No voter fraud just won’t go away!

Joe Biden can’t remember his Defense Secretary’s name or the name of that “outfit over there”, the Pentagon. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had made those statements? Joe Biden is burnt toast, you know, I know it and the rest of the world knows it. Democrats knew it all along……..back even before the primaries. Biden is the dummy being used to take all the heat for all the reckless, intentional mass destruction of America these morons wanted.

it didn’t start with a fraudulent election

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Libertarian Republic: Food line in Venezuela, soon to be a city near you!!

Don’t let anyone tell you it did, it started long before that. Communism is here, and has been infiltrating our daily lives for some time now. I prefer to say Communism (though I have referred to the Democratic Party as the Democratic Socialist Party) because: The main difference is that socialism is compatible with democracy and liberty, whereas Communism involves creating an ‘equal society’ through an authoritarian state, which denies basic liberties. … Communism is a political and economic ideology – closely associated with the state Communism of the Soviet Union and China. The Democrats, have it seems taken both concepts and created one……..kind of a Commie Socialist’s Democratic Party. China Joe Biden, a well paid agent of China is pushing us to a full authoritarian government, under direct orders from the real third term shadow presidency of one BARACK OBAMA. China Joe takes orders from 2 sources, China and Obama.

The list of China owned, majority owned or partially owned companies in the U.S. is massive. All things China (big corp) have the advantage. China Joe (Obama) is quickly undoing everything Trump, and that especially includes China tariffs, trade………..you name it China will have what it wants. China paid for it. They own Joe Biden.

The Commie Socialist’s way:

Mask up…….because we ordered it and you’ll do as you’re told.

Stay in ………lockdown because we ordered it and you’ll do as you’re told. You won’t be seen or speaking to your family, friends, neighbors, sharing or spreading what is really happening.

Line up for your vaccine (the one for this COVID crap, no more colds or flu or pneumonia) it’s COVID because we said it was, now shut up and take this shot we know will kill many (as it has, especially the old people); depopulation is important to the cause, your genius Bill Gates agrees!

Herd (with reference to a group of people or animals) move in a particular direction.”we all herded into a storage room”. You will be controlled like the sheep you are. Herd immunity, herd food lines, herd health care. It is about controlling you. So stop thinking for yourself. Hillary said it best for us, to paraphrase: “We, the elite must make all decisions for the people as they are not capable of making decisions for themselves.”

Yes we even stole an election (Get used to it!) Trump had to go, he was exposing too many of us in the Deep State, the Swamp. He is dangerous, he was uniting too many Americans to stand up to us. He could have ruined everything. Americans were regaining their pride! Proud Americans are a danger to the Commie Socialist Democratic cause. We can’t have that. And that America First thingy was hurting our China economy.

The borders are now open (from the Obama playbook)……..just the way we want it. Soon more chaos will be in the streets, illegals will get your health care (you’ll pay for it, your disguised $15 minimum will help, and you thought you were getting a raise to benefit YOUR family). LOL!

We don’t need police departments or officers we have the U.N. military forces. Those blue hats will soon be in your cities patrolling your streets to make sure you are abiding (OBiding) by the curfew orders (no need for laws…..we just need to order). Only rioters will be allowed to roam the streets and neighborhoods. And like good sheep, you’ll accept it! Because Obama says you will.

Your guns, oh we are definitely coming for your guns. Marx and Hitler knew you must take away the guns, to take full control. So country boys be ready for a fight! (WE WILL BE!!!, from a country boy).

What is going on in this country is clear. It isn’t too late to reverse it, but it will take some time. It will take commitment and it will take many to wake the hell up!

Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty — The way I see things …

The Democratic Socialists Party only refers to the Constitution during impeachment trials; and then falsely with abuse.

Originally posted on Liberals Backwards Think: Communist Amerika is now the Land of the Freeloader and Home of the Depraved. Democrats have fundamentally transformed America into their socialist totalitarian toilet on January 20, 2021 with the surrender of President Trump to Premier Biden under General-Secretary Obama. They have effectively done away with the Constitution. The…

Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty — The way I see things …





Today, Jan. 5th 2021; the 2 Senate runoff elections are being held in Georgia, as most of you well know. While I write this post, there are already voters complaining of irregularities at the polls. Scanners are broken down, and ballots placed in “other” boxes to be counted later! ? RIGHT………. For as long as this election has been anticipated and discussed (particularly voter fraud and what the results mean for control of the Senate)…….crap should not be happening like this again. But apparently it is. Actually “I” would have been surprised if it were done legally or on the up and up. It just isn’t in our nature for anything to be fairly done anymore.

They are so arrogantly corrupt, they have no fear of doing illegal/corrupt acts in our plain sight, under our noses! Biden even telling “his folks” in Georgia to “Put a lid on it!” Everything Biden is corrupt and filled with lies! YOU HEARD ME “EVERYTHING”. They rigged the presidential election and they are attempting to rig this Georgia run-off. The Democratic Liberal Socialist Party is crying foul on Donald Trump, that he is trying to steal the election from Joe Biden (the Presidential election); while at the same time they are attempting to steal the Georgia senatorial run-off election.

Corruption outnumbers integrity! Let me put it another way: The volume of corruption is greater than the volume of integrity.

BOOM! Michigan Witness: “Van Full of Ballots Showed Up at 3:30 AM” (After Deadline) Approximately 50,000 Ballots – Van had Janice Winfrey’s name on It (VIDEO) — WEATHER INTERNAL

With hundreds of eye witness testimonials, UNDER OATH, only the corrupt would turn their filthy crooked little heads the other way. It’s like they all graduated from the Hillary Clinton School of Corruption and Suicide Deception! The Deep State is truly in “near” total control of our nation. That makes us a Socialists nation! If this election is not confirmed and verified to the ACTUAL winner (who ever that may be)………we are once again… A SOCIALIST NATION. I am not willingly, nor peacefully willing to go there. I am 68 years old…….I am only now concerned about my children and grandchildren, and I will be damned if I will be part of the generation that let this shit happen! OH AND TWITTER IS NOW CENSORING MOST OF MY POST………TRUST ME THIS WON’T GET ALLOWED ON TWITTER. I was getting a “refused connection” message when attempting to post to Twitter. Now just get rejections, no explanation. I am a proud defiant patriot. Learn to live with us, we aren’t going away! (Arlin) OH! This one made to Twitter. I guess to make me look like a liar……..or just plain wrong. THEY ARE IN CONTROL!!!

I googled……..which may have been the wrong place to go, as to why I would get a “refused connection” error message when attempting to post something to Twitter. They say it could be because of a 3rd party. So I guess it refuses to connect if I am sending a repost of someone else’s article. BUT……. if that were the case why was this article (which would involve another party) accepted! Excuses, excuses??? (Arlin)

CCP-YouTube will not allow this evidence of fraud. They announced the new rule this morning. No more videos on election fraud will be allowed. The Michigan Senate held a hearing last week on the massive voter fraud witnessed in the state during the 2020 election. One witness told the Michigan Senate about the van that…

BOOM! Michigan Witness: “Van Full of Ballots Showed Up at 3:30 AM” (After Deadline) Approximately 50,000 Ballots – Van had Janice Winfrey’s name on It (VIDEO) — WEATHER INTERNAL

arlin report thought(s) of the day: socialism is making it’s mark

There is absolute widespread voter fraud in this election; and I suspect it is part of the coup to remove Trump. They’ve been trying to do this since day one. This has been an organized……a very well organized scheme. There is suspicion, and in many cases proof of massive voter fraud across the nation. First they tried to destroy Trump with (plan A) a sex scandal…….a scheme, then (plan B) Russia Russia Russia collusion hoax, then (plan C) a phone call that led to impeachment. You don’t think these same people wouldn’t scheme to steal the re-election of Trump? They absolutely would!

They, the Democrats, have been planning (for years……plan D) and now have executed this scheme to remove Trump with this sham of an election. Guess what folks, you should absolutely question whether your vote means anything anymore (if they get away with this massive fraudulent election). Welcome to Socialism, many of you asked for it, now you’re living it!

They, the Deep State Swamp had to remove Trump……..he was exposing way too many, some we may some day be shocked to learn who they are……..if we the American people ever decide enough is enough! DOJ and FBI are full of scum.

Nancy Pelosi, while peeing in her skirt, has now proclaimed Joe Biden as the President Elect. Wow! Nancy, who the f……… made you queen?

Joe Biden, the senile, racists, and treasonous Democratic candidate may well be taking the White House in January. He will not be in charge……..he isn’t capable. Kamala Harris will be literally standing by Biden’s side ready to let him fall, so she can slide on in.