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And you thought a Trump candidacy was a joke!!

Maxine Waters’s from California………throwing hints of a 2020 Presidential run.    Would the Mad Max have Nancy Pelosi as a running mate?   Pelosi is also from California, so political minds would not encourage a presidential candidate pairing to come from the same state.  But, these two don’t think normal or practical.



Can you only imagine how embarrassing this elected House Rep. would be to this nation if she were touring the world and forbid…. SPEAKING.  She is hard enough to follow for us right here at home.  Give her a participation award and send her home.

Check this link’s video its about 2 min. max.    and its plenty!


Obamacare Sticker Shock: Average 2017 Premium Surges 24%: — peoples trust toronto

http://ift.tt/eA8V8J It’s going to be real bad. Note: These calculations were done by Charles Gaba before Aetna dropped out of 536 markets. Thus, these projections underestimate the premium increases. Vía BlackListed News http://ift.tt/2bn683b

via Obamacare Sticker Shock: Average 2017 Premium Surges 24%: — peoples trust Toronto

One of governments greatest OXYMORON –  AFFORDABLE CARE ACT

Congress and the White house had absolutely no control or idea what the cost of Obamacare would be ……..none, except that the premiums would rise.    It has become affordable only to those that never had it.   Those that did, were lied to about keeping their doctors, the cost continues to rise.   Funny thing, 2017 will be have an even greater increase.   Even with medical insurance, many can no longer afford to go to the doctor, let alone hospital.   Deductibles are higher, and coverage less.  Services or items covered have risen in cost and often no longer covered by your insurance.   People are beginning to not seek treatment, they can not afford to be ill; insurance or not; especially those retired, Medicare won’t cover it all either.

The Affordable Care Act: America’s greatest OXYMORON created and passed by MORONS.   “We have to pass it before we can read it.”   Nancy Pelosi    (California’s favorite moron).