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nancy, representative of liberal destructive party

newt gingrich on peolsi adopting creepy joe biden

“Pelosi is acquiring the Biden problem. She forgot that Crimea was annexed by Russia under the Obama-Biden administration and it was Obama-Biden who did nothing. She blames Trump but he was in New York at the time. Maybe Bidenism is contagious for Democrats.”

Maybe Nancy Pelosi should be taking the same cognitive tests as Joe Biden?

House members that voted by proxy Wednesday skipped out on their constitutional duties in Washington to attend the historic space launch in Florida — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Jim Campbell’s: Comment by Jim Campbell May 29th 2020 Of course, the lied and skipped out of their official duties why the swore to uphold when they took their oath to represent We the People. Those who knowingly violated the U.S. Constitution are guilty of committing a federal crime. Therein lies…

House members that voted by proxy Wednesday skipped out on their constitutional duties in Washington to attend the historic space launch in Florida — The way I see things …

I get sick to my stomach when I see a pic of this witch.

COVID Naturally Leads to Corruption — Aletho News

By Tim Kirby | Strategic Culture Foundation | May 19, 2020 Anyone who has paid attention to history knows that political change requires some sort of catalyst to happen. So one could logically expect that the Covid-19 Pandemic would be the perfect excuse for politicians to take action. However, it takes time for the chemical […]

COVID Naturally Leads to Corruption — Aletho News

pelosi a threat to our election process….. domestic interference

Dems, led by the all inspiring House Speaker (only a title) Nancy Pelosi are taking this Coronavirus era as an opportunity to slip in mail-in voting. Not absentee voting, but I want to mail in my ballot because I don’t want to stand in line to vote in Nov. voting. I may get sick!

Another words an opportunity for voter fraud. Actually another words another opportunity for voter fraud.

The greatest interference to our election process, is not foreign……..it is domestic; trying to be pulled off by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff. Will he will if he can help, he is one of Nancy’s hatchet men.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: pelosi has tanked

Just when you thought stupid couldn’t get dumber………. let’s just say stupid has reached an all time high in Nancy Pelosi. If she had an once of life in her that was worthy of any respect, it is now GONE! This bitch (yes bitch) should be held for treason, forget impeachment.

We’ve heard we are in a war against the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Pelosi and many Dem-wits along with her should be charged with WAR CRIMES.

Could it be most of us are in an ordered lock down to keep us in place so we don’t march on Washington and jerk the likes of Pelosi, Schumer (lets toss in Schiff while I’m at it) by their asses out of high chairs into the streets to face REAL AMERICANS.

I am retired living on MY Social Security and pension. I’ll be okay, but other Americans, many Americans are losing jobs now, and those off because their business or work places are closed for now are hurting or soon will. In addition more funds are need for more medical supplies. The problem is URGENT. They need help, but what is going on in Congress……….they are bickering over things not even related to health issues and the immediate economy. The Democrats in particular, along with their selfish, pathetic power grubbing snob ass (Nancy Pelosi) wants all the BS type stuff that originated from the Squad (AOC influence). They are not capable of keeping things on course/on track, focused on what is of imminent importance. They should be capable, they just don’t give a crap.

Nancy Pelosi, acting as though she hasn’t a care in the world. She probably doesn’t. No sense of urgency! NONE! That is the problem, NO SENSE! Pelosi should be toast!