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Take a good look in the mirror Nasty Nan ….. — The Goomba Gazette

If anyone should be censored it is this BITCH, but liberal, Trump and Trump supporter haters like 60 Minutes will put her right up front. She is flaming Trump supporters………..which I believe the Left is purposely doing! So, who are the real inciters? (Arlin Report comment/a proud Trump Supporter) I want to take something back. Pelosi should never be censored from freedom of speech; but she should be held accountable for her own crimes and hate comments of her own.

President Trump is “deranged, unhinged, dangerous,” and deserving of prosecution, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says in an interview scheduled to air Sunday night on “60 Minutes.” OK lets us all agree that PDT has a few screws loose; BUTT when we stack up and compare the abnormalities between Nasty Nana & PDT by the most outrageous stunts they […]

Take a good look in the mirror Nasty Nan ….. — The Goomba Gazette

about that biden tax plan


The Biden Tax Plan has Biden’s name on it. Lets be clear about something, while it was read to him and he signed off on it, he is neither capable of writing such a document or understanding it. He does agree with it though, he agrees to what ever is placed in front of him from the far left. He’ll agree (often flip) to what ever in the moment that is convenient for the Socialists…..on command. His Lefty Democratic Socialist comrades wrote this. Here Joe this your Biden Tax Plan, ENDORSE IT! BERNIE, HILLARY, AOC, NANCY, CHUCK, KAMALA, BARACK AND YOUR WIFE SAID IT’S YOUR TAX PLAN.

Biden and the Democratic Socialists don’t care about you/us and that means all of us (Dems, Republicans, Independents….all)! They’ve set themselves up over their political careers quite handsomely. Especially JOE BIDEN………and now we know how! Joe has his millions! He assisted (set up) his ‘bag boy’ Hunter and used him undetected to near perfection for years until a non-politician who vowed to drain the swamp came on the scene. Of course as most crack-heads will do, they screw up sooner or later……..nice timing Hunter! Are we understanding why the left and the MSM hate Trump and have been desperately trying to get him out of office FROM DAY ONE! (Arlin)

joe placed hunter high up the chain……… distrubutor of bribe money

America, how does your rear end feel today? All these DC swamp crime families getting theirs while many Americans struggle. And they pretend to be for the little guy. Well guess who the little guy turned out to be? The Biden family’s “Big Guy”……… Joe.

You take the Biden Crime Family, The Clinton Crime Cartel, the John Kerry Family, Nancy Pelosi Family………..whew, these countries have been putting out some big bucks! Oh……..! The Obama’s, my gosh how could I have let that group nearly slip by. And since NY is releasing cop murders from prison, there is surely some space for all the folks I just mentioned above. These fish need to be fried! NOW!

Nancy pelosi’s daughters arrested for liquor store break in

Click on green highlighted above for story!

Quarantine Supplies at a liquor store = BOOZE……….These apples didn’t fall far from the tree. Mama gets a hair blow………baby girls go for the booze.

pelosi blames salon for violation……..pleads ignorance

See a pattern here with Pelosi. Everything is someone else’s fault. She blames the salon for the violation of her hair being done while all salons were in lockdown in San Fran. I’m surprised she didn’t blame Trump, she does for everything else. Pelosi had to blame someone, and only because SHE GOT CAUGHT! I hope they charged the hell out of her! And, she didn’t wear a mask!