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can the president control the doj


If you open and scan the above link (don’t even start to read unless you have the entire day) look for the following section, it seems to apply to the topic of the day.


I had said in an earlier posts that Trump should just pardon Stone and Flynn. A reader suggested ‘why pardon? That requires an admission of guilt. Instead withdraw the case. ‘

I wondered if the President had the right to do so. Scholars apparently would argue whether he does or does not. It is my understanding he may have the right, but it would be highly controversial.

With today’s Democrats, criticizing everything Trump, can you imagine if Trump did withdraw the Stone and Flynn cases? LOL, Nancy and her ape shit House Dems would be back with an impeachment hearing next week. Its easy to do that now that there is no protocol.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: just a little congeniality please

A little congeniality would go a long way. Is that too much to ask from our government officials? Are they too blind, so blinded by their own power hunger they can’t see the destructive division? Or maybe, maybe they just don’t care. Many of them, especially the most publicly visible ones, the higher ranking ones are doing a disservice to our nation. They are not taking their oath of office seriously. In fact the oath and Mr. Schiff the Constitution means nothing to many of you.

I understand being congenial is difficult when you are being attacked daily and being impeached. If the children in the House and the Senate can not show any signs of adulthood, it is up to the President, as our leader to swallow a little pride and be the better person. Be the leader, not just in the room but for all to see.

If I were a presidential adviser to Donald Trump, I’d recommend for him to extend a congenial hand to Nancy Pelosi. Don’t kiss her behind, don’t give in to your principles. Extend that congenial hand, show a willingness to work for what is in the best interest of our nation and leave the personal wars aside. If she and all others can not accept it, then they will be more exposed. The American people will see who the adults in the room are. There may always be an elephant, but there must be more adults. If those acting like children continue to act like children, we the American people will know who they are and will deal with them (or we should). We all can use a little more maturity.

You may not be liked, you may be hated by many; even if you do not have a congenial personality you can be congenial when you need be. Swallow some pride, be the better person. It will go a long way. If they do not follow (and we all know who “they” are), you will be better for it. We will be the better for it, “they” will pay the price. That is why we have elections.

So, President Trump, kill her with kindness……… if it drives her crazy, she doesn’t belong there. We’ll see it. That is all you need. Not even Mike Bloomberg can purchase that away from you.

Mr. President we look to you before any other!

No, Nancy Pelosi Did Not Violate Federal Law . . . Just Decades Of Tradition — JONATHAN TURLEY

As I have discussed, the conduct of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., during the State of the Union was reprehensible and she should either promise to comply with the traditions of the House or step down as speaker. She committed three major transgressions against those traditions in changing the greeting to the President, making critical…

No, Nancy Pelosi Did Not Violate Federal Law . . . Just Decades Of Tradition — JONATHAN TURLEY

arlin report thought(s) of the day: Now you see why they are seated on opposite sides.

I will not place a photo of the missing handshake or the ripped speech by Pelosi above these comments. Frankly, I don’t care that Pelosi chose to respond the way she did. I have come to expect it. Ripping the speech did not change what the President stated. It will not change who Trump introduced in the gallery. Pelosi’s behavior was the repercussion of someone in the moment totally helpless and powerless. In the moment there was not a damn thing she could do to over shadow THE PRESIDENT.

Rep. Debbie Dingell (Democrat) said Trump’s State of the Union Address “depressed her”. I am sure it did! She also criticized it was partisan and that Trump made no attempt to unify the country. REALLY? Did the Democrats help heal the division by snubbing the guests introduced in the gallery? Did they heal the division by remaining seated during the mention of those undisputed accomplishments that favor our nation? NO they did not. Quite honestly, they remained very much partisan, anti-trump and quite frankly came across as anti-American. Now you see why the Dems sit on one side and Republicans the other. Division!

Quite frankly, I found during last night’s address, Trump was Trump.

Even if the handshake was purposely avoided by Trump, I get it. You are going to shake the hand of the Speaker of the House that ordered her goons to impeach you with parodies and lies? Maybe Trump could have been the better person and shook Pelosi’s hand when she extended it. She didn’t exactly give Trump a warm welcome, or even introduce him with the proper and customary protocol. We don’t know what Pelosi would have done if he had shaken her hand. With her behavior throughout the evening as it was I can see her wiping away the touch of Trump on her clothes, or something childish like that.

Like I said, I could care less that Pelosi ripped the speech. I do ask though, ‘Why do you rip something in the end that you gave soooo much attention to and shuffled during the speech’? Possibly knowing you are in view of the camera all evening and are doing anything you can to place attention on yourself. This is really the action of a helpless, disturbed, and powerless individual swallowed in frustration.

I have often heard how ‘Pelosi is ingrained in Trump’s head’. Last night Trump was most definitely in the head of the Speaker. Acquittal today will most likely drive her to drink………..some more.

Trump’s Great State Of the Union Address, Pelosi Tears It Up — The Wentworth Report

Trump’s Great State Of the Union Address, Pelosi Tears It Up. By John Hinderaker. More than anything, the speech was a reminder of what an excellent record the president has to run on in November. In both domestic and foreign policy, his achievements are essentially unarguable. This puts the Democrats in a tough spot. Through […]

Trump’s Great State Of the Union Address, Pelosi Tears It Up — The Wentworth Report

pencil neck has snapped…..BREIBART NEWS

This man is a complete idiot. This is the man Nancy Pelosi was so impressed with leading impeachments in California. This is her boy, the man to do the job against Donald Trump. THIS MAN IS COMPLETELY NUTS! Rand Paul please go after this moron. Graham and McConnell haven’t enough of what it takes to do what MUST be done. Adam Schiff can not be allowed to lie, mislead and fabricate fantasy tales as he has. He has made a mockery of our Constitution, The House, The Senate, our elections and the American people. What Schiff is doing goes way beyond anything and everything he and his managers have accused President Trump. RAND PAUL……..THERE ARE A COUPLE OF GUYS IN THE HOUSE WOULD GLADLY JOIN YOU. SENATOR CRUZ? WHERE ARE YOU? ACQUITTAL FOR THE PRESIDENT IS NOT ENOUGH. (ArlinReport comment)

arlin report thought(s) of the day: dems on election results

The Democrats did not accept the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. In fact claimed cheating by Trump and collusion with Russia.

Now, they the Democrats can not accept the Senate vote to not call witnesses in the impeachment trial ( 51 no vs. 49 yes). They know this vote count will reflect the final impeachment vote which will probably (?) take place on Wednesday of next week. Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi have already set up the Democratic response with “it was an unfair trial, no trial at all……..therefore a fake acquittal/or an acquittal of no value”.

Schiff said to paraphrase ‘We can not trust the American people in the 2020 election, we can not trust there would be a fair outcome’. Another words, they, the Democratic Socialist Party will not accept the outcome of the 2020 election unless it goes THEIR way. If Trump wins again in 2020, and all signs show he will, then it is because TRUMP CHEATED…….AGAIN.

The Democratic Party has no respect for the American electorate. They want to control, literally control our elections, possibly by having no elections at all.

The Democrats will no longer respect or accept the outcome of our elections unless of course it goes in their favor. NEVER AGAIN will they accept the WILL OF THE PEOPLE unless it is their will. They have proven this with the 2016 election, led by their then leader Hillary Clinton and today by their House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her patrol of morons. They will continue to do whatever they can, by legal or illegal means (criminally) to keep Donald Trump from 4 more years in the WH despite the peoples will. They do not care about you/us, it is ONLY ABOUT POWER.

Adam Schiff is willing to lie, cheat, whatever and is willing to do so standing directly in front of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with no fear and arrogance. There has been no repercussions for Schiff’s corrupt manner. It will be up to We the People to deal with it.

The greatest interference in our elections does not come from outside the United States but from within. The political parties are the greatest threat, and the greatest corruption has come from the DNC. There has always be some election fraud, but it is now at an all time high. Illegal voting (illegal immigrants) is just a part of it.