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Says it all!

Biden’s boy……….little Pete Buttigieg absent, butt quick to blame Trump. Biden stayed with Trump’s regulation reversal………….but points to it being the cause.


From The Lever below:

“Specifically, regulators killed provisions requiring rail cars carrying hazardous flammable materials to be equipped with electronic braking systems to stop trains more quickly than conventional air brakes. Norfolk Southern had previously touted the new technology — known as Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) brakes — for its “potential to reduce train stopping distances by as much as 60 percent over conventional air brake systems.”

But the company’s lobby group nonetheless pressed for the rule’s repeal, telling regulators that it would “impose tremendous costs without providing offsetting safety benefits.”

That argument won out with Trump officials — and the Biden administration has not moved to reinstate the brake rule or expand the kinds of trains subjected to tougher safety regulations.”

So Pete Buttigieg wants to lay the blame on Trump, even though Biden has reversed nearly everything else Trump implemented, he did not reverse the Braking System (regulation) spoke of above. If train derailment was of any concern to Buttigieg and his boss Joe Biden they could have placed the regulation back in place. But they did not! And train employees are saying there were 50% more box cars on that train than there should have been. They believe it was a mechanical failure that caused the derailment, as they had already had mechanical issues prior to reaching East Palestine, Ohio from Madison, Illinois. The train company appears to be the greatest at fault here. Was the train properly inspected? There will be an investigation to determine the actual cause rather than guessing. Buttigieg though is quick to blame Trump when questioned why HE hasn’t even been to Ohio since the derailment. Pete absent from the location of issues/disasters………once again.

Biden admin has changed its alibi almost hourly: John Ratcliffe – YouTube

If I were President of the United States, and I allowed a Chinese spy balloon to travel over our country from coast to coast, and it flew over military bases etc. and probably sending intelligence back to China ………the last thing I would want to do tonight would be address Congress and our nation is a State of the Union Address.

We saw the state of our Union, this past week, the message was delivered in the form of a spy balloon from China. (Arlin Report comment)

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Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe reacts to President Biden’s handling of the Chinese spy balloon on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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Rep. Miller skipping Biden’s State of Union Lie-fest


Note of interest: In a very recent thoroughbred horse race. A horse going by the name ‘Ride’n with Biden came in dead last!

It was an accident! Made in China spy balloon shot down! (Arlin Report thought(s) of the day)

Photo Source: John Ball

China said their balloon (spy balloon) flying over our country (coast to coast) was doing so by accident. They also said once Biden/and his military decided to shoot it down that that action was an ‘overreaction’. Dear China…………our shooting down your toy balloon was an accident! LOL! Not really!

If it was an accident that this balloon was flying over our nation, why didn’t they (China) turn it around once it was discovered it had entered our air space? BECAUSE IT WASN’T AN ACCIDENT! And why didn’t our government do something about it sooner, before it entered over our land? The military knew when it entered, they knew it before if crossed over our boundaries. But I guess this is part of Joe Biden’s open border policies. Biden ordering this balloon shot down over the Atlantic (near Myrtle Beach) does not get him off the hook for another Biden blunder! Americans must be concerned that this can happen again. Was China testing to see how far one of their aircrafts/balloons could fly over our nation? Will, they found out! THIS WAS A NATIONAL SECURITY FAILURE! Who knows what and how much that balloon communicated back to China before it was brought down (audio/video & images).

If there was anything that balloon could provide (and I am sure there was plenty, this was not a decoy) it did so before it was brought down. China’s statement that we overreacted was probably theatre on their part. They already go what was to be had. They are laughing at us.

This is why China (and Russia) wanted Joe Biden as President of the U.S. This is exactly a good example of what they get from it/him!


It is difficult to even understand what he says.

Where Is The FBI Raid Of Joe Biden? — Conservative Review

I’d think an early morning raid of Biden’s Delaware home(s) would be warranted! (Arlin Report comment)

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Documents marked classified from Joe Biden’s time as vice president were reportedly found in a private office, but there won’t be an FBIraid.

Where Is The FBI Raid Of Joe Biden? — Conservative Review

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Indisputable Proof That Donald J. Trump Won the Election – News With Views — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

By Greg Holt If Donald Trump won the election, where is the proof? Right here Election 2020, a hotly contested subject.  Many people are beginning to realize that the so-called win by Biden-Harris in the 2020 election was anything but; it was in all actuality a highly organized and carefully orchestrated theft on the grandest scale imaginable. […]

Indisputable Proof That Donald J. Trump Won the Election – News With Views — Truth2Freedom’s Blog


WATERGATE! If you’re old enough to remember and too young to know, because the education system failed to teach the history of it………….it is a mild joke compared to the BULL SHIT of today!

OUR GOVERNMENT is as corrupt as any government in the history of the world.

All those 3 letter agencies………….The FBI, DOJ, CIA and IRS lead the way in corruption. Criminal activity that is mob like.

I’ve been relatively quiet for quite sometime……………WELL I AM BACK………AND I AM HOLDING NOTHING BACK.

WE THE PEOPLE need to raid Hillary’s house, drag Hunter Biden out on the street from the house the Government is protecting him

in (yeah, he is being guarded because they believe they need to protect him from WE THE PEOPLE)……….they may be right! Then there is the BIG GUY……..JOE BIDEN himself………(Mr. 10% from all Hunter’s pay days with China, Ukraine and Russia). OHHHH! No wrong doing there! Espionage Act? There is espionage for you! But………you know, now Archives has those docs on the Russian Collusion missing. The FBI cleaned their own messes up, just like a mob organization.

We are fully in the middle of a 3rd World scumbag governed country!