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Nancy Pelosi, on illegals children being separated from parents. Nancy has a short memory.

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“llegal migrant children were separated from their illegal migrant parents after illegally crossing the border into the U.S. in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and all of sudden out of the blue people like Nancy just decided to start caring in 2018. This issue has been going on for years…long before current President Trump or even former President Obama. With virtue signaling all over the place, a truckload of overly emotional hysteria, and a complete void of historical fact and context, this was not a sudden change or a new policy. The border did not magically move.”  –   from Right Wing News.



I don’t always agree with Rand Paul, but even when I don’t, his argument is usually at least logical.   Now according to my logic instructor in college, logic isn’t always right…but you can visualize the point, understand how the point got to the point and the person making it.   Logical people are at least intelligent.   This might explain why the Left is so illogical………they’re just not very smart.   Nancy, Chuck, and on and on………… oh and Hillary (criminally intelligent).

Nancy Pelosi: Impeaching President Trump Would Be a Waste of Time and Energy — TIME

Two days after a group of Democrats made moves to impeach President Donald Trump, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said during a speech that impeaching Trump would be a waste of time and energy, because “he’s just not that important.” Pelosi, who spoke at Hearst’s offices on Friday, said Democrats’ priority should not be removing…

via Nancy Pelosi: Impeaching President Trump Would Be a Waste of Time and Energy — TIME

That may be the most intelligent thing Nancy Pelosi has ever muttered.



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And you thought a Trump candidacy was a joke!!

Maxine Waters’s from California………throwing hints of a 2020 Presidential run.    Would the Mad Max have Nancy Pelosi as a running mate?   Pelosi is also from California, so political minds would not encourage a presidential candidate pairing to come from the same state.  But, these two don’t think normal or practical.


Can you only imagine how embarrassing this elected House Rep. would be to this nation if she were touring the world and forbid…. SPEAKING.  She is hard enough to follow for us right here at home.  Give her a participation award and send her home.

Check this link’s video its about 2 min. max.    and its plenty!